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You woke up one day in a bad way,
With a dark heart in a small cave,
And decided to hide
For the long bitter night.
But one day someone loved you,
Let the light in, made the old new,
From some water and mud wrote you new name in blood,
But now something about it, just doesn't seem real,
Sometimes that's how it feels.

You are still a promise, the heartbeat of God.
You may have forgotten, but He has not.
You are not your ashes, you are a flame.
Do not ask the shadows, the light of the world knows,
Knows your name.

There was one day, you were certain
That He called you, cause you heard him.
And the clouds disappeared,
Everything crystal clear.
But then one day, it was not so,
Other voices you did not know
From the fray and the fringe, they were all weighing in.
And now you can't remember who has your heart.
Well here's a start.

You are still a promise, the heartbeat of God.
You may have forgotten, but He has not.
You are not your ashes, you are a flame.
Do not ask the shadows, the light of the world knows...

You're a friend of God, daughter, son
Blameless and forgiven one.
You're a slave no more, finally free
Saints and heirs, now redeemed
Your beautiful and broken heart,
Is safe and sound in His arms.
You are chosen you are His,
So remember this

You are still a promise,
You may have forgotten.

You are not your ashes, you are a flame,
Do not ask the shadows, the light of the world knows,
Knows your name
He knows your name
You are not your ashes, you are a flame,
Do not ask the shadows, the light of the world knows,
Knows your name

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Nichole Nordeman Name Comments
  1. Lida Rachel

    Great, honest, uplifting song! Great message! We all have times in our walk of faith when we feel unsteady and have doubts. We need to be reminded of God's everlasting and unfailing love!

  2. Reborn Jk

    Am not my ashes oh Yes Jesus am a flame thanks for that promise

  3. Paul Clynch

    My wife find this Christian singer so uplifting and encourages, especially for women. We need to remember that we have the DNA of Christ.
    Many are called but few are chosen.

  4. kabaso lombe


  5. liton gope


  6. Gresia Anggreni

    I love u nichole, God bless u💙

  7. Melly Sandy Pilatan

    This song revived me


    soooooooo true!!! love it, love it, love it!!!!!1

  9. Brent Simpson

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. FAB !

    i found her today wtf :< soo underrated ;c

    her songs are sooo GOOD fck

  11. Nikki Smithe

    I have a shirt with "You are not your ashes you are a flame" on it and it is the shirt I get the most compliments on. I love this song so much. This song is amazing.

  12. Christine Mecarandayo

    I love your songs😊

  13. Amruta Doke

    Your songs are meaningful. Love them

  14. Danl Brown

    When you ask The Highest, All of The Promises in Him are Yes.

  15. sezara low


  16. Connor Mann

    Amen! Thank You Jesus

  17. Selah child of God

    I LOVE her music and have listened to her for YEARS!!! I am concerned about her one eye covered (symbolism) and the triangles all through this video??? IDK what to think, I am gonna pray about this and her IF she is selling out!!!! I pray not she has inspired me with her music so long!!!! Like MY redeemer lives etc, it was all praising Jesus, it seems that her latest music has moved toward a more secular (worldly) view...OH PLEASE let me be wrong, either way...Nicole, I pray for you right now that if you are temped in anyway or even led by manipulation by the labels that GOD over all will open you to the truth of how these music industry moguls are so cunning, Lord send angels of protection around her and keep her unto your self, Lord God you KNOW her and her heart, I do not so Lord if she is being decieved remove it from her NOW in JESUS name, amen

  18. Cindy Quigley

    Love this encouraging !! Nichole is such a talented songwriter, blessed with putting feelings into poetic songs that point to God!! Thank you!!

  19. M R C

    Amen Very nice

  20. Roman b.

    this song came on randomly just in right time

  21. echoz ofeleven

    Hey does anyone know of a video with Nichole performing Healed live?

  22. Darlene Fairchild

    Awesome! ❤️❤️

  23. Rainy Day and Kohlbrun K.


  24. Benigne Nizigiyimana

    l love her songs 😍😍

  25. Troy Whitney

    She's so inspirational. Her music is incredible.

  26. Hafida As


  27. ceven Bates

    I am honor to have Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior who is the truth , the way, and life Ivy life. Because there was a time in my life long ago, each day was dark and hatred fill my heart until Jesus place my grandma in my life to be the light I needed to find my way to him. Each word of this song is very true and touching for me. I love your music and make God continue to use you to minister through your music.

  28. funnyprincesshb

    Great song! I've been listening to it over and over all day!

  29. jesusa castil

    so heart touching..

  30. Delfi Gomez

    Hus going to concert in April 2016

    Larry Rodriquez

    I'll be there Sunday,Stockton,CA.

  31. Vee Evans-Stanley

    love this song. ...

  32. Apostle PAULik

    I love this song. It really speaks to me.

  33. Christina S

    this is my favorite song i love it it is the best song ever !!

  34. Shar Dances

    I love this song! <3

  35. sssTV

    Your voice is still much better than most of the singers such selena gomez, kesha etc.. but get less views because you have chose to go a narrow path of the world.. Incredible! Good bless you!

    Larry Rodriquez

    I'm gonna see Nichole on Sunday and Selena next month,I like them both!

  36. Tuwa Karnley

    Thank you! I needed to hear this today

    Lida Rachel

    Me too! Thanks!

  37. Katherine Dohrman

    Great song!

  38. kayla fowler


  39. solange nifasha

    love your songs

  40. GospelMagazine

    Great song and so thru. We sometimes feel if it's not real, but God knows our names. Great Nichole, i will give it airplay in The Netherlands!!!

    Jesse Reyna

    Great lyrics and song. Love it!

  41. Cailin Coane

    "You are not your ashes" - beautiful lyric! :)