Nickelback - Good Times Gone Lyrics

Lost it on the chesterfield
Or maybe on a gamblin wheel
Lost it in a diamond mine
It's dark as hell and hard to find
You can climb to the top of the highest tree
You can look around, but you still won't see
What I'm lookin for

Where the good times gone?
Where the good times gone?
All the stupid fun
And all that shit we've done
Where the good times gone?
Well I still don't know

Out in the back in the old corn field
Underneath the tractor wheel
Thought I'd dig, til I'd found it first
Broke my back and died of thirst
You can bribe the devil, you can pray to God
You can sell off everything you got
And you still won't know

Where the good times gone?
Where the good times gone?
All the stupid fun
And all that shit we've done
Where the good times gone?
And you still don't know

Saw it on the silver screen
Preacher says, "don't know what it means"
Last page ad in a comic book
Bought me a map, showed me where to look
It ain't carved of stone or made of wood
And if you paid for it, then it's still no good
And you still won't know
What I'm looking for

Where the good times gone?
Where the good times gone?
All the stupid fun
And all that shit we've done
Where the good times gone?

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Nickelback Good Times Gone Comments
  1. Brendan McLoughlin

    Great vocal, great song

  2. Nereyda Rosales

    My favorite song, and i have no idea why there is no video of it while they play it LIVE!

  3. Oscar Gallagher

    Such a good theme 🤘

  4. Akash Kumar

    Sir app ke pass offset machine mainder trade book Hi kiya

  5. Kim Reed

    One of my favorite bands. Great vocals and songs. I have every one of.their albumk

  6. Alex Katzeff

    This was the Nickleback I remember. This was by far their greatest album.

  7. Jakub Perner

    Someone in 2019?

  8. buffnuffin

    Hey it might be unpopular but still my favorite !

  9. Chris Love

    I like it!

  10. kmt187

    but think how deeply this song is connected to me growing up, in the 2000s, being this record was released on the day Sept 11, 2001, it makes the more sense looking back now, my childhood pretty much ended that same day how they kept playin those damn towers coming down over and over and over even two yrs afterwards, my parents spliting up, grandma and popa dying soon after, my entire family going to shit, growing up in one traffic light town without visually a friend in the world, no one to talk to, rarely ever had much of a chance to have good times makes me miss the 90s that much more.

  11. Zachary Rizzo

    Silver Side Up top 10 album of the 2000s

  12. ddmercier

    One of the best songs ever. Makes me think of all the good times I've had.

  13. India Burton

    I found this song accidentally and I've loved it since!

  14. Jas Pur

    A Country Tune From The 2001 Album Silver Side Up

  15. Out There

    This is By FAR The best song these guys have ever done.probably ever will.

  16. Jamal Sampson

    I really miss the storytelling of Nickelback. Great song!!!

  17. Younger King

    The good times pass so fast !! 🤕😳🚀🎼🎸 Great song..

  18. Logan True

    I believe that this song is about losing the simplistic fun of your youth. Now, if (hypothetically)?sung from the perspective someone who hasn’t lost that youthful glamour, it seems that said person is saying: “Once it’s gone, it’s gone,”.

  19. Opturus

    I still don't know why this band is so hated.

    edit: oh now I know why, band's crap.

  20. ASLB247

    This is honestly just too twangy. Probably my least favorite song off of this album.

    Sombreros R Us

    ASLB247 leave

  21. braydon

    Best ending to an album ever.

  22. Dennis Morasch

    I got this album from my "uncle" and it introduced me to rock music. Sadly Nickelback has become too mainstream. But this album is a class act and this song is top of the notch

  23. Ronald Wilson

    what I dig about this song is the raw sound. it's as if they got together for a jam session and out popped good times gone.....this song is awesome on so many fronts...but what really move me is the unrefined, raw sound that is this song....and the vocals of Chad makes this one of my all time favorite second to duck and run by three doors down.

  24. joseph misaki

    my dad was listening to this while riding his BSA

    joseph misaki

    though the country side

  25. Maryann Maceachern

    nicklelback was and always will be one of the ALL Time Best, No matter what

  26. Luigi Turiano

    An awesome old school Nickelback song!

  27. chandra alexander

    One of my favorites.

  28. Ron Wilson

    This song was underrated, I think this song rock.For me; Chad's vocals are raw and moody. It has an awesome garage band feel.This song rock.

  29. Wice Orc

    I dont know why ppl hate nickelback. This song is amazing with deep message in life

    Homer Simpson

    Bullies are just envious of the people they pick on, so you must have something going for you. :-)

    Wice Orc

    +Foxy Moto thats what I first thought but then I realize girls never love me no matter i do so there nevet was anything to be jealous

    Homer Simpson

    Girls are not too keen on me either so I got a dog. Better than any person. :-)

    Wice Orc

    @Foxy Moto Hmm I have dream to get a dog , nice

    Peter Winters

    because people are stupid

  30. Matthew Healy

    the first time I ever heard these guys, I was in early early grade 9. I personally think that "leader of men" is their best song ever.

  31. Tyrgannus

    I'll cover this on piano for at a live event. When the crowd inevitably enjoys it and asks who the original artist is, I put on my biggest troll face ever and tell them.

    It's fun to see a room full of people questioning reality.


    So... How was it? :P


    It's priceless every time. I don't just keep my trolling to the webs.

    Video Demon

    People hate on them so unfairly :(

    Logan True

    “[Nickelback] isn’t as bad as everyone says,” the general consensus of the Tabletop Board Game club I am part of.

  32. Trevor Philips

    The only Nickelback song I'll ever upvote besides How You Remind Me

    Video Demon

    You should upvote the whole album (Silver Side Up)

  33. Alejandro Mateu Fulleda

    Great song. I don't remember when I heard for the first time but it got me shocked


    best rock band ever

  35. vittorio montino

    nickelback are great and this is one of the highest gems <3

  36. Nastassia chambers

    This song is my favorite by them❤️

  37. Hekate's Nightmare

    I so like this album, I remember I would be addicted to it in the past, the band unfortunately regressed too much after "Silver side up"

    dominic garcia

    Fehu Uruz Hey, All the Right Reasons is a good album

    Hekate's Nightmare

    Yes still their other albums are good. But not as excellent as the old ones

    Dennis Morasch

    I agree. I used to like them but they got too mainstream and now they mostly do "radio" songs...

    Alan Young

    all summer long

    Donald Lusk

    dominic garcia No it wasn’t.

  38. Brianna Sturgeon

    I have watched all of them go from being irresponsible young men to..... (Somewhat) responsible men, with family's. The one thing that never changed is their brotherly love. #FOREVER #NICKELBACKER

  39. NaN0Hive

    The beginning of this song reminds me of something out of borderlands. I love it!

    Matteo Ricci

    NaN0Hive For some the guitar whaling reminds me of the ps2 demo disc introduction video.

    Mr Egg

    Which one

  40. Brandon Wells

    By far one of the best nickelback songs

  41. craftysaro

    love this song but always feel slightly empty listening to it as it's the last song of the album :(

  42. urokmyworld

    "the best song from Nickelback" Thanks to Ian Thornley on guitar!  

    Marcia DeCastro

    You bet, Ian Thornley gives this song an awesome sound, he's talented all on his own!

  43. wiencheck

    This is arguably the best song from Nickelback, it's sad how unpopular it is. It's awesome!

    Video Demon

    +Jason Miner Dark Horse was really when the band went downhill. I don't even remember the ones after that.

    Kevin Perreault

    Love this song


    Ikr wish there was a live version of this


    I feel if people would just listen to this song a lot of nickelback hate would go away. I wish they did this more live

  44. Dear_Chasey_Lain

    great song

  45. Red Kap

    good song

  46. Robert McGill

    Country Rock Is Awesome!

    epic gaming

    Robert McGill this is not country rock

  47. Lior Rosenman

    Nickelback you are the best =]

  48. Shawn Freeman

    Think about my paps everytime I hear this.. love ya man.

  49. Nereyda Rosales

    Can you imagine how thrilling it would've been watching Chad perform this song? Oh man ...

  50. brando92711

    Thanks to Ian Thornley on guitar this is the one Nickelback song I actually like :)

    Logan True

    Welcome, brother.

  51. Bloody Jukebox

    Awesome highlight of Silver Side Up. Thanx for popping it up :D

  52. Kevin Heitz

    Killer acoustical solo at the end!!!