Nick Cannon - You Lyrics

[Nick Cannon]
Yo lets do this for the grown folks

Broken glass everywhere
We hit the 6 in the mornin like we just dont care
Girl who u rollin to the club with{you}
Girl who u turnin all them bottles with{you}
Girl who u rollin on them dubs with{you}
Girl who u freakin in the tub with{you}
Broken glass everywhere
We hit the 6 in the mornin like we just dont care
Girl who u tryna get smart with{you}
Girl who u rollin them eyes at{you}
Girl who ur girl tryna holla at{you}
Girl who y'all leavin the club with{you}

[Verse 1]
Yo shorty watchu wanna do
A stars up in front of u
All tall lookin wonderful
Carja I gotta few
I gotta few ounce up in Malibu
U would come back the same shade of them things thats around u
All up in the club with thugs like we bad
Addicted to them chicks should be up in rehab
And the ice got em stuck freeze tag
Yo man the myth the Nick Cannon he's bad
But I aint never seen a chick work it out like u
And I aint never seen a chick wear a blouse like u
And I aint never seen a chick wail out like u
The way u pop it drop it mama I think I like u
So come uptown Malibu where the soups hot and blue
I wanna see u move and get a smile outta u


[Verse 2]
All up into woman keep layin next to me
Cannon the kid that make skinny sexy
Sexes hefty and ma's with lefty
Saw a puerto rican mami and she wanna bless me
A chick named Leslie others connected me
He gave her the two-way and she keep on textin me
Im from Texas named Lexas
Shorty only want me cuz she like my necklace
But when Im in town its bed and breakfast
I thought u knew theres a few on my checklist
Girl in the photo-booth with a gold tooth
Danes the truth said her name was Ruth
So I pondered to what she often do
Says she like Proton Boots and Ajam Maju
Respect this dont get it to wreckless
Cuz u could be the next chick on the checklist


[Verse 3]
Now Im up in the V.I.P. just thuggin it out
Flashin like a star u know shinin her mouth
The boys over there tryna figure me out
If they call security they gon get a kick in the mouth
Got hundreds in my hair Jacob on the other
Party's almost over but we can hit another
Tell the Valley to pull up the truck
Shorty such-n-such lets keep in touch
Saw the sun comin up hit the beach or what?
We can eat some brunch mama get in the front
Got ur girls in the back but they aint tryna get nasty
They can get the tax if u ask me


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Nick Cannon You Comments
  1. J WayneVA

    Not everyone playing games with you Nicholas 😂

  2. BeastMK

    Mariah Carey Full of Plastic and Botox All natural!! lol

  3. James Roberts

    Hes a fool people are starting to think wild n out is a joke

  4. Kris Kalbfleisch

    Megan and whoopie need to freestyle Battle

  5. Kris Kalbfleisch

    Eminem should make his own freestyle show to compete with Nick

  6. PSDI Records and Promotion

    why is charle sound logical for once?

  7. Bobby Johnson

    No black Christmas music? Obviously this mfer never listened to the DMX Christmas album

  8. Chris Ruffin

    We need more black Christmas movies too

  9. Some Randy

    Let's be honest, Charlemagne is a fucken racist piece of shit, all his content is black vs white. Nothing comes out of this idiot's mouth that is credible or worth your life listening to.

  10. Matt Brown

    They playing 21 questions in the background lol

  11. Ghostown Tx

    Angela is beautiful 😍

  12. B V

    I just wish 50 cent would show up just to punch nick cannon in the face n then casually leave without speaking a word lol.

  13. kiabeetv

    I like nick corny ass

  14. Drift3fittyz

    Charlemagne always pushin a racial agenda shits soo awkward to be a white viewer that loves the hip hop industry. Love the show but damn

  15. Quintez Smith A Bad Man

    #nickcanrap any questions idc wat nobody say

  16. 00jayla

    Damn envy, get outta 50s ass!

  17. Redman2220

    I'll be glad when this man leaves breakfast club.

  18. Calvin Darrington

    50 would hurt nick cannnon. Yall krazy

  19. Antwuan LaMont

    CTG act like a cheerleader. Going out your way to hate on Eminem. 50 is no quicker off the top of the dome than Eminem. And Nick Cannon being able to fight?........Right.......We are suppose to believe that from a man who looked like shit when he had gloves on (yea, I remember that video).......

  20. NvSrAgE679

    So looks like Nicks struggling for some ratings, maybe take a different approach “challenging” artists if you want to build his show even bigger.

  21. David Quintero

    Who wants to get beat up again on 2020 🖕

  22. SneakerFetish420

    Wild n out is scripted what would going on that show prove that the winner is the black squad

  23. Kevin Oneil

    50 would have Nick full of holes like for real

  24. Bradford Jones

    Charlie clips will embarrass 5o

  25. TheLegend27

    Lol wild n out cast jump 50 if he fight nick? Man that a big mistake, 50 has many goons want sign to get busy

  26. Patrick Jester

    Nick is starting to really annoy me

  27. Hells Overlord

    This man is begging for anyone to come on his show 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Roland Roy

    MTV must be threatening to pull the plug on his show if he doesn't get better!!


    Yeah nick cannon your a GOOF

  29. James Tatum

    nick cannon no don't do it son please I got a lot of respect for you, but I got to say that I preciate you bro but this I don't care attitude of want to stand up for your self is enough done said. however sometime we should text the waters for new favor so boy do you!

  30. HellzFuryRC

    Nick crack me up....he know if 50, or Em get on wild N would be the highest ratings the show ever got. He think they gonna put money in his pockets...??? If he dont get his mental issues having ass outta here wit that BS 😂😂😂

  31. Honestly Speaking

    Dam wild and out aint doing bad why is nick so hard up for some ratings??? Man EM, 50 or anybody on that side aint going on that shit let it go nick dam u on some stalking shit now my guy

  32. Midnight Ninja

    It's not about the person it's about that show being corny. It's a show for corny bars


    Midnight Ninja facts! That shit is corny af

  33. Michael Goodman

    Nick Nick Nick ‘N’ Nick Nick Nick, Nickelodeon!

  34. Mastah Pain

    Both clowns but if i had to put my money on freestylin i would take nick cannon over 50, everyone knows 50 cant freestyle for shit

  35. Kevin Settles

    Whoopie needs to go to the breakfast club and shut up CMG

  36. Kevin Settles

    Nick Cannon...will please someone come to my show,please

  37. Kevin Settles

    CMG,says the dumbest shit ,we need more black Christmas songs,it's 2020,why does it matter

  38. ur mom

    I wonder if nick will make more garbage diss tracks when 50 declines

  39. justin time

    Nick wants them to go on wild n out so that he and his friends can shoot eminem and 50, he thinks they're stupid and actually believe they will fall for it...

  40. David Jumah

    I can’t help but listen to 21 questions in the background 😅 am I the only one?!?

  41. Shana Thomas

    Nick stay acting not rapping

  42. juan franco

    U and nick both pussy

  43. trijntje oosterhuis

    Whoopi is a fat BLACK bully.

  44. trijntje oosterhuis

    She just waited to squeeze a baby out of him. Now all of a sudden she making up lies. Niggas keep falling for these fake ass lying bitches. Pee wee, you fucked up

  45. I Am here

    I think 🤓Supa Hot can beat Nick Cannon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. ThatKidSON

    Nick cannon calling eminem cheesey while his corny ass asking people to come on his corny scripted t.v. show ffs.

  47. Jake Grzanowicz

    Charlamagne should definitely just be gone outta this world. We dont need him.

  48. LMA Uncut

    Nick cannon nigga stop looking for real rapper's to join your wack ass show... Aint no real rapper wanna wild n out with your broke ass.

  49. sam gonzalez

    Nobody wants to go on that weak ass show.

  50. Carlos Martinez

    Lol nick wants someone to go on that lame ass show

    Sorry ass fool


    Nick man! Give it up already brah! Your just making a fool of yourself 😂 man!

  52. its_ PJ

    Bro wildin out is getting corny plaid out ....why would anyone go on wildin out to just give lil cannon rating boosts lmfaoooooooooo

  53. 2ant1man5

    Donald trump won’t get impeached you guys must don’t know the world system of white supremacy we living in as prisoners.

  54. Len Dog

    whoopie nasty ass is still alive?? Wtf

  55. Dean Gibbons

    50 will never go on wiln that shits really done for 🤷🏽‍♂️ but happy holidays to each and every one 🎅🎅🎅🥳🥳🥳

  56. Delano Blanco

    Nick you need to just quit your bull shit

  57. Josh

    50 would box that dude out tf lol

  58. Dalton TheGreat

    Nick can Box that's a fact! his sparing sessions with pro fighters looks professional

    Luke Smith

    And those sparring abilities in an actual fight and an actual fist hitting back? How does he fare?

    Dalton TheGreat

    @Luke Smith it is a reason why fighters spar! It conditions you to use combination instinctually while evading hits at the same time. This is why when fighters haven't spar or been in a ring they look sloppy it's called ring rust.

  59. BAY 8TH

    50 cent has made some suspect moves over the years
    trump supporter,tekaki supporter etc.Nick cannon on the other hand is allegedly the buster in this beef.I don't think so.


    He's such a panzy 😑

  61. Molly Mold

    Is Charla fucking Nick?

  62. Molly Mold

    Hell no 50 not going on Wack N OUT!

  63. JD Imanuel

    This nigga doesnt know when to quit,he aint worth it..

  64. SleezDaGod 94

    How Charlemagne know if nick can fight

  65. phil

    Nick Cannon battling Eminem is like me dunkin on LeBron.

    Pocket Bully Lifestyle

    phil not really cause if you had a ladder and a head start you would have a shot. Nick had a whole group and couldn’t make their shot.

  66. Dillon Wigmore

    I think it was more just shut down because it always gets way to heated and they are there to host a show not start a political driven screaming contest.

  67. Brady Barker

    Nick really trying to get into debt with fitty? Like losing to the internet wasn't enough? Do he know who fitty is? Lmao! He want alllllll the smoke! 🙄🤣

  68. Chase Troch

    I’ve never seen someone chase clout so hard smh... I’m honestly embarrassed for him. Hopefully in the new year he’ll just stay in his lane 🙏🏽

  69. shane Baxter!

    He has already embarrassed himself with Em lol.

  70. Cleveland BCI

    Nick bribed Billboard to get Eminem's attention since his disses were AZZ.

  71. SilverHawk Oz

    50cent will literally grab conceited by a leg and beat the living shit out of the entire wild'n'out cast with em.

  72. Rikki Gant

    Nick Cannon cant fight lol y'all tripping lol

  73. Majin vegeta

    Why this man grow a set of nuts all of a sudden. Is this the only way to keep his name relevant

  74. Ang3lz0fD3aTh

    Nick 3-0

  75. T.K Jenkins

    Wild n out is jokes and comedy

  76. Boomheadshot520

    From what I heard this is Nick’s last season on Wild N Out. It’s obvious he’s just baiting people to go on it by causing all this stupid beef/drama for the ratings

  77. Marshawn Marbley

    I feel like he's accepted his "career"'s fate so he's doing whatever😂

  78. martin spasenovski

    Will be fun 50,Em,Royce,Joyner and Dc Young fly on same team

  79. Kyle 253

    Who’s nick cannon!?

  80. TrapLythEntertainment/DA G ROOM

    I would had went on his show to dog walk his ass. I play wit 50 big dog.

  81. Mr. E

    Bruh... He want $100+ million dollar brands to water down to do his show. This is the essence of corny. Could've done this through agents and DMs instead of all this fake WSHH fake tough rap shit.

  82. Ruben Pachecano

    Lol Mariah Carey black ??

  83. Marcus Frazier

    Do your thing nick its working

  84. Josh Kerrison

    Realised Eminem won't go on so trying to beg 50 😆😆😆😆👍

  85. De Bernard

    All of this goofy nonsense is a grab at getting people on his show. The song is literally called: The Invitation

  86. Vali

    ‘Play with nick cannon if you want to, nick will ball your ass up’ 🤣🤣🤣

  87. William Reid


  88. Jackie Schuler

    Who is going to be the visitor of Christmas songs 😂.

  89. Desean Martin

    50 CENT IS A UNCLE TOM. And Charlemagne wears make up. Smh

  90. M. F

    50 a sucka snitch confirmed snitch

  91. M. F

    I rock wit nick and all you mnm supporters can suck a dck

  92. David King

    Whoopi sucks

  93. Tyler204

    50 got so much respect for em I don’t think he’d go on show and none of them would dog 50 lol 50 would take em all down 😂

  94. Luis Medina

    Nick is the goat..dont nobody want it..🤞

  95. Wasted Talentz

    Damn Charlemagne really love Nick talking bout he can fight

    juan franco

    Is no video of nick ever fighting so just cause ur body look in shape don't mean u can fight but 50 cent I know he can fight nick won't diss him in his face trust me

  96. CrimsonNi

    Nick can fight? And square up against f***ing 50 CENT?! 🧐

  97. Johnny Ringo

    Dude nick need to tighten up before he gets his mousekateer ass hurt. lol. Dude weak.

  98. Isaac N.

    Whoopi been putting that lady in check, this isn’t the 1st time.

  99. christopher leonard

    This guy's gotta go away. U don't want that camps problem Nicky. Go away