Nick Drake - 'Cello Song Lyrics

Strange face, with your eyes
So pale and sincere.
Underneath you know well
You have nothing to fear.
For the dreams that came to you when so young
Told of a life
Where spring is sprung.

You would seem so frail
In the cold of the night
When the armies of emotion
Go out to fight.
But while the earth sinks to its grave
You sail to the sky
On the crest of a wave.

So forget this cruel world
Where I belong
I'll just sit and wait
And sing my song.
And if one day you should see me in the crowd
Lend a hand and lift me
To your place in the cloud.

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Nick Drake 'Cello Song Comments
  1. 1katmuz

    Thank you Nick Drake to continually soothe me through my life with your music. I hope it soothes you also in your next passage of life. X

  2. Claude Alain


  3. Gerwyn Evans

    Mesmerisingly brilliant

  4. andrea cipolla

    you're the Numero Uno!

  5. Tito Carciofi

    Thank you Mr Jagr Blood: a magnific discovery. Pure & delicate.

  6. Ulises Prado San Martín

    Great Nick.

  7. ewins6

    Simply sent to us to make such beautiful music... And In a cloud he is gone x

  8. Fabrizio Meo

    Nice artist.

  9. Signalman Music

    Suggest we hunt down the 3 that don't like it....

    Toufikul Islam

    man it's 5 now, I think we should start before some other dares.


    I'll bring the torches.


    7 now. It gets person from here. :3

  10. ryhisner

    Great analysis of this song halfway down the page on this essay by Robin Frederick, who wrote "Been Smokin' Too Long," a song Nick covered. I've never understood why no one seems capable of replicating the feeling or sound of Nick's music, but Robin Frederick's descriptions of what made his music so innovative and different go a long way toward explaining this. The two other articles of her's mentioned at the top of the article are also extremely insightful and essential reads for any Drake fan.

    stan proctor

    Probably because so few have experienced  life as Nick did. I'm not sure I would want to. His songs seem to reflect some of his inner self...

  11. chris ott

    deep magick...thanky

  12. Daniel O'Connell

    'Nick’s Gift'
    Some of us recognize the Gift
    In others mostly
    We spend our time in worry
    Of what we usually can’t define
    But there are those who seem not to care

    Their Gift prevents them from worry
    Or so it may seem to us
    Why is it that some live life as a river?
    Flowing downstream in the moons great plan.

    Freedom is the name of the Gift
    Grinding out as a cello speaks
    But we only hear it, only a little

    To be but a poor boy
    And live the Gift

    That’s the magic.

    (orig. by Daniel O’Connell 7:55am 03.03.2012)

    7BlackSwans Silversmithing

    Beautiful. Thank you 😊

    Enrique Nieto

    Cuantas personas no conoceré

    Captain Dildoface

    I was going to post you shit because at first I thought you were Daniel O'Donnell. It's so good you're not Daniel O'Donnell, nobody deserves to be him. I bet your grannys still wanked over him though.

  13. Amy Owens

    Amazingly beautiful!

  14. vero nique

    such a beautiful song heart is overcome with such emotions as the tears roll down my cheeks ...


    Agreed and shared


    What a vivid explanation. I feel similarly

  15. Burt472

    Magnificent......With an EPIC finale......

  16. lucianodeos

    Este tipo era mágico. Lo amo y lo respeto muchísimo.

  17. craigdamage

    No beauty this tragic has ever before been laid down in front of me.

  18. Ari Mehven

    A masterpiece.

  19. LadyRoss

    With this song I remember the Flying Nimbus of Dragon Ball Z


    well atleast there's younger fans of nick drake

  20. Peter O'Toole

    So amazing, Nick has made some of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard in my life, incredible guy.

  21. Nik Burton

    Self indulgence my [email protected]@."A singular talent who passed almost unnoticed during his brief lifetime, Nick Drake produced several albums of chilling, somber beauty. With hindsight, these have come to be recognized as peak achievements of both the British folk-rock scene and the entire rock singer/songwriter genre." --

    Will Foley

    Nik Burton I don't see self-indulgence as a bad thing in art. I've actually noticed that some of my favorite art is self-indulgent. How else can someone authentically express themselves if they don't indulge their senses, thinking, and feeling?

  22. Thomes Maisling

    Legendary self indulgence!

    chris ott

    jealousy haint never purty

    Will Foley

    Self-indulgence isn't necessarily a bad thing. I adore self-indulgent artists that put all of themselves into their creations.


    Self indulgent never sounded so good & he's shared nicely - nothing nice to say scroll on >>>> bro >>>>


    Er, wtf?

  23. Burt472

    Thanks Nick. You won't be forgotten.