Nick Fradiani - Beautiful Life Lyrics

These days
Well, they're looking up
We got so much to say
We got someone to love
We got good friends
They're so good to us
And haters can hate
And fakers can front

So we try to live
Like it's all we've got
Cause for all we know

This could be the last night of our lives
Gonna chase down our every desire
We blaze the night
With all we've been waiting for
All this time
Reaches such great heights
Gives us just one perfect night
To say "oh, what a beautiful life"
"Oh, what a beautiful life"

Comes out of the dark
We got nothing to fear
We got nothing but heart
Can't just wait here to see what it brings
We got too many hopes
We got too many dreams

So we try to live
Like it's all we've got
Cause for all we know

This could be the last night of our lives
Gonna chase down our every desire
We blaze the night
With all we've been waiting for
All this time
Reaches such great heights
Gives us just one perfect night
To say "oh, what a beautiful life"
"Oh, what a beautiful life"

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Nick Fradiani Beautiful Life Comments
  1. Apache 1775

    This is one of the most beautiful songs ever!

  2. Kathy Mullins

    Is it just me or does he sound a bit like Rob Thomas in this beautiful life

  3. Madison Hardeman

    Published in Jul 13 2017

  4. Tracy Boehler

    you got a friend ! xo!

  5. tall32guy

    Nick is such a hottie. ❤️

  6. kleber falcon

    Que increíble canción!!!!!

  7. Daniel Tati

    How does this not have a million views?

  8. DanGan808 Ella

    A beautiful life indeed ❤️

  9. Nathan Heaver

    anyone keep coming back to this song each day?

  10. madison hardeman

    Published in June 30 2017

  11. Indy'sAirportSpotter

    Not even 1 Million views WOW!

  12. C.J.C

    I just found out about him. Idol finally chose a good one. After two years of horrible picks : Candice & Caleb

  13. Chris Olsted

    I want to love this song, can someone confirm that it's not Christian music?


    Chris Olsted what does it matter if it is? If it speaks to you and you like it, that's all that matters.

  14. aperson22222

    Tanner my friend, I heard this song for the first time on the same night that I first came into your bar, and somehow I’ve always dimly associated it with you.

    This is the first time I’ve been able to listen to it since you died, and I’m so sorry you were so disappointed and unhappy; I wish I could have done more to help, even half as much as you did for me.

    But do you know, as I prepare for your memorial tonight, and I listen to these lyrics closely, I can finally see how well it fits. You were suffering so much; in the end, too much to bear. I didn’t live under your burdens and I wouldn’t dream of judging you, of further burdening you with disapproval and recrimination that I neither feel nor have the right to indulge in.

    But—you had a beautiful life. 😢❤️

  15. Ratchet0203

    How about yes, yes and yes. This song is so much nostalgia, I might actually die.

  16. Rebekah kalder

    This was the last song they played at my graduation. It was best sing in the moment. Now I'm not to sure, brings up alot of missed memorys

  17. andrew merriman

    this was my graduation song


    It's been 4 years I've heard this song, my reaction are still the same from the other comments below. :(

  19. Kristie Woods



    Kristie Woods good to see he's still out there and singing 4 to 5 years later.

  20. #MAGA MAN

    246 people are not having a beautiful life

  21. Andrea Joy Blakemore

    underrated song, sad :(

  22. twhy926

    Great song 💕 My son and his friends rocked out to this song on graduation day!

  23. Lohitkumaar S

    Anyone from 2019?

  24. Edna Resurreccion

    Brilliant!! Nick Fradiani is amazing!! He really deserves to win AI.."Beautiful life" is awesome!!!Congrats,Nick!!!#fan4life!!

  25. Błånćo


  26. Alien Kpop Girl

    2019 for me

  27. Jessica Humphrey

    Love this song

  28. Alexa Eva Kokis

    Hey nick your father used to bleach my moms hair, and he used to give me doll heads to play with! Tonight I saw him at waters edge resort!!!

  29. Sammi Chantelle

    Here in 2019

  30. Meagan Camara

    Love ❤️ you nick it’s your cousin Julianna. I’ve never met you but maybe next year or even this year! I will always love you 😘 you rock! You will not notice me in the comments though but that’s ok.

  31. Timothy Chiripanyanga

    anyone here 2019

  32. Wandering Fore

    Needed this song during my cancer battle, such a beautiful life I have.

  33. Abdul Jabbar

    How could this song be so fucking underated??? Oh gosh!!!

  34. sengwa 214

    This is the Song of my Life 💜

  35. Mike Rivera


    nobody ...

    Vale Quin

    Jordán Jordán no 2019

  36. Jessica Williams

    Love this song and singer!! Wooohooo I will see him for the first time on Black Friday!! Yayyy

  37. Kapssnaps

    one of my favorite songs, awesome stuff Nick, first heard it right before I started treatment for an illness 4 years ago, played a role in my inspiration for this song I wrote called live in the present

  38. NekoGod

    How is this so underrated? I saw this on tv when it came out.

  39. Comic Collector95

    First time I heard it was when I used to work at toys r us now it’s gone

  40. Jacob Mroczkowski

    This is terrible. I feel my testosterone leaking out

  41. Avriel Nicole

    I rememeber watching him on American Idol and always rooting for him! Still love him to this day!!

  42. Mariah Babyy

    Gives me Christian vibes.... I like it

  43. GhostPlanetFilms

    YES! I found it!

    I heard this at Wat-A-Burger today!

  44. ShamaLa Dar

    how is this only 700k views and it's already 2018 while lil tay getting millions. is this goodbye humanity then?

  45. Tracy Boehler

    It's the little things that make life rich ... :D


    Hey I know you you came to my school in Nathan Hale School

  47. Elizabeth Salifoska

    You came to hop brook school

  48. labellav1103

    FLOPIANI!! lmao!!

  49. Delaney Willits

    The lyrics are so good!!!

  50. Krishu K C

    Love you 😻 nick brother

  51. Casandra Spinks

    Are you macyie your gf

  52. D-Up Gaming and More

    Most underrated song❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. chris hendry

    Great song i should let every people that i know hear this great song

  54. Bernie Trzcinka

    my friends are these people in their own merit. This song should be the first thing you think of every day!!

  55. Michael Hicks

    Love this song

  56. Shira Moore

    2018 and still listening to this


    Rip off

    Miles Penucevski

    SAM SMITH of what

  58. Tracy Boehler

    YES it is ... <3 xoxo!

  59. Krishu K C

    Love u nick

  60. Jay costanzo

    Good work to nick

  61. 18Lin

    a late congrats.

  62. Amaya Martinez

    Who else is hearing this in 2018?

  63. Renata Tembe

    A partir de Moçambique quando ouvi a música pela primeira vez me tocou e vou escutar tantas tantas vezes ....😀

  64. Mollie Gettmann

    I love you from little nicky

  65. Ozuna Nibiru

    I fucking love this song

  66. Vanessa Poremba

    My cousin dated him & is still really close with him. I gree like up in the town next to Guilford, CT in Branford!

  67. perma softy

    way too much's not even him singing lol

  68. perma softy

    only decent song....all sucked after this

  69. Stubs Baldwin

    7 passed away listen to the song it hurts me so much he passed away May 12th 2015 I hope you guys take this into consideration that everybody loves this world and there will be no one who hates them I'm only 11 I still cry to this day my uncle who passed away and listen to this song

  70. Chris O

    Good song by nick Fradani

  71. Chey Boo

    I love him:)

  72. Ugly Trash

    This was actually decent but only 700k views? come on

  73. Johnny76b

    No matter what state he is from.  USA USA USA!!!!!  I love this song.....its a beautiful life

  74. Victoria Granado

    Why hasn't this song become famous?!?!?!?

  75. The22Dude

    I'm gonna make this my classes graduation song. Class of 2020

  76. Holly P

    Love this song ❤️❤️❤️ my favorite song from him. I'm glad he won American Idol. He truly deserved it

  77. turtles find

    This guy is a good example of why Idol should not be coming back.  Mediocre, bland.

  78. Clo 10 junio

    Así como la vida es hermosa, ésta canción también es hermosa!!!! ......Saludos desde Chile!!!!

  79. Anthony Tuttle

    i love lose sang

  80. Katie Leslie

    my husband n i used this song for our newly wed entrance song. it was a home run!!! love your music!!

  81. Britany Madden

    I want to be the frost to get marred to this song I got to meet nick I want to get marred to this song and my boyfriend said we could

  82. ricky pasaribu

    his style remind me to ryan Tedder

  83. AEK


  84. Drêw Açho

    This is the best music ever. I love it 👍🏿❤👂🏻

  85. Dee Francois

    💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 this song is EVERYTHING!!!!

  86. Jay Hollas

    I watched Nick grow on American Idol and when he performed this song I literally fell in love with it. It's great just wish he would of been a bigger artist. No one speaks of him now.

  87. Angely Nicole

    OMGGGGG I'm meeting nick today !!!! He's the nephew of 2 amazing staff members in my school and today I'm going to meet a great singer . YAYYYYY

  88. Krishu K.c

    omg his voice is amazing n sweet

  89. lyssa i

    i really want them to play this at my graduation

  90. Premimum RedGalaxY

    People dont know real music even if it hits them in the face!

  91. Elyse Rose

    I found this song the day it came out. I lost it for almost two years and I wonder how I lived without it. this is an amazing song

  92. Haris Maulana

    hayy 2017

  93. lyssa i

    this was played at my great grandmas funeral

  94. kaylynn drews

    this was my graduating class' song....I'm crying

  95. RamonaAbbott

    P.S. Madison Abbott loves this song great meaning lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. RamonaAbbott

    Beautiful song like it a lot only one of his song by: Nick Fradiani

  97. Ares Horror

    beautiful song