Nick Carter - I Will Wait Lyrics

If you're gone before I wake up
Just promise that you'll be okay, love
Too many times you left me better
We need to share this one together

So, I will wait for you
This love was made for two
And I'll hold on this time
No, I won't leave you behind
I will wait for you

I promise darling that I won't sleep
Until we reached the highest mountain peak
Thanks for the times that you were there for me
So let me payback all your charity

So, I will wait for you
This love was made for two
And I'll hold on this time
No, I won't leave you behind

Girl, I've been so cruel
I broke the golden rule
So shame on me for leaving you this way
I've turned this once before
I've left you wanting more
And we both know the fool's rushing

I will wait for you
I will wait for you
And I'll hold on this time
And I won't leave you behind
I will wait for you
I will wait for you
Wait for you, I will wait for you

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Nick Carter I Will Wait Comments
  1. Roxana Albornoz

    teamo my rubio hermoso

  2. Roxana Albornoz

    soy tu fan vos sos my bacstri preferido

  3. Roxana Albornoz

    que lindo que sos nick sos tan lindo

  4. rita rabaa

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Amazing voice and song

  5. Barbara Rock



    Nick the best, but i sadly have to say, he lost his Voice

  7. Lisa


  8. Denise Senn

    Hes on his own now?

  9. Izabela Gil

    Still..... ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Aranah

    I can say he's one of the most successful artist of his time. A good son and brother. An ideal guy. His wife's so lucky to have him.

  11. Alisa Lababneh

    Very powerful. It touched my heart to the depths. Your voice, song, music. Nick you're blessed by God.

  12. Nora Tao

    Nick has the most beautiful voice ever and I will support him as usual ,Nick Carter is my favorite backstreet boy💕fan from Taiwan😎

  13. Оксана Пузатенко

    I love you, Darling!

  14. donna dugas


  15. gina lusgiana

    Sweet banget ini sumpah.... aa nick kanyaah neng gina... i love you...

  16. Susan Wesley

    Oh nick, I'm crying a lot now... 💔

  17. Alexandria Templeton

    music listen like fleeing great love you

  18. Fizzy 01

    So beautiful! Here because of Nick’s baby girl’s birth video ❤️

  19. Jennifer coto

    Love this song, its soooo beautiful, here because of the video he did for his wife n daughter

  20. Alexandria Templeton

    best friend goo songs make smile get jenny h said my break heart cry t wanna talking people about dream life other hug funny need things come back nick gene carter love you more moon have take came halloween party at work long time where look hot you here great person post use other be

  21. Alexandria Templeton

    post you tude

  22. Alexandria Templeton

    i will wait wedding get songs

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  24. Gil aguirre

    I like how simple and relaxing this music sounds. :)

  25. Francisco Luiz

    Que música linda

  26. OliviaM

    Just balled my eyes out 😭

  27. JRTG

    If Jason Mraz sings this, it'd be a hit! Or Ed Sheeran

  28. Jeri Albert Caddauan

    Oh nick! please don't stop make music it makes life precious

  29. Valy Number 1 fan Valy 1988

    This is a good song it got me in tears love you nick carter

  30. Fzellion

    Best you have done yet solo. I can't describe it verbally, but music like that comes from the soul, real deep,and spot on simplicity with just your guitar and yourself. I really felt the big emotion wave, sweet and simple. We need more of this stuff. Keep going, you, all of you,whatever you choose to do :-)

  31. Izabela Gil

    Singer,actor,husband,father,dancer... what's next? 😉
    You are The Best and good person. Don't forget . Never.
    Kisses&hugs for you and your family from Poland 😘👌💪😉

  32. Sade Mc

    Hermoso tema ♥️ #BackstreetBoys #NickCarter 👏🏻👏🏻

  33. Green Peace


    MusicCharts TV

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  34. Thuy Tran

    I love this song. So sweet. So cute. So beautiful. Thank you so much.

  35. Nai Ayuso

    I literally cried watching this. Beautiful 😭

  36. Nai Ayuso

    I love him, such a good person with such a difficult past he's so strong and talented

  37. Natalia V

    Such a beautiful song ❤️

  38. Ana Luna

    I love this song😍😍 Nick Carter 😘

  39. Nelly M


  40. Lily as if

    Nick is hot

  41. bibi mrs

    Nick ❤

  42. kiko bebe

    My father also my soulmate i know what he expect are the same what i want to achieve. I love my father

  43. kiko bebe

    Ok i will asked my father .wait me.

  44. James Lamon

    Beautiful song

  45. Rochel Papathanasiou

    Amazing song love nick Carter 😍😍😍2019

  46. Javi Mclean

    this song always makes me cry, i love it so much 😢 times goes but i still love it!

  47. Carmen Rios

    I really like this song nick carter 💋❤

  48. Keren Barnetson

    I love it song and so beautiful nick

  49. Gitte Maria

    Just listened to this for the first time since I became a mom - and I am crying my eyes out

  50. aires bolivianos

    This song makes my cry , i love it

  51. Leninha Brum

    Nice❤ Love U voice Nick😻

  52. Susana Lopez


  53. Eliana Alejandra

    Maravilloso video , muy buenos temas , me encantas NICK , TU TAN ESPECIAL VOZ 😊🤗🤩😍😘

  54. Vanessa Nunes

    Lindoooo amo vc

  55. Liz D.

    I carry you in my heart...🌻🧡

  56. irritating_soprano

    I love seeing happy old couples... I also kinda feel it's so unfair I won't be able to grow old with my True love cause He died almost 3 years ago. I hope I Will love someone again like I loved him. Cause I honestly never thought I can love another human being like that. Love is wonderful 💕

  57. Stephanie Kaelin

    This reminded me of my Momma and Daddy. Momma passed away about 4 years ago. We miss her everyday still. Daddy says he will never remarry cause he already had the best wife no one else would compare. 😭💔 She was a wonderful wife and they shared a love like Ive always wanted

  58. Tanya Pham

    Im waiting for you in Tinder baby

  59. Yishi Mimi

    Being a fan of BSB especially Nick Carter, everytime there's a new music video, I would tell my dad to listen to it which he always does. We listened to this song the moment it went out on youtube and it made us both cry. He said "I don't like how it ended, the wife died first." I knew what he meant, he always wanted to be the 1st so he can guide us when our time comes, being the gentleman that he is. The music is so timely though, unfortunately he passed away just last year due to Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer, we didn't knew that he had it before we heard Nick's song. This song brings me comfort though as the lyric goes "I will wait for you" :), its like him singing to my mom. :( :)

  60. Jeremiah Presbitero

    This one's tearjerking song. My heart is crying. 😭

  61. Tea Zidic

    I never hear this song before..

  62. Paulo Jorge Pereira Basilio


  63. clary jace

    Nice song

  64. Lorienym_87 FMAGLANGIT

    I have cried actually coz we only last our marriage for 16 years only

  65. Lorienym_87 FMAGLANGIT

    Love this song so much thanks Nick love lots

  66. Rita Stearns

    I love this song better than the other songs Nick Carter has. The others seem very punk rock-ISH, which I wish he wouldn't make music like that.

  67. Convergency

    Fuck now I remember the reason why I never listened to this song again after I heard it once
    Because I cried like flooding while listening to it. Aahhhhh this is so beautiful and this MV is so fucking well paced and you just can't help stopping the tears. Damn Nick

  68. teo RA

    Nick Carter me encanta tu voz y bailas magnifico

  69. angelo panda

    Nice to see Fernanda Montenegro being part of this! lol beautiful message thou

  70. Apple Juice

    Watching this for the first time in 2019.. OmG.. This made me cry.. What a beatiful song. Its perfect and it deserves more.. ❤️ From the Philippines 🇵🇭

  71. la cruda verdad

    es increíble como me hizo llorar esta canción que hermosa

  72. Brenda Valenzuela

    Omg this was so beautiful 😢❤

  73. amber alvarado

    This song is beautiful and WAY under rated. The talent of this man is unmatched, a REAL musician

  74. Anna Ołubek

    Beautiful song :)

  75. Janicah Rodriguez

    it made me cry i love that

  76. Jesi Ayala

    I will wait for you, my Nick, forever...😢 my impossible love...

  77. Theocia Begay

    😥😁😍 tears...such a beautiful song...still listening to this and its 2019

  78. Theocia Begay

    😥😁😍 tears...such a beautiful song...still listening to this and its 2019

  79. DWMSnIpez

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! 10/10

  80. Le fabuleux Lilly

    Tears ...

  81. ζั͡Syre.m๓


  82. susana sanchez muñoz

    dicertidisimo video nik impresionante i el cameo de aj tambien divertidooooo

  83. Rosa Elizabeth Webb

    This is such a beautiful and touching video. ❤

  84. 1997전 정국이

    Nick is a great singer and dancer in bsb and the most handsome of course

  85. Gamergirl 17

    Awwww I love this song it’s perfect it makes me happy 😊🖤♥️🎸🎧💯

  86. Honesty Zel

    I love this song until now 2019

  87. Arrius Yan

    Linda música.

  88. ProfMobilux1

    Nice song. And Nick: i think the woman like him like 20 years ago.

  89. lika oliveira

    Nick carter 💞😘

  90. Shadow 00

    how sweet 😍

  91. Chibi Soma

    I alway listen this song everyday .

  92. The Secret History

    😢😭😭 I reminds me of Carl and his wife, Ellie, from Pixar's UP! 50's vibe 💖👍

  93. Lainy Riojas

    Nick is at his best. A beautiful song and his singing is superb. I love this song.

  94. Anya Vlad

    My baby, all grown up now 😩😍