Nick Gilder - Roxy Roller Lyrics

Foxy from the Roxy
Might turn some heads tonight
Flashlight dream
Peaches and cream delight
Roxy Roller

Five-bob job
She gets bubble-gum on her knees
Down between the seats
Sometime she'll pass you the keys
Roxy Roller
Oooh Roxy Roller

Roxy Roller, Roxy

Her daddy, le commissioner
Took far more than his share
So Roxy joined the syndicate
Knowing it wasn't fair
Roxy Roller
Oooh Roxy Roller

Roxy Roller, Roxy
Oooh Roxy Roller
Oooh Roxy

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Nick Gilder Roxy Roller Comments
  1. Justin Kehler


  2. Olivia Paidel

    We always play. This song for my dog

    Fyi her name is roxy she goes crazy

  3. Just my opinion

    This is the stupidest fucking song I've ever heard of my life The guy singing it must have a vagina between his legs Instead of a penis because he sure to sound like a girl Well that's just my opinion anyway

  4. William B

    I see myself back in the late 70's at the Roller Rink jamming out to this song , SING IT NICK

  5. Evanghelyne McKagan Rivera Guns

    Que chida canción, me recuerda a mis días de estudiante rebelde xd

  6. Hugues Laliberte

    Been loving this song since I was 5

  7. Lou Corradi

    Saw Nick Gilder open for Foreigner on Thanksgiving night 1978. He sang about 6 songs and got booed off stage by the insane Madison Square Garden fans. He was trying really hard too, but they wanted Foreigner. I remember him playing this song, and Back Street Noise, besides his hit, "Hot Child In The City". The band and music weren't bad, it was his falsetto voice... the crowd just couldn't take it.

  8. Michael Reed

    This Nickie thing stinks,I thought it was nicky sixx singing

  9. Michael Reed

    Fruit Loops!

  10. Motorcityman Man

    I miss the "RIFF ROCK CAFE"
    On WRIF 101FM from Detroit in the early 80s.
    It was a late night show that highlighted rare or seldom heard tunes, I forget the DJ who hosted it.

    Hannah Hawk

    OMG my favorite WRIF show!!

  11. Cheetylicious meow meow

    Still Rollin in 2019......

  12. Matthew Neff

    Didn't know he sang this

  13. gladasya 10

    Our local top 40 station would play this song fairly often in the fall of 1976. Almost without fail they would follow this song with the ABBA hit "Fernando".

  14. Les Ger

    Sounds queer

  15. Amanda Helton

    I was only 13 when this song came out !! I miss the seventies !!

  16. DarlingExotica TheUniverse

    I'm a Canadian girl and I love this song...

  17. Brent Wilson

    nice song to cruise the back roads too. all my cruising buddies, was awesome

  18. Ozzy Yeoman

    this song was based on the runaways movie great song

    kate davenporty

    no,it is much older than that movie but it opens the film :)

  19. Kellie Clague

    I all ways thought he was girls voice

  20. Kellie Clague

    this is a Erica I almost missed

    Kellie Clague

    so i missed some ke😁

  21. Dianne Cava

    This song really takes me back. Was 16 at the time which would have been 1975. Such a great time for music. Wish I could go back to those times. They were the best!

    kate davenporty

    definitely the best musical era ever.

    Gino Rossellini

    The 70s the longest decade

    Max Paschke

    This song actually came out in 1977!!!

  22. Mike Zink

    Was listening to a customized station for "artists most like 'The Sweet,'" and of course Hot Child popped up-noticed it was a Nick-and was like "oh, so that was a dude." About 5 songs later, "Here Comes the Night" comes on, sounded 50/50 on gender, but noticed I loved the song and somehow hadn't heard it before for how catchy it was. Then of course, "Roxy Roller" comes along and before even looking at who sings this I was thinking the Go-Go's or someone similar, and it's this Nick-who obviously is short for "Nickie" or "Nicole." Loved it, guy or gal. Could not believe it was a guy! Not one of my friends-who are not of this generation (mid-30's) could, either. Then I heard "Rated X" (my fave). I was immediately searching for eBay and saddened to see the lack of popularity and selection of this guy (much like the aforementioned Sweet)

    His yellow "Hot Child"/"Best of" sucks. His 2nd or 3rd most popular song-Here Comes the Night-missing? Some other better choices like "Metro Jets" or "Time after Time"-off Frequency alone-would've worked, too. I'd recommend buying the CIty NIghts/Frequency combo over that-only missing Rated X, and Roxy of course....But they really need to put 20 songs on a Greatest Hits. There's room! Now onto finding the other albums somehow (that aren't readily available on eBay on CD or Vinyl).


    zink! the zinker. zinky zinkelsteen. the zinkinator. zinky zinky dinky/

    Harold Mackie

    wow I'd make a suicide Pact

  23. Devil6CR

    i seen him this past weekend in Edmonton. Dam its great to see this music i loved as a kid at EdRocks.

  24. Jeffrey Emerson

    Takes me right back to the summer of '75


    Same here, my H.S. graduation year.

    Jeffrey Emerson

    Mine too!!!

  25. paul defty

    mega song love it :))

  26. paul defty

    great days love it

  27. ravynwolfe

    mid seventies.....ah best music.

    Amanda Helton

    especially The Bay City Rollers !! they've been my favorite group for 40 years !!!!! :-)

    kate davenporty

    hell yes!

  28. dagmar977

    This is the original 1975 version but I find that the one year later cut with young Bryan Adams' vocals is way better and sexier than this one! Good old days, this is great stuff!! :)

  29. Michelle B

    Brings back me back to the rock bars of the mid to late 80's.

  30. Evan 902

    thats a guy singing???


    HE also sings "hot child in the city"

    My Opinions

    Hehehe I didn’t know either lol

    William B

    the one & only Nick Gilder

    William B

    @My Opinions yes this is a man singing,,, Nick Gilder

  31. maikelue1975

    Who is singing this? Nick Gilder or Bryan Adams?

    Victoria Targett

    Nick glider

    The Fabulous Master Bats

    what??!! hahahaha

  32. missprettyinpink78

    love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. H Kiss

    My dads friend is in this band, He plays bass!

  34. Nina

    Can't stop pushing the replay button!

  35. mrbasic86

    Feminists wish they were hookers

  36. Emma Louise Carney

    Mmmmm, amazing song

  37. ishiibrad

    Myself too,just 10 years earlier!

  38. Bibugwes

    Same here... I Google it one time to be sure, lol!

  39. Larz Gustafsson

    fantastic tune.

  40. Brad Kupchuk

    I've heard this song dozens of times and I still can't believe this is a man singing

    kate davenporty

    yes,very effeminate voice eh? doesn't matter though,great music!

  41. OOHMIB

    Roxy Roller= Ultimate Glam Rock Song!!!

    kate davenporty

    yeah,it's pretty cool hey?

    S Sinclair

    Nice song

  42. Sean Hensen

    Just watched the runaways last night!! great movie

    kate davenporty

    i enjoyed it too :)

  43. SE G

    Roxy Roller is my Roller Derby name. My number is 1975

    kate davenporty

    cool :)

  44. Steve

    copy and paste much?

  45. It’s a mom Thing

    same here :)

  46. It’s a mom Thing

    one of my favourite movies :)

  47. brainman67

    i heard from a freind this song was about inaproit things

    kate davenporty


  48. Lambros Zelios

    So this is the original recorded by Sweeney Todd with Nick Gilder on vocals! Suzi Quatro recorded a cover of this song! I must admit I prefer this version to Suzi Quatro's. I must confess when I first heard "Hot Child in the City" by Nick Gilder I honestly thought it was a female vocalist. He really sounds like a chick when he sings. Regardless, I think the vocals are great and this is a great track!

    kate davenporty

    yes,i am familiar with Ms.Quatros version aswell.This is far superior and yes,Nick does sound very much like a woman.I think he looks a bit fem too.Great artist,one of the best from the '70s!

  49. TheDarkElmStreetLagoon

    I had never heard this song until I saw The Runaways. Now I'm addicted to this song and love that it opens the movie!

    Gilbert Spader

    TheDarkElmStreetLagoon I

  50. anusheadproductions

    today its not about art but too much about money and drugs

  51. Karman Gia

    love this fuckin song

  52. Lithium Panther

    yeeees finally someone who realises this haha. I totally agree, im 16 and think the music of today is..I cant even begin to describe how bad it is. I'd give anything to go back to the 70's, 80's or 90's.

  53. Krista Padar

    If you listened to AM radio back then it sounded good in a car too.

  54. Lizx Slotwinski

    i heard this song in the runaways and i loved it!!

  55. RoxyyRolla

    mmmyyyyyy nammmmmmeeeeee :):) thanks ma & pa

  56. joshua opikokew

    Named my wow toon after this song :)

  57. rocka2828

    Im only 18 and my father told me to listen to this.. Apparently this song was really good back then and i love it! No justin beiber or lil wayne for me.. I'd prefer this.

  58. evolutionpr

    My mother & her sisters were roxy rollers, I knew about this song long before everyone started mentioning this Runaways movie.

    ^_^ brings me back to when I was like 5 years old. :)

  59. Krista Padar

    See the Runaways movie.

  60. Chandni Kapoor

    still an awesome song though lol

  61. jamie daigle


  62. Chandni Kapoor

    this is a guy?? lmao shit man

  63. Cee Ruckus

    nah see he was treating a girl like shit so my dad what was to be done and fucked him up :)

  64. Kal Ina

    This is my struttin song...

  65. Kal Ina

    @WalterJacksonFreeman hellll no. California. They have like 3 songs about Hollywood dude...

  66. Fin Tutuola

    is he straight?

  67. jpedrofer96

    @starlost1957 he sounds like a woman

  68. no name

    sorry haters but "The Runaways" rocks!!!!

  69. Cee Ruckus

    my dad punches nick gilder out once

  70. Larz Gustafsson

    Absolutely brilliant.

  71. Justice Noobish

    I think it stinks and makes no sense whatsoever

    Ashley T

    Well u don't have taste in music this is good for the soul mang

  72. jpedrofer96

    This song is sang by suzi quattro right?

    jeff case

    jpedrofer96 on her album. But not nearly as good as nicks version

  73. Clover Sunstar

    It is un-comprehensible to me as to how a man;s voice can be this high.

  74. Yhanna

    @Syzygy60 This is a man...

  75. carissa battersby

    have you ever heard Bryan Adams sing it? He was the original lead singer of Sweeny Todd.

  76. Ziggy

    Someone should point out this is Nick Gilder singing but the band is "Sweeny Todd" it's sad to not include the band that actually performed the hit

  77. huneebee333

    @TheLonelyredfox lol

  78. Tom Zipser

    Such a cool song

  79. Bunny Watches Everything AND Everybody

    @roxy18031 Of course you do but it was a sign. A good sign.

  80. roxy18031

    omg the day after my dog died this came on her name was roxy i miss her :(

  81. jlpounds2001

    @flair99000 Nick Gilder is actually the one singing, i always thought he sounded really feminine too as well

  82. RFKFANTS67

    Roller skating tunes...13 or so, back in the days, of metal and Joan Jett and Pat Benatar..good tunes..J giels ect..80's good times

  83. flair99000

    @Foxxiing Dont hold me on my word, But i think he might just write the lyrics.

  84. Lo Contrary

    Heard this song waaay BEFOR the movie "The Runaways" grew up to it cause it was my one of my moms party tuuuunes :]

  85. Crystal Rain

    Best song in that entire movie, I love his voice :) And the movie was amazing.

  86. Sofia Tejeda

    @mollhasthepower i have to disagree i didnt like kristen stewart but ever since i saw the runaways i loved her because of the way she portrayed joan

  87. mols balmer.

    @tokimasa121 I have to agree with you, dakota was too innocent to play Cherie. dakota's 16 i think,but i still think dakota still is childish etc. about kristen stewart, i was half and half, i love the devotion she put into the film like cutting her hair, singing to the songs, hanging round joan jett so she knew how she rolled but i think we've seen her as bella for too long and we're used to that. it must be hard for all the twilight cast, because they're known for their twilight roles.

  88. mols balmer.

    @tokimasa121 maybe it did, but thats your opinion. maybe it was my love for the music that overshadowed the film that made it so good for me? best performance had to go to Michael Shannon, definitely.

  89. mols balmer.

    the runaways was one of the best films of 2010, why do festival films not get as recognized these days?

  90. WindBlade97

    did nick used to be a transvestite?

  91. RobRobertTheMusicMan

    Great song to open the movie. So Inspired this song Is. Now I sound like Yoda.

  92. Dark Angel

    my fav song cuz its my name the song ^^