Nick Drake - Saturday Sun Lyrics

Saturday sun
Came early one morning
In a sky so clear and blue
Saturday sun
Came without warning
So no one knew what to do

Saturday sun
Brought people and faces
That didn't seem much
In their day
But when I remember
Those people and places
They were really too good
In their way
In their way
In their way
Saturday sun
Won't come and see me today

Think about stories
With reason and rhyme
Circling through your brain
And think about people
In their season and time
Returning again and again
And again
And again
But Saturday's sun
Has turned to Sunday's rain

So Sunday sat
In the Saturday sun
And wept for a day gone by

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Nick Drake Saturday Sun Comments
  1. anamariaamestica

    Saturday sun came early one morning

    in a sky so clear and blue
    Saturday sun came without warning
    so no-one knew what to do

    Saturday sun brought people and faces
    that didn't seem much in their day
    but when I remembered those people and places
    they were really too good in their way
    in their way
    in their way

    Saturday sun won't come and see me today
    think about stories with reason and rhyme
    circling through your brain
    and think about people in their season and time
    returning again and again
    and again
    and again

    But Saturday sun has turned to Sunday's rain
    so Sunday sat in the Saturday sun
    and wept for a day gone by

  2. Orlando Ponce

    Some mexican here ??

  3. Michael Marino

    A dj is signing off .its his last show.hes going to another station.this is what he played.n it was perfect..

  4. Clay

    Favorite Nick Drake song!

  5. Amar90

    Everyone of you here has amazing taste in music ♥️

  6. Ady Simm

    Very good , mellow

  7. Nigel Pugh

    Beautiful I think!xx....tortured genius!xx


    A troubled cure, for our troubled minds.

  8. sabilal muhtadin

    my favorite track ever on this album

  9. Hazy Jane

    so sunday sat in the saturday sun and wept for a day gone by....

  10. Pablo Ramon

    After xxxx years not having listened to this... It's absolutely sublime. And more so when one of my own dearest students, 17 y-o L.A., has chosen this track for one of his very first singing experiences at a recording studio. Hats off to Leo and his music teacher in Santa Fe.

  11. Filipe Mendes


  12. Harpal Zendo

    Nick's voice is so soothing. This song is like a so comforting and loving lullaby.

  13. Drew Hackney

    I hope whoever downvoted this gets herpes

  14. jockejocke1

    This is not the studio album version, right?

  15. patrick kever

    sad that he was recognised after his death :(

  16. J.L. Mc

    Four seconds in and I'm Going... 'Wow!'

  17. view and sound den

    So sunday sat in the saturday side....

  18. Linda Jones

    Sublime, thanks for sharing.

  19. Liege Rampes

    I love this song so much.

  20. Samuel Woods

    Rip drak

  21. edmund blackadder coc

    Those who down voted...ermmm feck you!get help!

  22. LANGE J.

    The One and only, Nick Drake.+Richard Thompson.+John Cale.

    The Ban Man

    Cale was on the 2nd album, not this one

  23. H.E Prado Villegas

    Nick Drake & The Bad Leaves

    G is for Grievous

    I discovered Nick Drake on spotify,after an album I liked played It recommended some of his work. Eventuslly when I listened to Nick Drake,in a recommendation list was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. TL:DR-We Went Full Circle.

  24. Moira Were

    Beautiful song up there with any great song in the last 100 years.

  25. mister nextdoorscat

    truly beautiful, r.i.p. nick

  26. Complex Little Pirate

    Holy, holy, holy.

  27. james woolhouse

    what a lovely tune one of my favourites relaxing

  28. edmund blackadder coc

    They let his music out again..loh yes xmas pressie the full stack!

  29. Nalinho

    Hes really fake live


    The fuck are you talking about. He's been dead for 40 years

    Zoltar Smith

    People without a flux compensator just don't understand.

    alison welch

    thewickedest80 it must be a bot

  30. Nalinho

    Saw this guy play last night. Meh. I prefer him on the Spiderman soundtrack.

    The Paradigm

    Nalinho you alright there, mate?

    Linda Jones

    The Paradigm ........the mind boggles.

  31. SongwoodTV

    Does anyone ever mentioned the incredible bass playing on this tune? It´s like a background choir to me.

    Bren Cronin

    SongwoodTV its a fucking all round classic.even the demos are great


    The bass is rarely anything less than incredible whenever Danny Thompson's the bass player.


    Yet another case of "I never noticed the bass"...

  32. NickToc

    Shoutout to the one idiot who disliked for the lols

  33. Chris Hmmm

    It's got a Nina Simone vibe

    Adrian Fielding

    And reminiscent of his mother's songs. If you don't know her look up Molly drake.

    hugh scott

    i never picked up on that but now i cant get that out of my ears.

  34. Nalinho

    Fucking yes

  35. Matthew Brourton

    nick plays piano on this ..also pink moon ..thats it


    I wish he played piano more often.

    Mark Mitten

    He plays piano on the home demo version of "Way To Blue."
    (Find the Island Records video version on youtube, with old photos and home videos of Nick as a kid.)

    David Chopin

    Time has told me


    It's Paul Harris on piano

    Sonia Leila Da Silva

    lymehausdj8 no, it is Nick Drake who plays the piano, it is written in the album

  36. shiasur

    nice song

  37. timo peltola

    parhautta...IKINÄ .

  38. isabel margarida Duarte

    Lindíssimo. Não apetece parar de ouvir.


    Sim amiga ( Brasileira?)...Um saludo de Italia....Amo Brasil, seu Povo e sua musica.....Ate' mais

  39. Leandro Alessandrini

    La prima che ascoltai questo brano,rimasi folgorato dalla bellezza,sensibilità del brano..


    Succede quando si ascolta Nick...Ciao da Trento

  40. Obvious Bambi

    'Any Nick Drake song is fine, but why not try this one?'
    - Joe Thomas

  41. Burt472



    I know what you mean mi amigo