Nick Gilder - Hot Child In The City Lyrics

Danger in the shape of somethin' wild
Stranger dressed in black, she's a hungry child
No one knows who she is or what her name is
I don't know where she came from or what her game is

Hot child in the city
Hot child in the city
Runnin' wild and lookin' pretty
Hot child in the city

So young to be loose and on her own
Young boys, they all want to take her home
She goes downtown, the boys all stop and stare
When she goes downtown, she walks like she just don't care, yeah

Hot child in the city
Hot child in the city
Runnin' wild and lookin' pretty, yeah
Hot child in the city

Come on down to my place, baby
We'll talk about love
Come on down to my place, woman
We'll make love

Hot child in the city
(Hot child in the city)
She's kinda dangerous
(Hot child in the city)
Young child
(Runnin' wild and lookin' pretty)
Young child, runnin' wild
(Hot child in the city)

Hot child in the city
(Hot child in the city)
(Hot child in the city)
(Hot child in the city)
Hot child in the city
(Hot child in the city)
Hot child in the city
(Hot child in the city)

Hot child

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Nick Gilder Hot Child In The City Comments
  1. Ann-Marie Goddard

    When I was a kid, in middle school, this was my favorite song, loved it, now can't get it out of my head after hearing tonight! Going to get a sexy nighty on and dance for my hubby, he's sure to score a touch down tonight, lol

  2. Trixster Million

    Love this song, but that girl is a dog. Look up what Donna Wilkes looks like now. Would not molest.

  3. L. Janet

    Yeah cuz underage prostitution is always fun to sing about.....

  4. 4JayeP Borden

    This song has stood the test of time. One of the classic songs coming out of the 1970's.

  5. Markhor 475

    Today's videos lack such relevance.

  6. Markhor 475

    He had a "Best Of" album. This I did not know.

  7. TBAGamer

    What movie is that?

  8. Metal l.a.

    Being a preteen in the 70s. I didn't much bout the theme of the song.

  9. Bernie Migas

    I remember the girl in the video , from the movie Jaws Part ? . Good tune :)

  10. Fern Pacheco

    what movie is that? :o

  11. Jeanne Stein

    Never thought this song was about a hooker

  12. Rebekka Bebee

    She looks like a young child in this video.

  13. Gia L.

    Angel was bad,Who runs halfway through the city in heels nonstop🤣,The girl was bad🌟👍


    Angel...God I remember this movie. I remember thinking about how much money she mad and wishing I could do that...Not knowing how she did it

  15. رامية السلطاني

    مـــين🥰 يــرحب🥰 بــــي🥰 يـــضـــغـــك لايـــك🥰ويــــراســنـي خـاص واشـتـرك بقنـاتـــــــي

  16. Big Sky

    I remember roller discoing to this song in the 70's

    Seriously Malfunctioned

    Good times, no worries 👍

    Ann-Marie Goddard

    Me too, rollar skating!!!!? That was a great thing!!!

    Seriously Malfunctioned

    @Ann-Marie Goddard Especially the song knock on wood

  17. Tracy Tewalt

    damn good music.. they dont make music like this today!!

  18. momotaro

    Best pedo song evarrrr!!! :-o (I have to fully admit I never really understood what it meant until years later.)

  19. Lupe Ochoa

    Good oldays love this music

  20. Martin Cervantes

    Love this song 2019

  21. D H

    I like how they used the movie Angel for the music vid

  22. Heidi Schnuriger

    I never thought this music video was really what the girl in the song was like. Too dark, I found the song to be empowering, a celebration of women. So sexy and exciting.

  23. The Torah Trucker

    I thought that was a woman singing 😂

  24. 14Bojan

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  26. WHOS WHO Dfw

    I used to dig this song....until this creepy video....YIKES.....

  27. wayne jones

    💣 💥 🌋 💗 😰 👏

  28. Ancient Alien

    You would bet money it was a female on vocals if you didn't know better

  29. Jacquelyn Pisano

    Is this the real music video? It looks like it’s from a movie

    Ancient Alien

    I was wondering that too

  30. •p r i n t e d f l o w e r s• one else thinking this song is about an underage prostitute??

    On Your Face

    •p r i n t e d f l o w e r s• this song came out in the 70's

    On Your Face

    •p r i n t e d f l o w e r s• the term hot is related to a active prostitute! In your head it's clear that you think he's a pedo. Sad!

    Cullen Tashiro

    It is. I found this song through an article that says it is.

    4JayeP Borden

    Nick wrote this song after driving through Hollywood Blvd. one night and saw quite a number of 14-15 year old girls walking the street.

  31. Alfonso Ramos

    Is this from a movie?

  32. Terry La Tunguley

    Okay Nick gilder! I'm guilty of two things One I never gave you credit in public about my vocal abilities that started when I was about 10 years old with your stupid cassette tapes from Ames store kind of like Walmart today I used to return them after I got sick to listen until my cassette player my treehouse. They would give me money back and I would buy another one of your cassettes get tired of it and return and get my money back. Then all the sudden I bought the who and it was all over from there and I forgot all about you buddy but I do owe you some credit for my younger vocal talents and I know it can still do Steve Perry today probably thanks to you I just have to practice. And I did not know you donated your song to the kix band one of my favorite bands of all time Thank you for that I really appreciate that you gave them that song.

  33. T M

    Remembering all those young hotties in high school! ❤️❤️❤️


    That’s what life is about huh

    T M

    Veli Leon yep, the good times.

  34. Isabella Millan

    this is a song about an underaged prostitute

  35. Kymberly Flowers

    Wait so this song is about a child prostitute?

  36. Jeannie Jeannie

    2019 song still Rocks 🦊

  37. Tracey McCarty

    enlisted club governor's island, working has a busboy, lisengiting to this

  38. Stephen Wood

    I had the 45 when it dropped...:) Ah the memories of San Diego in the 1970's.. and going to Clairemont High..


    yeah i too still have my 45 this never gets old classic

  39. DoseyDoodleBeargrrl

    I just heard this song playing in Sprouts market in Claremont, CA. It took me way back to 9th grade.

  40. Daniel Morse

    WTF, we are this old? Lol.

  41. rhayneman200110

    I seen that movie back in 1984 Angel and was able to get a copy of it on DVD on Ebay what a great song and movie.

  42. R.A. S

    God I use to love this song! Forgot all about it, heard it on vacation and now I can't get it out of my head!!! lol

    Ancient Alien

    Yeah it really sticks in there 😉 it's the film clip that gets me every time. There are 3 people in it that could be identical twins to people I know haha love the song though ❤

  43. James Torti

    Angel Rocks.

  44. Amber Hardy

    Who is still listening in 2019!!!! This girl is!!


    @ Amber Hardy, That's way too much gun for that little girl. ha ha.

  45. Donald Mccarthy

    That is a bad ass song along with the video

  46. Ken Perk

    Sing it Tom Petty!... uh what? Oh yeah. Sing it Nick Gilder!

  47. ClicketySplit

    Remember this as far back as listening to it on my big sister's confiscated yellow Toot-a-Loop.💫🐞🐝🐌🦋🦉🌻

  48. ClicketySplit

    Good information about the artist and song, but where did the video outtakes come from? What was the movie?

  49. Tommy LaVilla

    Reminds me in the back seat of my mommys car looking out the window going down the road

  50. Gary Skadra

    I wish this child was coming to my house. 😘

  51. Tommy LaVilla


  52. Duncan Coutts

    Is that Anne Murray at 0.41?

  53. Playin4Keeps


  54. Gerald King

    Ok it sounds creepy but the scene where Angel is walking down the strip crying carrying a frikken 44 is hot as hell. There Ive said it.

  55. Dawn Kane

    One of my top 5 fave songs. Always loved it.

    T M

    Dawn Kane brings back the memories huh?


    Whats the other 4 ? Wanna know

  56. deekay2

    Nothing says toxic masculinity like the voice of Nick Gilder in the song Hot Child in the City.

  57. Tyrone Scott

    The Crazed Killer in the first "Angel" Movie is Actor John Diehl Best Known as Detective Larry Zito in Miami Vice.

  58. Jarred Harper

    Does anybody else think BØRNS is a modern day Nick Gilder?

  59. Retro Dreams

    Donna Wilkes! “Honor student by day ... hooker by night.” I loved that movie. 😄

  60. Anthony Ryan Angie

    Even tho it was the 70s it has that 80s sound

  61. Jon Hengeveld

    What movie is this video from?

  62. Jacqueline Payne

    Wow be careful looking this song up lol

  63. Jaz808

    Angel, Angel 2, and Angels Revenge, great mix of movies for the song

  64. Richard Kochan

    Hot Song👍 , Hot Chickie's 👅👍, Chicks Carrying a 44 Mag, major turn On👍👍☮️

  65. D Hilton

  66. Frantz Merisier

    May 2019 and this song STILL ROCKS!!!


    october 2019 still rockin yeah!!

  67. Gabriela Claudino

    Gilda Joyce


    Hookers used to be hot in early just strung out crackheads....

  69. Paul Christman

    One of the few non-disco songs to reach #1 that year. Produced by Mike Chapman, who also produced Exile's "Kiss You ALL Over" which also hit #1 a few weeks earlier. "Hot Child.." knocked "Boogie Oogie Oogie" out of #1. Thank God!! Disco really did suck.

  70. Mom Sandie

    Still amazing after all these years. I never saw the video until today. Holy crap, it is G-d awful.


    This is not the original video - lol.

  71. Brenda Peters

    This song oozes sex appeal. Love it.

  72. Ariadne404

    YouTube's autofill won't fill in the word "child" as this song is about an underage prostitute. I don't know if there was a Chris Hansen of the 70s but if there was, he'd be telling Nick Gilder to have a seat, right over there.

  73. laurin Amyotte

    They could of found a better looking hot child. And what's up with this guys voice, I always thought that it was a woman singing this song.

  74. raywhittenjr


  75. mAh dude

    fuggin white who-errzz

  76. bay cole

    I finally found this song again

  77. Robyn T306

    March 8 2019 and this song still rocks!

    Nancy Lauderdale

    Hell yeah!!!

  78. Thomas Joseph

    Hey, I remember that movie, she was like an Honor student by day and a Prostitute by night. I think it was called Angel.
    Yup, I just looked it up, Angel.
    Man, little Donna Wilkes was a Hotty back then. I barely remember the 80's and come to think of it, most of it I want to forget lol.

    Deborah Porter

    That girl was FUGLY lol they could of gotten a prettier actress I mean come on!!!!!!

    Thomas Joseph

    @Deborah Porter I think someone is a tad jealous. You are literally the ONLY person I have come across that thinks she was ugly. Even my female friends that have seen her think she was hot.

    Question for you, Deborah, how come you don't have your picture posted on your avatar? Just curious. I would be interested to see what someone looks like that says Donna Wilkes is "FUGLY". You must be Hella-Hot, right? LOL

  79. Elise Bardot

    She looks like Sasha Pieterse

  80. Michael Reed

    OMG,she can barely carry that bazooka,if she ever fired it, it'd take her arm off,lol

  81. stratman70528

    Good ole days...

  82. Adam Levine

    bad buddah guy....

  83. Gram Ramn

    I always wondered if the chic singing this was hot or Ooopsy daisy.... Lol....just never know huh...fuckin great 80s tune.

  84. va stonewall

    Man you missed it if you didn't grow up in the 70's and 80's what great music compared to the GRUT they call music now you cell phone baby's need to get your heads out of your asses and come hear what real music and hot chicks look like😁

  85. Nintation Playstendo

    1:00 I thought that was Sally Field.

  86. Desstrik

    Good movies.. GREAT SONG!

  87. Lynette Harris

    Omg have no idea what made me think of this song today but I'm glad I did, a blast from the past----2 kids and 3 grandkids ago 😂😂😂

  88. Simon A Willoughby

    Hot 100
    Billboard US Charts. # 1 October 28 1978, stayed 1 week until November 3 1978.

  89. raywhittenjr


  90. Mark Andersen

    When I first heard this song, I thought it was a woman singing, then I saw Nick Gilder and realized it was a chick with a dick.

  91. Michael Patske

    ....I don't know where she came from or what's her game.

  92. Mark Magnolia

    Heard this on the radio pretty disturbing



  94. Dennis Valverde

    I have this song on 45 vinyl record and a record player.

  95. Cavendish Lung-sukki

    These are not children, they’re whores! Still hot.

  96. Kathleen R.

    the song for perverts, lol

  97. John J. Vela

    Back when the music videos and music was good.

  98. Micin Jordan

    Hot Child In The Cityl