Nichols, Joe - The Shape I'm In Lyrics

I've got a number on a napkin
A pounding in my head
It takes everything I've got
To crawl out of bed

I lost a hell of a woman
Freedom coked me on the chin
But I'm doing alright
For the shape I'm in

The sun came up again this morning
I got a call from a long lost friend
Planed this little road trip down in New Orleans
It ain't much but it beats where I've been

Yeah, I'm doing alright
I'm doing alright
I'm doing alright
For the shape I'm in, yeah

Well, I'm getting better
At barely getting by
When I look at her picture
I don't break down and cry

And all this time on my hands
It's getting easier to spend
'Cause I'm doing alright
For the shape I'm in

The sun came up again this morning
And took my own past back for a spin
Now it had rained, it ain't always pouring
And I'm learning how to live again

Yeah, I'm doing alright
I'm doing alright
I'm doing alright
For the shape I'm in

Yeah, I'm doing alright
Yes, I'm doing alright
Yeah, I'm doing alright
For the shape I'm in

Yes, I'm doing alright
Yeah, I'm doing alright
Yeah, I'm doing alright
For the shape I'm in

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Nichols, Joe The Shape I'm In Comments
  1. Jacqueline

    forever grateful

  2. dakotaboondocker

    Thank you veterans first off.
    Second, I went to a JN concert in Sioux Falls SD, he thanked the veterans for their service and was an absolute awesome time

  3. Allagí

    All this time on my hands, is getting easier to spend, and I'm doing alright, for the shape I'm in

  4. Blue Moon

    Thank You ✨🙏🙏for Your Sacrifices💖👐☝👏👏

  5. Matty cuz

    Salute to you brother 💪 💯👊

  6. Joshua F

    I believe in spaghettios

  7. Rosario Agro

    Решил посмотреть мир без заграничного паспорта,оттяпали ногу. Система несовершенна,зачем верить дяде Сэму

  8. Drew Lee

    Wow it's raining on my eyes

  9. lance miller

    God bless u Marcus 👍

  10. lance miller

    In 88 I was 95 bravo MP U.S. army ft mclellan Alabama.. desert Storm fired up shortly thereafter... I had a Walkman for music lol.. I listened to cassette tapes on that sony Walkman.. I really am strugglin with my faith in humanity im tapped out...I see the young man in this video I see it in his eyes he's been through it.. I hope I find my way like he has... We need the American spirit in 2019 more than ever... New world order is like the devil has put a dark cloud over the universe.. everyone's in bed w them the mainstream media democrats they even hate Christians n God... I hope we pull together support president Trump 2020 ... We are one democrat away from communism border invasions... Im tired hearing hatred of god hatred of whites Jews .. it's an attack on the American way.. we must support Trump 2020

  11. Ashley Patrick

    I really needed to listen to this song tonight. Going through some rough times. Prayers help if you believe.

  12. Freddi

    For all servivce men and women not just in all of our armed serivces but to all the emergency service workers also from all around the world, that either past or present, that make our lives safe from harm and secure, or try that they may, but they will Never Give Up ! - so do this : stand up for one minute & give these people one big heroe's "Salute" , as i do every morning, and thank them & the world for yet another day . so to this ~ I "Salute thee "..

  13. Travis Marshall

    An amazing song no doubt! God bless our veterans!

  14. Mathew Richards

    All busted up vet can say is AIRBORNE

  15. BJ McCoy

    heres to those two fellas.

  16. B A D

    What a beautiful video
    Those are the Real Superheroes

  17. James O'neal

    Jake Elliott

  18. Dexter Hill

    I hope every combat veteran listens to this and smiles. God bless yall

  19. Jeremy Davis

    Digital tap on the shoulder...sum of us still here

  20. Tracie Hoffman

    Dad 200 million wonnd warriors

  21. tyler 12

    Headed to basic training in July, I'll never be as badass as these guys.

  22. Richard Smith

    Thank you to all those who are serving, and had served! God Bless!

  23. Tina Leeth

    I'm doing alright

  24. Jake Robinson

    I was in a bad car wreck this song makes me cry cuz it's my life I had brain sheering I should be dead I had a 95% chance of dieing and I'm going again

  25. Ryan Warchol

    For my 2 brothers. One still serving. Thank you guys. Good job serving this sloppy country! Im doing alright for the shape im in. Im getting better at barely getting by..... 🙏

    Pete Martinez

    What you mean sloppy country???

  26. Gary Shaw

    Just to bad ass for words

  27. Kimberly Haugan

    Thanks for serving our country

  28. Lutian Murphy

    THANKS to ALL who have served and are serving our country ! I pray for you every day !!

  29. RickinFLA07

    I see 337 Democrats voted on this video 😡

  30. Troy E

    Great song for the men who gave up some shit for the’s a good reminder for me not to worry about little shit that happens to us in our day to day. If these guys can get out of bed, we have a obligation to put a smile on our faces and put our shoulders back and live life to the fullest. Semper fi gents

  31. hoss glover

    God bless the Vet's we could never do enuff for them.

  32. PHIL Rowthorne

    Wow hard hitting vid and cool song way to go joe

  33. Lee Dalton

    Amazing song

  34. Jeremy Andrews

    Thank you to all of troops ! Ya'll make a place that music can move folks ! USA smh no matter how bad we think things are its always songs like this that put life into perspective

  35. Ethan Reynolds

    Several of my family members have been in the military.

  36. Karin Haufe

    Great song 👍

  37. Ethan Reynolds

    Dear Lord please help myself and my Faith,family,Friends and others amen.

  38. Ethan Reynolds


  39. Sam Sunshine

    This is perfect. 💪💪💪💪

  40. Ethan Reynolds

    Ethan Reynolds # 40 and 2006 Red Devils 12-1 High School Football Fullback Linebacker and special teams

  41. dootes1

    Good ole boy from my hometown Rogers , Arkansas ..We love you son

  42. Nykoooo1

    if only the Gov would spend just 1 billion less on military and redirect it on research on how to regrow limbs or get ever more advanced prosthetics to repair the wounded soldiers...usa spends more than the next 25 countries in military spendings, 24 of which are allies. just 1 billion.

  43. Alma Naylor

    how can you not LIKE this song and all it stands for. some people are just mean hearted.

  44. Teresa Nortley

    Excellent song and video. Everyone struggles at one time or another. Never give up AND always help people when given the opportunity!!

  45. Mr. Lineman

    great video.... wow!!!!!

  46. richard anthony

    "all this time on my hands is getting easier to spend.."

  47. Nigel Nobody

    See you in Valhalla Marcus...

  48. Tim Wice

    Salute to all the men and women who served in the military and the ones who are still fighting over there

  49. Sam Sunshine


  50. chase windham

    Great song Joe hits you deep

  51. Randell Cary

    God said we can only kill if we absolutely have to. That's what thou shalt not kill means,only do it for a holy reason.

  52. Randell Cary

    The military are true heroes because their job is to protect us,and yes god created the death penalty.

  53. blondie lynn

    one of my most favorite songs ever god bless all of our troops for putting your selves in harms way for me ,for all of us you all have a heart of gold love and hugs to you all

  54. matt R

    This song should have more views


    to all the troops out there thanks for serving so that us ungrateful bastards can be free

  56. Joe Doe


  57. jane doe

    Pharrell Williams - Happy

  58. Calean Hendricks

    Love this video

  59. Merlin Covlin

    Thanks from Nanaimo Canada!

  60. Mark king

    that first guy is a beast

  61. Karen Smith

    Thank YOU for Your Services

  62. Karen Smith

    God Bless You.💝

  63. 79bonscott

    i can hear a George Strait influence in Joe's music. he's good

  64. jane doe

    Nicole loves reading the new testament
    call me anytime

  65. SS Sunshine

    Thanks to my beloved ( MULTIPLE ) Military men in my life, for teaching me this!! I will ALWAYS LOVE and appreciate each one of you!!!!

  66. Angelyn Harris

    This is what my soul needs

  67. Tina Howard


  68. londong hung

    President Trump,"He's not a hero. Heros don't get shot up. I like my heros taking ass kicking names".

  69. jane doe

    Boxcar Willie

  70. plinkster .357

    thanks you sir for your service

  71. Tony stevens

    I was lucky enough to see Joe Nichols live in Iraq. love this song and the message. God bless our veterans and proud Americans !

    Chantel Barcomb

    Thank you for your service, I think its amazing when artists go over to support our troops and help keep their spirits up!

  72. DuckTalesWooHoo1987

    I think it's odd that a song about losing a woman has a video of troops learning to come home from war.

    Brandy Artist

    DuckTalesWooHoo1987 it's not just about a's about the entire life...

    William Shaffer

    DuckTalesWooHoo1987 he lost the women because he went to war and didn't comeback the same the event is the story the women is just a supporting character

  73. Matthew Dencklau

    I really appreciated when I saw this guy live, he made a point to thank military, and then sang this song. He seems like a stand up man

  74. Tyler Haynes

    a broken Marine says thanks to all those folks on here that took time out of their day to post something positive. that's the message here. thank you all so much.

    Brenden Karr

    Tyler Haynes thank you for paving the way brother! Lead from the front!

    Tina Leeth

    Semper Fi Marine

    Chantel Barcomb

    Thank you for your service, it's people like you who keep this country free. Y'all deserve better, your the ones that put your lives on the line.

    Jess Gilreath

    Thank you so much for your service sir🙏🏼

    Joe Borntrager

    Thank you sir ,my dad was in nam and got spit on when he got back

  75. Azzouz IBN EL MOUATA

    We support the USA against terror and hate

  76. TriggerCarlosJR31

    I just want to say thank you to each and every person who has or will serve in are military

  77. Eunice Rodriguez

    Blue moon

  78. Eunice Rodriguez

    Blue moon

  79. Ed Halfen

    Thanks to all who served to keep me safe and free.  I am forever grateful and sorry for those of you who came back physically injured.  I know several vets especially fro Nam, and not one of them was unaffected.  God bless each and every one of you...Ed<><

  80. Travis Robertson

    Please places that sell troops in November it'll

  81. Jaime Larrea

    does anyone know what key is the Harmonica? can't find it anywhere

  82. Michaela Kotz

    Joe Nichols has it going on. I like every song he sings so far.

  83. Jackie Berner

    To Joe Nichols you keep me alive and I would really like to meet you soon! Please try to get a hold of me I just subscribed to your videos on utube my name is Jackie Berner and I really need to hear your voice even on the phone! I AM SENDING YOU MY PH.NO.+1(306)526-7467 I WOULD REALLY LIKE YO TALK! I SEEN TH INTERVIEW ON TV AND I REMEMBER YOU WINKING AND SAYING TO GET A HOLD OF YOU SO I AM TRYING PLEASE TRY REPLY as soon as possible ok! Love You from #1 CountryGirl that sings to bigdog92.7FM in Regina Saskatchewan!

  84. Jackie Berner

    To Joe Nichols you keep me alive and I would really like to meet you soon! Please try to get a hold of me I just subscribed to your videos on utube my name is Jackie Berner and I really need to hear your voice even on the phone! I AM SENDING YOU MY PH.NO.+1(306)526-7467 I WOULD REALLY LIKE YO TALK! I SEEN TH INTERVIEW ON TV AND I REMEMBER YOU WINKING AND SAYING TO GET A HOLD OF YOU SO I AM TRYING PLEASE TRY REPLY as soon as possible ok! Love You from #1 CountryGirl that sings to bigdog92.7FM in Regina Saskatchewan!

    Dillan Moss

    Sorry to say this, but Mr Nichols doesn't run this YouTube channel. Vevo does. If anyone replies from this channel, which they probably won't, it will probably be some representative from Vevo.

  85. charles mabry

    Thats my footage! Booya!

    John Deere

    Thank you for your great sacrifice to this country.


    God bless you man

    Adam Bixby

    Thank you for your service!!

    Chad Spencer

    Thank u for your service

    hoss glover

    Thank you 😉

  86. Karl wilson

    Thank god for our troops!!!🇺🇸 if they are reading this, my respect from Oregon, thank you.

  87. Cindy Starling


  88. Darrell Price

    Levon Helm and The Band were great... This is a Great tribute to our American Hero's and what they deal with.. No matter what people may think.. Poor excuse and comment from one especially ..Country Music tell's life's stories and personal experience's... Some people aren't smart enough to realize That ...

  89. Drex Maverick

    The start of this video is bullsnot! All our military does is go over to murder and destroy and help the rich get richer!

    If he got shot and blown up its because they were freaking defending themselves!

    Andrew Webb

    Before you run your mouth do some research about what happened to his squad.

    Karl wilson

    Look I'm a peaceful person but of people think the military murder people for fun is an ass they serve and protect our country. My cousin's buddy got blown up and killed by an IED in Afganistan. Driving on a road. God bless all troops in my perspective you will not be forgotten dead or alive. Think before you speak 🇺🇸

    Kimberlynn Womack

    +Dead Dragons (Society) you're an idiot. Feel free to stand in front our military since you're stupid enough to not stand behind them.

    Shiba Diba

    +Dead Dragons (Society) Watch out guys! The 16 year old who thinks he knows how the world works because some conspiracy blog told him the "truth" is here to drop knowledge on us.

  90. Michael The King

    Marcus Luttrell is the man.

    Black Heart

    Damn right

  91. jane doe

    Princess Diana working with The Halo Trust to remove landmines

  92. jane doe

    little darlings trailer

  93. Sandy Davis

    I love it. Jesus loves you too!

  94. jessica newcity

    My man was a marine whoop.awesome! !

  95. angel liner

    Love this song!GOD bless yal! You

  96. Mila Isaak - Harrington

    love this video

  97. Debra Heath

    Thank you for your service Sir !! God bless you !!!

  98. BurnRoddy

    WOW! That guy looks like a Pick Up truck.
    Why marines have to be so huge? They make me feel like am not a man but an excuse of a man, I kind of feel insignificant when I look at them. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that I have nothing but respect for those fellas.
    But it begs the question. Do average guys like us have any chance of getting a date with a lady in the army or do they only date guys that can wipe the floor with 10 guys at once?

    Kimberlynn Womack

    +Bones of Gold Join the military (Army or Marines) and you'll look like that by the end of Basic Training..

    Kimberlynn Womack

    +BurnRoddy depends on the woman... and what branch they're in... lol

    Bones of Gold Skateboarding

    @Kimberlynn Womack ahahah xD thanks for the tip :)

    James Guenard

    +Kimberlynn Womack that's not even close to being true.

    Victor Burns

    BurnRoddy. has nothing to do with being a marine. has to do with courage love support of his country. song wasnt bout getting a woman. was bout not giving up after going through hell and back. yes woman like military men. but dont mean a ordinary man can't pick up a beautiful woman either not a competition between either one. he chased his dreams in video and didnt give up on life after being a brother of war.

  99. Diane williams

    God bless the Men in this video and all like them .