Niall Horan - Mirrors Lyrics

She closed the door
She hides behind the face nobody knows
She feels her skin touch the floor
She wants to fight
But her eyes are tired, nobody's on her side
She wants to feel like she did before

She looks into her mirror
Wishing someone could hear her, so loud
And I need love to hold me closer
In the night, just enough

I need love to hold me closer
In the night, just enough
To feel my body come alive
When my bones start breaking,
My heart starts shaking
I need love, need love

The coffee's cold
He turned around and said, "I hope you know
You're beautiful. Have you ever been told?"
She's a little shy
As he walks away, she slowly breaks a smile
The skies are blue, haven't been for a while

She looks into her mirror
Wishing someone could hear her, so loud

I need love to hold me closer
In the night, just enough
To feel my body come alive
When my bones start breaking,
My heart starts shaking
I need love, need love

She closed the door
She hides behind the face nobody knows
She feels her skin touch the floor

I need love to hold me closer
In the night, just enough
To feel my body come alive
When my bones start breaking,
My heart starts shaking
I need love, need love

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Niall Horan Mirrors Comments
  1. August Wolf

    I need love too, but where can I find it

  2. Megan Burch

    Question: why is there even a dislike button

  3. Mai Anh

    Like at first note 💞

  4. Fran Soares

    My favorite Song ❤ Brasil 🇧🇷❤

  5. Fred Donkers

    It sounds so familiar ahhh

  6. Zachary Lerman

    This is one of my favorite song and singer artist

  7. Mira Al Shoum

    From Me To You Niall James Horan : 😍 What A Feeling & What A Time. Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else. I Am Here. For You. If I Let You Know. Waiting For You Officially. Nobody Knows Me Baby The Way You Do. Remember ?! You Jump, I Jump. Never Give Up✌❤❤

  8. Shakespeare is Here

    This is soooo good omg.. and somehow it sounds like a 1D song and I love it❤️✨

  9. Nicole Belarde

    Listening to this again and I can still hear harry and liam’s in the chorus

  10. JA VI

    Necesito que suba nuevas canciones!! :(

  11. Lalnunziri Ziri

    l love this song

  12. Gustiana Ayu

    Thinking out of the box or over the box

  13. A Chocolate

    This song will be on replay until my exams end

  14. Oktay Cengiz

    2:10 why do I hear the back voice sounds like liam singing "aaaa"

  15. Tori Morin

    Ever since this came out in 2017 it’s been my favorite song of all time. It’s absolutely perfect 👌🏻

  16. alya salsabila

    i can listen to it all day long

  17. aubreh1D stylinson

    The chorus really sounds 1D

  18. Gu Gu


  19. Dani Patricia


  20. vedaswan 14

    1:22 its HER coffee's cold
    The coffee's cold

  21. Emilia Kisiel

    Love that ❤️😬 #proud

  22. Fatol Madalina

    The intro songs like James Bay- I need the sun to break 🤨

  23. Shelbie Poulin

    this song means so much to me. I, literally in tears atm.

  24. Fred Donkers

    How i never heard this before?!

  25. Lyrics Me

    Niall Horan/ Since we we're alone lyrics

  26. Beloved 1D

    A very 1D song

  27. Nnenne Olivia

    Just covered this song if anyone wants to check it out :))

  28. Emma Klein

    this song describes me 100% wow

  29. ana banana

    This is giving me a one direction vibe

  30. Luisa Mariani

    Brasil <3

  31. Luisa Mariani

    proud of you Nialler <3

  32. Luisa Mariani

    one of my favorites songs in my whole life

  33. Bell Eurek

    I need more music like this suggestions?

  34. Bidyunmala Mukherjee

    Let's be honest. Who's here to rehear it for his Irish accent?

  35. Niall's Girl

    After being relatable to this song the only thing makes me happy is my idol and the one of the guy who I respect a lot and think like brother like to keep this topic in light and shows he care for us. I have mostly made wrong choices but four years ago after listening to little things by 1d and Google about them is the best choice I have ever made. I am so proud to Tell he is my idol.

  36. Trinidad Luevano

    So talented. The song is beautiful ❤️

  37. Ain Elahi Auroni

    Favorite song

  38. Y3TT1

    very gay

  39. Lindsay Thomas

    The chorus sounds like Niall+Harry

  40. laxmi mudgal

    How does
    he know us??It's like he's looked into our hearts then written half of the songs in the album..It's amazing to hear someone say the words we truly need to hear

  41. lili popi

    I cry :( Niall. Old time. Niall's hair, one direction, funny Louis, sweet Harry, nice Liam I MISS

    Shalie Charles

    lili popi what about Zayn

    Christine Faith

    @Shalie Charles of course everybody also miss him😭

  42. JjPlayz Mc

    Niall Horan I Need Your Love to hold me closer in the night.

  43. Princess

    My 1D heart is now crying guys🖤

  44. Cassey Villanueva Castro

    Is he wrotes their previous songs as 1D?

  45. sandra fraser

    The whole world needs love!

  46. Ima 369

    Is it only me that thinks that this song could be in FIFA ?!
    It's the style of FIFA songs 😂 I like it 💘

  47. Edward Batis

    Anyone from Maeve and Otis video :O ?

  48. sophie boum

    Why this song is not in the flicker album ? Love it !

  49. Michelle Ricalde

    I really love this lad

  50. Mary

    Niall u r my everything 😍

  51. Mixer Jade

    This should be a 1D song
    Just imagine verse 1 by Liam then pre-chorus by Harry, chorus by all, verse 2 by Zayn , pre-chorus by Louis, Chorus by all of them, Bridge by Niall😍😍😍will be the best

  52. Fuck You

    Biggest love❤🐣

  53. Despoina Mpouzounieraki

    Rock n' roll- Eden

  54. awhona zaman

    the music is like fireproof :(

  55. mypotatolife

    When the boys get back together, they should sing their solo songs + the 1D original songs


    OMG YASSSS!!!!

  56. the space kid

    Looks like Diana had a glow up

  57. Sandra Silva

    Beauteful Beauteful Beauteful Beauteful Beauteful Beauteful Beauteful Beauteful Beauteful

  58. Julieta Ramirez

    Omg i love this song. I have been a one directioner for 8 years and i hope i can be one till the day i die. I was so afraid, sad, and scared ever since one direction broke up and i couldn't get over the fact that they need to go there separate ways and i still can't. They have always been there for me especially Niall. He told me to always be myself and that people need to start excepting you for who you are. Don't change for anybody even if you know they won't like you. There is billions of people in this world and half of them are just like you and they will except you for who you are. Be yourself every one of you are BEAUTIFUL! Even if you don't think you are other people do. I have a lot of history with one direction and i hope one day i can tell my story to people who are like me. I just don't know when? I love you one direction and i hope one day i can tell YOU five boys my story and tell you how i'm so thankful for you! Thank you!

  59. stanning boyband

    "I hope you know you're beautiful, have you ever been told?"


  60. Alternate_reality_

    You're beautiful, have you ever been told? She's a little shy, as he walks away she slowly breaks a smile.

    I love this part :)

  61. Lioness B


  62. Raidah Islam

    Love Niall

  63. tee jamwal

    thank you, niall.

  64. Mary Tangerine

    why I'm hearing my beloved Harry in the chorus? 😭

    Manuelis Villalobos

    Mary Tangerine HOLY SHIT SAME

    Cash Baker

    Mary Tangerine I hear all of them in the chours 😭😭


    dude it really sounds like all of them are singing it😭 you know I can't help but imagine this is 1D's song but it's only Niall singing the chorus djdkfkakfkakd I can't sleep now

  65. mimis kefis

    0:40 😍😍

  66. Sandra Silva

    Beauteful , Beauteful , Beauteful , Beauteful.

  67. Sandra Silva


  68. Sandra Silva

    Linda essa música

  69. Geeta Rajesh

    Considering that girl as me.......

  70. Geeta Rajesh

    Love this song

  71. Annie Horan

    *My baby, i love him more than my life* 😂❤

  72. Sid

    The starting guitar kinda sounds like eden rock n roll

  73. Mimmineri Hautamäki

    My favorite song

  74. Melissa

    I’m crying my eyes out oh my god

  75. Ann Osintseva

    the music reminds me of waves by Dean Lewis

  76. Eloá Bera Santana

    He is singing a whole fanfiction wow

  77. Anamarija Šimunić

    Perfect 😍😍😍😍😍

  78. Aesthetically Me

    That sounds like one direction

  79. Lori B

    I went to Niall's concert last night and this was the last song he played. I would love to go back to that night. Now every song of his (especially this one) gives me hardcore goosebumps. In love.

  80. Annie Horan

    I wish 1D could sing this song

  81. Ayesha Uzzaman Reacts

    BEAUTIFUL 😭😭❤️❤️

  82. Orpaz Inbar

    I’m in tears😭😭❤️ I love him sfm

  83. Chene van Niekerk

    The backtrack sounds like waves by Dean Lewis. You guys probably don't know the song but do yourself a favour and listen to it.

  84. Master Keeper

    - Wolves by Marshmallow and Selena
    - Stitches by Shawn Mendes
    - Waves by Dean Lewis
    - Mirrors by Nial Horan

    I see what u did there....

    vedaswan 14

    When you listen to too much music and know all these songs on this list. I know all of them.😁

  85. Master Keeper

    Is it me or does this song sound so similar to Stitches by Shawn Mendes? The beats specificallly

  86. Amelia May

    Niall did THAT

  87. Eleni De Greve

    Favorite Niall song ❤️🌻

  88. sameer kankudti

    Music is so much similar to wolves...omg

  89. Ramita Rajesh

    Doesn't the background tune sound like Wolves by selena gomez?

    Elita Lapina

    Nialls song was released before Selenas , actually 3 months before

  90. WarAngel 2

    I love the song but wouldn’t it make more sense to sing “when my bones start shaking, my heart starts breaking” instead of “when my bones start breaking, my heart starts shaking” ?

    Rounak Singh Buttar

    No, it doesn’t even matter as long as it sounds good! 😂

    vedaswan 14

    I thought that to but niall probably has more experience than me, I've only dated 2 people and I dont even talk to them anymore so. But it sounds amazing either way

    I took a chonce, stob it

    Thats too.. cliche

  91. julie

    this lowkey sounds like a james bay song

  92. Astrobluey

    Sounds a LOT like Waves by Dean Lewis

  93. LoveU4Life

    I'm in love with the right person!!! (NIALL)

  94. Rohma Kamal

    It sounds like Niall is singing his ownself in this song !
    "She" is just an illusion isn't it ?

  95. Ivisrmartinez Pepper

    Amo esta canción ❤️

  96. Putri Anisa


  97. Sarah Keeffe

    Omggg love this song... its so AMAZING and i love his voice. Niall is my favourite singer and i love ALL his songs!!!😍😍

  98. TheNewVocal

    Hi from Singapore! I wish you'd have a great evening =)

  99. Deanna D

    It sounds so much like waves by dean lewis in the beginning, but this song is beautiful. Reminds me of 1D days 😭❤️❤️