Nichole Nordeman - Every Mile Mattered Lyrics

Spread the map on the table, with the coffee stain
Put your finger on the places, show me where you've been
Is that California, where your teardrops dried?
You drew a circle around Georgia, can you tell me why?

I see shoulda beens, coulda beens
Written all over your face
Wrong turns and bridges burned
Things you wanna change

It's history
You can't rewrite it
You're not meant to be trapped inside it
Every tear brought you here
Every sorrow gathered
Yeah, it's history
And every mile mattered
Mattered, mattered, mattered
Mattered, mattered, mattered

Get the box off the top shelf, with the black and white
Snapshots of your old self, in a better light
Ghosts and regrets back again, I can see it in your eyes
Send them home, let 'em go
Don't you think it’s time? Yeah

It's history
You can't rewrite it
You're not meant to be trapped inside it
Every tear brought you here
Every sorrow gathered
It's history
And every mile mattered

And every road and every bend
Every bruise and bitter end
All you squandered, all you spent
It mattered, it mattered
Mercy always finds a way
To wrap your blisters up in grace
And every highway you'd erase
It mattered, it mattered

But it's history
It don't define you
You're free to leave
It all behind you
Every tear brought you here
Every sorrow gathered
It's history
And every mile mattered!
Every mile mattered!

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Nichole Nordeman Every Mile Mattered Comments
  1. Piaohsiu Wu

    God bless you forever thank you 🙏🏻

  2. callylizzard


  3. Robert Campbell

    Thank you this song has helped me get clean from cutting now 3 mouths clean

    Privateuser 145

    I am so happy you have stopped cutting cause I am sure people would be really sad if something happened to you<3

  4. S Heywood

    Every mile mattered for sure. Here's my story

  5. Heartbroken Loveless

    Every mile matters yes more truth then you can possibly imagine it does to me

  6. Dwight Wiltz

    The miles have been painful but made me into the man I am and the fact that my as well as many others lives will be full in every way

  7. onceuponawish1111

    This is truly amazing. I have been going thru some pretty crazy episodes and for this song to feel like she is talking directly to me from God was so uplifting. You have no idea how much this song related. First I been mentally recovering and reading up illuminati stuff and feeling like a clone is around the next corner and how I am gonna be sucked into a pandoras box... then heard the song to the old me. Then when I played this one I was like WHOA God is with me.... He didn't leave me at my worst times. The part about not meant to be trapped inside it... then a black and white dress.... was crazy I was just about to give a black and white dress away thinking it looked better on someone else instead then every mile matters that thats how I ended up here right here and now on this youtube page was because every tear and every sorry gathered. Every mile mattered. Definitely brought me out of mental torture I was suffering for a good 4 months!

  8. Alex Burress

    Traveling can be lonely but it does sound fun

  9. Vid Y

    I've grown fond of my life, no matter the holes in the ground I couldn't avoid. Because it's my life, given by the almighty God. May you all find peace in life, embraced by God's love.

  10. alex burress

    Wedding squander I'm not being greedy I've said no to a lot of things even when they sounded good may not matter but all I've really tried to do on here is learn and maybe fixing wrong that I did that's all I've really tried

  11. donna hookem

    Dame rite it does matter !

  12. donna hookem

    This is my sister song. I luv ad miss you so very much, when you lefted 😢xxxx

  13. Francis Archie

    Every line of this song lyric mean a world.

  14. Maria Kartika Widiastuti

    To my past,
    Every step is worth to remember. Just in case not for finding any reason in keeping the hate. Now, I am free to look for another experiences. Write new stories. Get in touch with happiness.

  15. Iris Maye


  16. Vee Bee

    I'm trapped

  17. Paul Clynch

    My wife had this album in her car. We stopped at the village we use to live. There she met a fellow believer. She gave her the album. Well, we have to sing His Story and pray continually to our Almighty God !

  18. Maria Kartika Widiastuti

    Nicole, you are great at capturing life value and put in your song. A delicate word for my bad past. Turn my hates into love. Retrieve good things to be in.

    Thanks Nicole.

  19. Shradha Pattar

    My first song that I heard of yours is dear me which was ultered n sung by nightcore ppl n as I started to hear your songs its an addiction to me now I just love your voice like infinity. A genuine fan of yours from Indian 🇮🇳😎😎

  20. Shradha Pattar

    Nichole I just love your voice n love your songs a lot😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  21. Paul Clynch

    History is His Story.Jesus didn't say it would be easy being a Christian, but people don't know the joy, real joy, having and doing your life for Jesus.

  22. Fátima Reyes

    I really needed it, and I'm sure I am not the only. Thank you for your music, may God bless you.

  23. Athena L

    Who are you Nicole Nordman? Who are you to sing all these? Stop acting as if you know everything and understands those that wonders in the dark, longing but scared to live in the light. I know. I have been living like this. So stop acting, your an shitty actress.

  24. Jo Smith

    had a circle around Georgia, planned to go there by myself. wanted to volunteer on cumberland island with the horses. figured if they said no, I could swim there ..

  25. April Robinson


  26. Precious Huda

    It’s like she knows what it really felt all that sorrow!! Every mile mattered !!

  27. Vit Raiser

    It mattered... to God it mattered... I have not been alone after all...

  28. Sehjiro

    Could definitely see this as a theme song for a tv show, or maybe a song in a movie.

  29. Angela Walker


  30. Christina Souza


  31. Patricia van der Kraan


  32. Jan N

    I really need this song right now!

  33. Sophia Buller

    Your music is really special to me! God used your music to comfort me in a really painful season <3 thank you for your music. Thank you for your LOVE for Christ! Your songs make a difference!

  34. April Robinson

    My tears dried up in calif! THANK YOU LORD BECAUSE EVERY MILE MATTERED..❤❤

  35. April Robinson

    IT'S all history

  36. Brittany Yerkes

    This made me cry & realized that THINGS happens for a reason but its okay & i need to say goodbye and let go. all the pain you have caused me the pain we have caused each other. enough is enough i love my kids i know that and i want better for them. Its time to move on and fear always gets in the way of that, but i need to have faith in the lord and then in return i shall be blessed. the day i move out things will change and i know that, but i know in my heart saying goodbye to you is the BEST decision and coming back was the worst. I will never do that again from now on i will think before i act and i knew what i did was right in june NO one will make me feel it was a wrong or bad dec. Because they were NOT there they did NOt see you like i have and do see you. we both know i do not see you in my life anymore i do not see you as anything but my kids dad and thats how it should be. i do not Regret anything anymore it was meant to be as this is aswell,

  37. strawberryghost

    every tear brought me here

  38. April Robinson

    Every mile mattered

  39. Tony Donoghue

    I sent an angel to watch over you but .the angle came back and said. .angels don't watch other angels. .xx

  40. She la


  41. D'Mary Warjri

    Underrated singer. Love her

  42. S. Wolfe

    Wow, born and raised in GA. Married went to KY, had to leave when he left me for another, and moved to be with my mom in Cali. My best friends and memories in GA. Perfect song. Beautiful. Thank you.

  43. Sonder streak

    I’m not Christian but I love your songs! And you are my favourite singer/songwriter

  44. Chasty Hutchison

    Need prayer for a surrender heart and life

  45. Alekhya Mothukuri

    Everytime when i listen to it I will find a new hope.....i feel very peaceful while listening to it.......thnqqq for this beautiful song

  46. kelly guan

    woah, why so underrated?

  47. Anji Puso

    Thank you and goodbye.... ANJ-048

  48. Amber Fuller

    I needed this today, thank you so much.

  49. Klaus Mikaelson

    Awesome song, awesome message, True...The Truth, The Savior, Sets us Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Captured Spirit 63 Studio

    I love your Music,,,,,,, hope you check out CD Baby,

  51. sandra Ferrington

    Great song

  52. Rage rex

    This a very lovely song,😍😎😊🤘🤙

  53. catlover49

    This song is just so true. Sometimes, we get too stuck on the past and we want to redo all the things that we think of as 'mistakes', but, when you really take the time to think about it, our mistakes are how we made it this far. Our history made our present and it'll only get better, as long as we know God is with us through every mile. ☺

  54. Elizabeth Tracy

    Thank you Ms. Nicole. You don't know how much this means to me to hear this.

  55. Roxana gomez

    Your music tushes our HEART💗

  56. Lucy Gaid

    the font im talkin about is the one where she wrote the word History, Rewrite it.. that font what was it????

  57. Lucy Gaid

    anyone know the font

  58. Diane Sexton

    This song has hit a deep place for me that is full of hope. It’s more than beautiful......

  59. Vanessa Rodriguez

    I am already transported into gods soul i hear the pounding of his heart an thats where i want to stay amen

  60. jmlakos

    Nichole know I found your music today, looking for poems for my sister going through a rough time & possibly a future divorce & I want u to know your songs are amazing & if u are ever in Michigan performing I would love to see u perform. Jennifer Lakos

  61. wolfsrule100

    I've been dealing with a lot of regret over my past mistakes. This song speaks to me! Especially the line "your not meant to be trapped inside it"

  62. anish sharan

    AND God bless all you beautiful souls out there,for those who know the Father and for those don't know him yet.

  63. anish sharan

    I thank the Lord for making you one of his vessels here of earth sister Nichole...loving the messages God sends through you....keep it up.God bless you sister

  64. Anna-Simone Phoenix

    This is beyond Awesome. Thank you. Please don't stop writing. This is beautiful.God bless you!!

  65. Hafsah Ibrahim

    OMG! Your voice is so angelic😇 I cried hard listening to 'Dear me'! Just wow. It's been long since I've heard anything this beautiful💗 Big breakthroughs ahead of you💪

  66. Eva Lindeboom

    I just love this, i can’t believe only 225k people are blessed to hear this... everyone should be so lucky that they can listen to this

  67. Veni Vidi Amavi

    I feel like I always wanted this song to exist, but never found it until now :)

  68. Allie Dermody

    gets in my head soo crazy

  69. Mackenzie Esslin

    This is such a beautiful song and I love all of Nichole’s music. Healed,I am, Small enough, and Why are my favorites.

    Mackenzie Esslin

    Spotify brought me here listen to Nichole all of the time

  70. Kimberly Glunz

    This song is my story. I moved to California and met a comedian and married him (end of tears). We then moved to Georgia where he eventually died. I definitely have that look of what could have been!

    SSimar Cool

    Kimberly Glunz ohh

    Quantum Studios

    man God works in some awesome ways

  71. Walk By Faith

    I realize now that I don't have to live in who I used to be. I don't have to become how others have treated me and I don't have to become the old me. It's time to let the bitterness toward myself go and turn around and look toward God.

  72. Sylvia Flores

    Beautiful song lyrics & awesome voice! this song! ;)

  73. Deborah Baah-Barimah

    This song is indeed inspired by the Holy Ghost. I love all your songs Nichole. Your lyrics are deep

  74. Marie Ambrosiewicz

    Slow Down brought ne here. Wished I ckicked this earlier. Glad i just did.:)

  75. Fisher Made

    Deep breaths, wind in my hair and driving on!

  76. Connie G

    This song went straight to my spirit...been through so much physically & emotionally; the cry of my heart was "please God, don't let any of this suffering go to waste; use it for your glory!" This song was a powerful reminder of His faithfulness even when we can't see or understand the whys of things. Thankful for this song!

  77. soo kie

    This song really suit the story of my life. I was touched at the same time because the lyrics was deeply inspired me. Thank you for the amazing song!

  78. Melissa Boshnack

    absolutely beautiful lyrics. everything that we ever went through brought us to where we are today

    Connie G

    There is joy in the journey!

  79. Brenda Barbeau

    The soundtrack of my life! I love this song. It has a powerful message. Thank you Nichole Nordeman for this beautiful song!

  80. Marcos Gava

    This video looks cool af

  81. Lelet Ramsey

    Nice song and the lyrics itself

  82. joel gameing with joel

    Thank you so very much for allowing God to you and I was very blessed by this song.

  83. stephen bowie

    that's what counts, history now you know what got you to this decision. choose correctively !$

  84. stephen bowie

    that's what counts, history now you know what got you to this decision. choose correctively !$

  85. Tami Giggles

    it obviously didnt matter to you tho

  86. Michele

    God uses everything in your life for reaching out to others. I'm sure if you could see all the people your "History" touched, you would not be able to contain it. Thank you.

    Connie G

    Amen, Michelle!

  87. justforkicksist

    Your music makes me feel like a different person - it's alright to be me, even in all my brokenness.

  88. Training For The Kingdom

    Beautiful. LOVE it! ❤

  89. Kavee Mutonga

    This is beautiful! Thank you Nicole.

  90. lora winebarger

    like this

  91. Anise81

    this ministers to my soul

  92. Natasha Buchanan

    Totally awesome & true, love the song 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼

  93. Prince Y'g

    I feel blessed today praise God

  94. Wait Second

    This Kind of Music suits all people with different circumstances , different stories and different ages also!..God bless you Nichole ..I feel as if this song was written for me !!!

  95. uoflcardinalfan

    Please tour, Nichole!!!

  96. z2010able

    Perfect; what a gift you have Nichole.