Niall Horan - Fool's Gold Lyrics

I'm like a crow on a wire
You're the shining distraction that makes me fly home
I'm like a boat on the water
You're the rays on the waves that calm my mind, oh, every time

And I know in my heart, you're not a constant star

Yeah, I let you use me from the day that we first met
But I'm not done yet, falling for your fool's gold
And I knew that, you turned it on for everyone you met
But I don't regret falling for your fool's gold

I'm the first to admit that I'm reckless
I get lost in your beauty and I can't see, two feet in front of me

And I know in my heart, you're just a moving part

Yeah, I let you use me from the day that we first met
But I'm not done yet, falling for your fool's gold
And I knew that, you turned it on for everyone you met
But I don't regret falling for your fool's gold

Yeah, I know your love's not real
That's not the way it feels, that's not the way you feels

And yeah, I let you use me from the day that we first met
But I'm not done yet, falling for your fool's gold
And I knew that, you turned it on for everyone you met
But I don't regret falling for your fool's gold

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Niall Horan Fool's Gold Comments
  1. Jane De Matteis

    Love this song💖

  2. Galaxy Horse

    He feels it...he feels it so much..💕

  3. Carlos-Alberto Aldana-Sánchez

    Amazing song!

  4. ava gaetana


  5. Hazza Trin

    This song was made for him

  6. CNovakstiel

    This is Nialls song plain and simple

  7. Isal Mulhaq

    I need the guitar tutorial of this version

  8. Walter Genius

    He gives justice!!!! I'm surprised!

  9. Shereen Rizvi

    This song was made for his voice!!! 💔💔💔💔💔

  10. Boo it’s Me

    I just learned the song on guitar just by looking at his live performances 😭😭

  11. zain avery

    Loved it

  12. grado 904

    I love this with my heart.

  13. Verônica Melo

    Beautiful song 👏😍

  14. Mira Al Shoum

    From Me To You Niall James Horan : 😍 Nobody Knows Me Baby The Way You Do. Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else. Ready For Life. Waiting For You Officially. Don't Give Up On Me✌❤❤

  15. karielle scott

    HOLY COW How am i now seeing this and people was here for 1 year ago, i am pissed this is BEAUTIFUL

  16. rei

    I love Niall's version but when the original version was released in 2014, I never thought that niall would be singing this alone, as a solo artist, and that honestly hurts so much

  17. Crystal Gonzales

    This made me cry because while listening to this I realized how much I missed them as a band man those were the times

  18. Lila Dewan

    So sweet voice🌸🌸🌸

  19. Ed Sued

    I think he sang better than 1D

  20. Ed Sued

    Nice version

  21. Hasnat Khan

    💘💚♥️💛💙 love them my life

  22. hyukjae's gummy smile

    crawling back to youuuuu~~ i miss them :(((((((

  23. Caryl Sophia _5914

    When 13 year old me dreams to have Niall sing most parts of a 1D song just once (Louis also haha) and this came out? DREAMS DO FREAKING COME TRUE!

  24. Niken Yolanda

    i fucking needed this

  25. Lola’s World

    I love this but is really wired not hearing the other boys singing 😭😭😭❤️💙💚💛🇮🇪🆔

  26. My princess deepika

    I'm in love with this song 😭💗

  27. Anne Ortiz

    i don't regret falling for you

  28. maria aparecida

    Eu amo sua vós amo você amo essa música Niall James Horan

  29. zaza fx


  30. Cody wolf

    this is so beautiful ♥

  31. hannah maree

    is it just me or this version better? i feel like he puts so much emotion into it. and it’s just him and his guitar. this he’s really hurting. idk. just the way he sings it, alone, makes it seem so much more emotional.

  32. Luisina

    La Concha de tu hermana Niall por qué me hacés llorar así :'(

  33. nature who

    Now My mom is crying for this song.She doesnt like 1d but She said “I cant speak English so cant get the lyrics but this is the most emotional song.Its touching my heart.Because he feels it”
    I just want to thank you Niall for touching people’s soul even they dont know english.Its so hard to do as a musician and you did this.

  34. Trinidad Luevano

    This song is very beautiful ❤️ Love it 😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  35. Trinidad Luevano

    Beautiful song. Aucustic is best...😙

  36. airamona

    This is very lovely Niall..😘💕
    You convey your emotions through this song very well. You sing it so beautifully, it gave me heartache. I can hear the heartbreak through your voice😭

  37. maria aparecida

    Vós perfeita linda amo você Niall

  38. Ирина Прядильщикова

    Niall Horan? "Fool's gold"? Solo? OMG! DREAMS COME TRUE...

  39. Kenz0104

    I almost like this better than the original ????

  40. maria aparecida

    Amei Niall cantando essa música com essa voz linda maravilhosa ai meu coração não aguenta

  41. Peachy Althea

    nialll u so precious fuckkkkskskkjdfjjfjfjf

  42. Sharmaine Amador

    I listen to this at least twice a day

  43. Tanmay Saxena

    2019 anyone?

  44. Maricris Avendaño Lansangan

    My bias when 1D was still intact. So much love to you, Nialler! ❤

  45. Mariana Carvalho Araujo

    So pure ❤️

  46. Santi Marbun

    Suaranya adem i love Niall 💚

  47. Nika Andrea Lee

    It breaks my heart knowing that it is only Niall singing this song, that was supposed to be for them 5. 💔

  48. It's Yazzy

    this video mades me cry

  49. Umi khoyrunnisa

    Thanks to give me a life today

  50. Sophia Dunn

    unpopular opinion, this version is better than the original

  51. Cristian Torres

    Tan solo con una canción mi Niall nos trae muchos bellos recuerdos

  52. Rose s


  53. sweet larrie

    Is sad because i only listen the voice of Niall and i miss the other boys, so i cry 😖

  54. devi dayanti

    Why i get emotional everytime i hear this?😭

  55. bianc a

    omg this broke my heart

  56. shawn Simon

    I love him together with the boys. 😢

  57. Oriana Sansone

    Hablemos de la bella voz que tiene la rubia <3

  58. ρσlα яιѕ

    He used to sing this with his wonderful friends in 1D.😢

  59. Mansoor Ibrahim

    Its so incomplete

  60. Norma Andrea

    Que mierda!!! Por que no había escuchado esta belleza😍😍😍😍 Me encanta!😇🤗😙😍

  61. Mark Joseph

    Jhon Mishall Jani

  62. najah

    i'm crying😭
    this one is my favorite song from 'four' album

  63. Camila




  65. Noor a.o16

    Am I crying? No
    Am I Iying!? Yes

  66. C- kay Loase

    It's 11 pm an actually I should sleep because of school. But now I lay in my bed and cry. Nialls voice is heaven and hell at the same Time.

    Heaven because it sounds like an angel and hell because it makes me crying every fucking time.

  67. Olivia Snow

    Lovely version!! His voice sounds more beautiful than ever 💖

  68. Liliana Melendres


  69. Liliana Melendres

    crea un video donde cante HARRY STYLES.

  70. Liliana Melendres


  71. Geeta Vasava

    I have never personally listened to his music I only heard harry but this is beautiful...

  72. Anna Paula Gallo


  73. Gili Biton

    Sooo beautiful❤❤❤

  74. Mari Oliveira

    Que amor!

  75. Stef Gutierrez Quiroz

    I'm crying my eyes out

  76. BrB R

    I am not crying! You are! :(

  77. Rachel S


  78. Wendy KAM

    Necesito “medicine” versión estudio y en Spotify ❤️🙏🏻😫 que clase de pacto tengo que hacer @satanrespuestas

  79. Choying Choedon

    I love it..nialllll

  80. Shola Jide

    December anyone

  81. Musical Devil channel

    He is trying to sing like zayn

  82. Cieara Snaggs

    My heart😍♥️

  83. Delaney O'Shea

    this is what i call perfection

  84. Jen

    Niall’s voice is so beautiful. I feel like that’s not said enough.

  85. EliseM1224

    😭😭😭😭my sweet Niall

  86. Manaal Fatima

    This isn't even a joke I died and was resurrected

  87. Aneta Adamcová

    blessing for my ears

  88. lesbacitoe

    when he sang this at the concert I went to I was sobbing

  89. Balwinder Rai

    I love this song

  90. Madison Cabral

    This hurts I don't know why lol

  91. directioner Tomlinson


  92. Mehak Singh


  93. the happiest girl in the world

    This is the best birthday gift ever.

  94. Rodrigo Lozano

    Me encantaaaaa 😍😍😍

  95. Drew Horan

    I love you so much niall😍

  96. CrazySkyler_ 13

    this bless my ears:)

  97. OT5


    Elena NH3

    Emm... can you send me the video (Harry styles girl crush ) please? On instagram or Twitter please?

    cloak dagger


    Melissa Lopez

    Isha Ghosh

    i'm confused, what?

    Cade Capricorn

    OT5 WHY