Nick Carter - Just Kids Lyrics

Where did it go?
The time?
It’s ticking like a second hand
The faces have come
And gone
But were standing here until the end

We were dreamers
We were young
Fire flies in the breeze
We were just having fun
That’s the way that its supposed to be

We were just kids
Nobody cared to much
We were just kids alone
Everyone was on the bus
We were just kids
And We were just kids

I was the crazy one
nobody could tell me no
Just like a circus clown
Walking on the tightest rope

And all the scars and scratches that we shared
Remind us that we made it though
Those lessons were hard to learn
But they made us who we are right now

We were just kids….
Nobody cared to much
We were just kids
Everyone was on the bus
We were just kids
and We were just kids

I can’t forget the memories, the victories
It's just a memory in my mind

We just kids ooo
Nobody cared too much

We were just kids yeah
Worried just about having fun

We were just kids ohoh
everyone was on the bus

We were just kids oohoh
Worried about having fun

We were just kids
And we were just kids

We was the crazy ones
Nobody could tell me no

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Nick Carter Just Kids Comments
  1. andrew thach

    I still can't believe this didnt make the album. Would've been the best song on the album, and would've been a radio hit.

  2. Amber Ordaz

    Wow! There's Nick!

  3. Tessa Taylor-BSB

    When did Nick do this. Why was Sandra, the infamous deceiver invited, & not all of the other fans? & Not me?


    Tessa Taylor It was 2013. Everyone was "invited"- you had to pay to attend.

  4. day pc

    yes, she can love Justin and Nick. you are similar to Eminem fans who say you can't like Eminem and BSB...

  5. Shelley Rocks

    Great song...absolutely love it...this should have made the cut for the album....don't throw it away Nick....definitely worthy of putting on another solo album...which we want and need! Maybe think of doing an unplugged, ecoustic solo slbum next, that would be so dope! ;) Also, will there be a audio version of your book, Facing The Music....with your voice of course??? ;) OXOXOXO

  6. Stefanie Lehmann

    It's not on the new album??

  7. Nilay Akyz

    This song is sooo emotional!! Made me cry... I've been a fan since they were kids and so was I. This song is like a tribute for 20 years of BSB!! Thank you Nick for the lyrics!

  8. Calleigh Lone

    Definitely this song has to be included in their new album! Great song!

  9. Arminia Engel it so much <3

  10. TheDrPeppah44


  11. TheDrPeppah44


  12. TheDrPeppah44

    thanks !! amazing song!! i like it!!

  13. Carol Nyambura Ng'ang'a

    Omg, I love this boy soooo much. This song is so cute too! Nick always brings it, whether in singing or song writing! He's amazing! I'm completely in love with it! And it's mature and beautiful! I'm glad they are shedding off that boyband tagline because they've been strugging to do it forever! But, you know what, BSB is the best eva! Call them whatever you like, they are a mature band who know how to sing and Damn As Hell know what they are doing! *****

  14. KaosChick98

    Such great audio quality! Thanks for posting!!

  15. paloma108210

    thanks sooo much!!!! I apreciate your upload

  16. toni chadwick

    i love it

  17. S Solya

    I totally fell in love with this song and his voice :) #KTBSPA

  18. Faizah Alkatheri

    WOW Just WOW!!! What an amazing song, I LOVE IT! now REALLY can't wait for the new album!!

    Nick never sounded better!!! I LOVE YOU NICK! You are my Shining Star! :)

  19. Veronica McDonald

    Nick sounds great I love his voice nowadays

  20. Daiany Oliveira

    Lindo, perfeito e quero pra mim! Nick love you <3

  21. Rikuismyboy

    Some of the best BSB songs never make it to the albums here in the US >.< oh the humanity!!!

  22. Marcee Cousins

    Agree with you. If they don't put it on the new album it NEEDS to go on the next solo album Nick does.

  23. Marcee Cousins

    This is a great song for the boys to do. Love the lyrics...Good job Nick!!!

  24. Sagar Keer

    The audio is perfect! Loved the song. Thanks for sharing :)

  25. chunsasannie

    love itttttt. thanks for sharing

  26. EllenKTBSPA

    Thx 4 posting!! I love it!! <3

  27. allandnothingn1

    love it

  28. castellonera87

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  29. Tanida Williams

    Wow. Nick is always amazing live.

  30. Paty RC

    Mi vida,Mi Carter,canta... HERMOSO! :'D Por dios! lo amo lo amo lo amo!!!! :3 <3

  31. Maura

    This song is amazing and really perfect for the anniversary album. If it doesn't make the album Nick definitely needs to put on his next solo album.

  32. dianemarie24

    Thank you everyone! I know the video is dark but the song is amazing. Thank you for viewing and for your nice comments!


    Song is beautiful,this must be on album!!!!!!!

  34. Surgtech1321

    Finally something new,awesome song,thanks for posting

  35. Kate A

    Awesome song Nick! Love your voice!

  36. Ggirlangel93

    This song is beautiful...I love it! I hope it gets put on the new album! :)

  37. Saray Ruiz

    Love it! I can't wait for the new album!!

  38. m7madnabhan

    you can't love justin and bsb together :3

  39. xyouaremydreamx

    thsi need to be part of the new BSB record, Amazing song :) I am glad to know that kevin loves this song ♥

  40. Mascia Cantoni

    simply the best

  41. Gabbyta Gates

    i loved it!

  42. Dolphy Gurl

    Awesome song I love the lyrics

  43. komgneh

    I hope this song makes the album, it's beautiful. Way to go Nick :)

  44. Ciara Schmidt

    I hope this makes it on the new album!