Nick Jonas & The Administration - Vesper's Goodbye Lyrics

All of you
Shaped me into what I am
Carried out the better man
Do you have a master plan?
Oh no

Somewhere I
Let all my defenses down
And never thought to turn around
And you do not make a sound

See it turning red
Like a bullet through the chest
Lay me down to rest
It's a lover's final breath

And I found out
Nothing comes without a cost
And life was just a game we lost
Do you have a better thought?

Now you're gone
And nothing's ever felt so wrong
A moment seems to last so long
Do you have a fear so strong?

See it turning red
Like a bullet through the chest
Lay me down to rest
It's a lover's final breath

And now I die
And kiss your tender lips goodbye
Pray to god he hears my cry

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Nick Jonas & The Administration Vesper's Goodbye Comments
  1. Andrea Cornejo Quispe

    I still love this song, I still love the Jonas Brothers

  2. lot of heaven too

    When this came out, I was so young to appreciate it, but this is why I loved nick, his soul had so much to tell

  3. Mica her

    2019!! I love this song!!

  4. Jessica Hannah


  5. Desiane Chaves

    2018 szz

  6. DamnJFreedom

    Check out my cover of this song ♥️

  7. Lyric Narcisse

    Never knew I could miss a song

  8. Jimena Riera


  9. Principia Natale

    My favorite Singer since i was a baby.

    Amy Holland

    Principia Natale X x x x.

  10. Claresta Simbar

    this song reminds me of Jesus somehow.

  11. melany zambrano

    2017 and I'm still here

  12. lara perpetuo

    2016 and im still here

  13. Paula

    Happy 10 years to my dead ship niley

    naina kapoor

    yesss 😭

  14. Gillian Miller

    I just went through all the old music I used to listen to...and wow. I went from the Jonas Brothers and Big Time Rush to Green Day and Motionless In White. I miss my Jonas days.


    Same....These was my jam back in middle school

    Gillian Miller

    +Elizu beto i forgot all about my boyband days, and then i was going through all my old photo albums, i saw this album in my hand so i wanted to look back at it and see why i liked him so much...i now remember why=)

  15. Ms. Eynn

    this song reminds me of Vesper Lynd.. the bond girl.. she died in the end.. 'lover's final breath...'

    Jenny Muga

    It is based con Vesper, hahaha. He was watching Casino Royale when he wrote the song.

  16. raffle ticket

    1 person Is stupid for disliking this video

    yeni leg

    +raffle ticket two

    raffle ticket

    how could people dislike this. i get eerytime i listen to this

    raffle ticket

    chill* everytime*

  17. Amber Reid

    I have to admit I've always thought that Nick and his brothers were awesome as a band but I like Nick a lot better when he's solo it lets him show more of his personality.

    Frankie 'Dum

    true i guess

  18. Firelord- The Master

    Undiscovered gr song

  19. Skyy GreenRiver

    I'm crying. Just like every other time I hear this song. 😭

  20. MayzeSigSzalay

    Is it not "Steel turning red, like a bullet through the chest" ?

    Frankie 'Dum

    ye it is

  21. Queen Wubitu

    This is for Kevon and Joe and his fans. "All of you shaped me into a better man". "And your gone and nothing feels so wrong. #1 was for the fame.#2 was for his brothers

  22. Windy Nguyen

    I think it has something to do with Vesper. The only Vesper I know is the 21st Bond girl in Casino Royale, played by Eva Green. And the lyrics seem to tell the story about her and James

  23. julie ann hamtig

    this is the saddest song i ever heard..i love u for this nick!

  24. Sophie B

    LOVE this song

  25. RMS1994

    he sang this at the charlotte show this summer!! this and Last Time around which is my fav! haha

  26. vlasia jonas

    when he say 'Now I die' omg I can't stop cryinggg!

  27. Beth Anny

    Is it me or is this song wrote as Vesper from Casino Royale? I love this song so much :D

  28. zuzalankaxox

    I love this song, it's so true...

  29. MahNems Ary

    I love this song so Much i

  30. Monse Barrios


  31. kmbrose

    I like his songs better when his brothers are singing in the back round they complete him.

  32. Irasema Orozco


  33. Willow Reaper

    I cried

  34. lolitamour95

    I love this song 3

  35. Jennifer downey

    I love jonas brothers so much .....

  36. migue lina

    2013 ♥

  37. Charo Egas

    reeeeeeed XD me encanta esta cancion es tan triste ;_;

  38. Jenifer Gomez

    i love.. this song

  39. Ro ss

    by italian jonatic <3

  40. Cheyenne Martin

    Great video! & this song always makes me cry, it's so touching ;)

  41. Courtney Mensink

    this song is still amazing

  42. Shakendra Williams

    I want him to kiss my tender lips. :-*

  43. Shakendra Williams

    Who is vesper?

    MMB 1215

    Shakendra Williams James Bond’s first Love.

  44. Shakendra Williams

    I would cry if he sung this to me !

  45. Shakendra Williams

    I love this song & stay . 3 Nick Jonas 3

  46. Ashlee McCann

    this made want to cry threw the whole thing but I luv just listening to his voice this is a great song good job by the way.

  47. Destiny gudino

    it makes me feel what would it be like if he dies when he says now i die i know it would suck

  48. Eileen

    If no one dislike that mean this song is perfect... But even if somewone dislike it... It's still perfect!

  49. KellynesMarie

    Es Bn Bonita La Cancion <3

  50. galletha mar

    me encanta

  51. IBelieveInTMH

    @mil3jay Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :)

  52. mil3jay

    HAAAAAAAAAAA Ist sooo amazing.

  53. IBelieveInTMH

    @yesimil98 Yeaah! It's my favorite song of the album!

  54. Milena Perico.


    That´s Sad =(