Niall Horan - So Long Lyrics

Looking back through changes where we started from
Don't know about you but I knew it was wrong
You know I kept a place for you in my mind
Now I know you did the same 'cause you're just the kind

So if we knew all along
Why did it take so long?
I've known since we were young
So why did it take so long?
You know you make me feel loved
Make me feel like I'm home
So if we knew all along
Why did it take so long?

Moving on
You and I started looking back
Now we've got to make up for all the wasted time
You know I'd never let you just walk on by
From the day that I met you I knew you'd be mine, yeah

So if we knew all along
Why did it take so long?
You've known since we were young
So why did it take so long?
You know you make me feel loved
Make me feel like I'm home
So if we knew all along
Why did it take so long?

Just started, just started
Having trouble believing it's true
Just started, just started
Now we are nothing but through

So if we knew all along
Why did it take so long?
We've known since we were young
So why did it take so long?
You know you make me feel loved
Make me feel like I'm home
So if we knew all along
Why did it take so long?

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Niall Horan So Long Comments
  1. Anna Chodnicka

    I love it

  2. suze

    im obsessed with this

  3. khôi châu

    You guy should hear "so long" by Vinh Khuat too. It more energy and lovely.

  4. Rosilda Mariade Lira Rosilira

    Lindas músicas de Niall Horan 👏👏👏🌹🌺🌿🍁🍀🌼🌻🤩🤩🤩🙌

  5. Oktafia Triya

    Im your new fan...

  6. Isabelle Burden

    honestly my favorite niall song (next to paper houses) so beautiful and his voice is just so angelic and works beautifully with the song

    Adriana Avila

    This is my favorite performance ever of this song. I don't even though if other versions exist, but that first note of music playing.... gosh I'm done for. It melts my heart and soul. This sounds and feels incredible. All those amazing talented beautiful people coming together to create this sound project. oof! Congrats and hats off to all of them.

  7. Kriszti Papp

    I love it.
    Thank you Niall♡

  8. Lilly

    Why did it take me so long to discover this wtf

  9. D Mac

    My beautiful Kelli

  10. T Christine

    This song has found a cozy place to reside in my mind for these past few days. I ain't even mad at it. ❤ This might be my favorite songs I've heard him perform. That orchestra, 👏

  11. charles s. sturdivant

    O M G SO Cool.

  12. Gaby Pravdic

    Why is the world still sleeping on this sOnG????????? 😍

  13. Joude

    This is powerful

  14. Conniption 86

    Lyrics anyone?!

  15. Natalie Watson

    Wow wow wow 😍

  16. Sorry for my english

    OMG! He plays piano too? I didn't even know that! His talent was so hidden in One Direction! And his voice sounds sooo good out of pop genre music! It's crazy! I'm so glad 1D splited! I'm sorry.. It was phenomenal back then, but it was about time for each one of them (at least the majority of them 😅) to shine individually, even if they were scared at first. I bet Niall is beyond happy now.

  17. Tanvi Chipte

    Why isnt anybody talking about the incredible band?!😍😍

  18. Samantha

    Niall ❤️

  19. Nindya Pradiana

    I can listening to this song all the time🥰

  20. Michelle Fraser

    Stop living the life you want in your music. Go live it for real! And stop wasting time. I'm so sad for you and Zayn. This industry is brutal, but your life is your own. This is why I love Sam Smith. He decided if you're gonna support me this is who I am love me as I am. Please be who you really are. And that requires courage. He loves you too. He sounds just as sickening as you in his songs. The wasted time, still waiting. Stop waiting!

    Adriana Avila

    Michelle Fraser, 😭😫😩🥺. Isn’t that what music is about though? Getting I tuyo ur feelings, all of them? I totally get your message but there’s lots f heartache you can’t control. I love sad songs. Humanizes folks I think. But yes, I agree with your comment and will do my best. Thank you. and Happy almost New year!

    Michelle Fraser

    @Adriana Avila it's sickening because the songs speak to our humanity. I think those boys like not under contract with Simon they still have a non-disclosure agreements that they signed to protect the brand so they can't come out of that closet. That's where my head is going because there's no reason preventing them from publicly coming out yet none of them have. Not even Harry whom was the most obviously gay one from day one. I started suspected the others later on, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. I just really hurt for Zayn and Niall. There's a song Zayn sang that spoke about watching you take off your makeup. That was Niall he was talking about. He wore the most makeup in the group because of all his freckles which I love and thought were so adorable. But he was the one that wore the most makeup. Also Zayn sang another song about he loves white t-shirt? Or something about his love for white t-shirt, but anyway Niall was the only person that wore the most white t-shirt out of all of them. He always had on something with white most of the time. Even one of Zayn video shows part of Niall head in it. All you saw was his blonde hair. They both sing about each other. Sitting here waiting for someone, you smilled back at me and your face lit up the 🌞. Now I'm waiting here for someone. And oh love isn't it fucked up we're not in love. You know the song. It screams Zayn. And I feel some damn bad for them because they should be able to, or allowed to be with each other and love each other. It's been 9 years. I want them to have piece, but I don't think that they can. But if I know nothing else I do know that both Niall and Zayn are rebellious and it's just a matter of time before one of them say [email protected] it and just out themselves. That's why the showed us all those emotions they did while the band was together. That's why they touched each other all the time. That's why the developed their own language to communicate to each other, and always photographed together. There was even speculations that they got married in Vegas when they had a concert in America years ago. I'll check and find out if there's any record of a marriage licenses for them. I never checked.

    Michelle Fraser

    @Adriana Avila music is about your life experiences and emotions because of those life experiences. But we can avoid a lot of pain and hurt if we can take our heads out of our asses and just same sometimes I'm sorry! I was wrong about what I did, I still love you and I want what we had back. I miss you. We can start singing I'm finally free! Because we atoned for our wrong doing, or mistakes. I just think we can avoid a lot of grief if we can learn some humidity.

  21. Adriana Avila

    Love this song so much better than “Put Your Love On Me” 😞 😢 😭 gorgeous arrangement. Loved his debut ‘Flicker’ album. Perfect for fall days, winter days just ugh. Fainting lol

    Nindya Pradiana

    AGREE, but PALLOM is a great song too and more ballad

  22. Marianaa Rodríguez

    gonna tell my kids this their dad

    Adriana Avila

    Marianaa Rodríguez, 😂 😂 what the heck?!

  23. nolo moussy

    is this a Niall horan song or a cover?

    Itzviviw Kim

    His unrelease song

  24. Michelle Fraser

    I'm glad both of you finally got to sort so shit out. Love each other and don't let anyone or anything get between you two again.

  25. Valentina Sánchez P

    I will always come back to this song... Even though, all of his songs are awesome ❤❤🤭

  26. Ezhar Al Rafisqy

    Niall is the my favorite ex 1D
    He look kind, charming and loveable
    Otherwise, he singing from the heart
    Only need once listen till we know what his sing and try to tell with us
    Love you Niall

  27. Lenore Geeawan

    It took so long cuz you wanted some one like Harry Louis is my boy Harry next the rest is not my cup of tea or coffee 💚💙

  28. FFFleo

    Niall is so talented and attractive.
    Does anyone know the man play bass and vocal in white polo shirts?


    John Bird Jr.

  29. R S

    Didn’t listen to this song in months. And now I’m singing every word without even thinking.

  30. XSCAPE 2017


  31. Ruhama Musab

    this is so beautiful omg

  32. shirito shiro

    Nunca la habia escuchado, le di like antes de que empezara. Que bonita voz y todo. Talento . Me encanta su estilo

  33. TheWitch- IsIn


  34. Alyssa dillon

    First flicker now this😍 his voice is so beautiful with an orchestra

  35. Jhon Enorme

    Omg ochestra ❤❤ great job niall

  36. María de los Ángeles Quishpi Cabezas

    Ya quisiera ser una de esas violinistas para tocar para el :"(

  37. Nadja van den Broeke

    Goosebump material


    I never meet your parents yet I always your family side always look at I hop meet again


    You are beautiful and talented me too we always be with all time I hope be ok me too

  39. harryangel

    I'm cryingggg, this song is so amazing

  40. Julio Cesar


  41. Katniss Everdeen

    One of my favorite :)

  42. lavernec f

    This is a GREAT song. I only recently know about this song. This needs some serious promotion. A lot of good artists out there have great songs that never got good promotion. This is a perfect example. This is such a great song....

  43. Maureen Lock

    I love that song he puts so much heart in to it well done niall

  44. Tuva


  45. John Roth

    I really hope 'So Long' gets picked up as a Motion Picture theme song. #DateMovieThemeSong

  46. leeswhimsy

    I love the look on his band's faces --- they all know how great this sounds!!

  47. John Roth

    'So Long' performed with full orchestration clearly demonstrates the level of musicianship Niall Horan has achieved as a recording artist. It takes considerable expertise to comminicate to writers the sound and feeling that a songwriter wants to achieve with each instrument in an orchestra. Then the editing process for a song being scored for a music video or for use in a movie separates the pros from the inexperienced. Nialler has so quickly risen to international fame through his music artistry and LIVE performances over the past eight years, it is easy for fans to lose sight of the long hours and hard work Niall has invested, coupled with his natural born talents to become a legend in his mid-20's. With his entire career ahead of him, Niall has only just begun.

  48. Unknown.

    Best live song 😍😍

  49. Marsha Ramdass

    Sounds like 'Elton John' .....
    (🎵You make feel loved, make me feel like I'm home 🎵)

  50. Strookers

    Who hurt Nialler this bad? 💔 This is so beautiful.

  51. Ines

    why does this not have more views? :v


    Hermosa cancion, no me canso de escucharlo

  53. Poppy Fadhilah

    I wanna know the guy with blue bass (?) and pink guitar (?) :(

    Nindya Pradiana

    John bird on bass and Jake Curran on guitar, they are niall's band

  54. Simply Jane

    Is this song for selena gomez? 😊😂

  55. Klyde Danganan

    i can't get enough of this song

  56. Lauriane Fargues

    I'm so fucking proud of him. His voice has always had something special , but now he can do whatever he wants with it, and this just sounds SO SO SO SO good. He deserves everything that is happening to him and even more. He's a real musician, a true artist.

  57. jaspreet kaur

    Niall, pls do upload the rest of the video (too much to ask, slow hands etc) 😭

  58. Lachlan Masters

    I'm literally bawling. 😭/😂

  59. glenn nixon

    Great song you did it again you touched my soul.

  60. Anna Dąbrowska HOUSE OWADY

    Beautiful Naill😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘

  61. Mavie 2409


  62. Maria Martinez-Catena

    One of my favs of Niall.
    Anyone october 2019?

    Lea Elisa

    December 2019 😂🎄

    Grace Bordelon

    January 2020


    This song always ❤️

  64. Quang Trịnh Đình

    Like very good

  65. iara guaymallén

    niall, you made me cry again

  66. Sucevaca Cristobal

    I Love Niall ❤ V.

  67. Pablo I

    Just the best 🙌🏼

  68. Lesly Pinto

    Niall es ARTE

    Nohemi TopMas7

    Same infinito

  69. Gardenia Cevallos

    Wow! 🔥💘🔥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😻

  70. Joan’s Porkrinds

    Who’s here for Selena?👏

  71. Shoma Shoma

    1 most underrated song

  72. mister ?

    super musique french fans y aura-t-il le retour des one Direction

  73. Ady


  74. Kelly Babcock

    Wow Niall this song is amazing it almost had me in tears beautiful just beautiful love it

  75. Maine

    Love you Niall

  76. Carolina SV

    Mi amor,cuanto te amooooooooooooooo🥰🥰🥰🥰

  77. arlene gonzales

    I love your all song nail i love you

  78. New Vip

    one of my favorate song thks for the amazing song niall

  79. Marcia Sofia Rosas Arismendi

    This song is totally art🥰

  80. V Gazzul

    Esto es una obra de arte, me encanta❤

  81. cb 619

    You always blow my mind away, Niall. Love you!!!

  82. Ezia JT



    when they finally come back, I'm gonna be like "so if we knew all along, why did it take so long?"

  84. Valeria Mallenco

    In which disk is this amazing song? Because in Flicker Deluxe is not🤷🏻‍♀️

    Nindya Pradiana

    This song is on the album 'Flicker featuring the RTE Concert Orchestra'

  85. Brenda JuárezC

    Esto definitivamente es arte.

  86. Bla Bla

    Awww, love that this was published on Hazza's birthday ❤️❤️❤️

  87. random stuff is cool

    He can sing
    He can play guitar
    He can play piano
    He can play golf
    He can play soccer
    He can write songs
    He can make me smile,laugh etc
    He can cook
    He can do impressions
    He can tell jokes
    He can do his high jump thing
    He can take good pics
    He can keep up with things
    He can laugh the best laugh
    He can get people hyped
    Is there anything he can't do???????

    Ariana Reyes

    He can do accents too

    Sadia Ahmed

    He can’t dance haha 😂

    Sorry for my english

    @Sadia Ahmed Yess he can! Did you see the alternate video for "Nice to meet you"? His dance moves are kind of goofyhellasexy! Mmmm 🤗😍😁

    Krish R

    He can remember everyone's name....1D said themselves on Ellen

    abhishek karanath

    stay in a band for long

  88. Renzong calvin Lepcha

    Niall's voice is incredible

  89. Judith Huanca

    Cuando dijeron que se iban a separar como grupo, fue devastador.. pero escucharlos a cada uno con la música que los identifica, como fan feliz de apoyarlos 🥰 y disfrutar de sus canciones que son increíbles

  90. sarika kumari

    Wow ! Niall's voice is so awesome..

  91. eliwa's requine!

    i love u niall so so so much

  92. Amparo Véjar

    Happy Birthaday Niall. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Cacola337

    I've been keeping up with this kid since 1D, he's gotten even better since the boy band days. Damn good songwriter too!! This orchestra is frickin amazing in this song.❤️

  94. Mai Văn Dũng

    Việt Nam mình like nào .

  95. Laurie Krum

    9/13/19 .....Happy Birthday Niall!!! ❤️❤️