Niall Horan - Candy Lyrics

[James Corden:]
I'm just a Batman
I'm looking for some Pop Rocks
Something that's sweet inside
You look like the right fun size

[Niall Horan:]
Got done up piratical
To come here for this visit
Girl, when you break me off a Kit Kat
I'm gonna make your Tootsie Pop

If you're scary, let's do it
Give it, my Candy
My satchel's waiting
Trick or treat on it

[James Corden:]
I'm captain Sugar Daddy
Cuz I'm about to Starburst
Who's it gonna Jujube
I'll give it to you Good & Plenty

[Niall Horan:]
I love you now and later
Girl, you're just so Red Hot
You just gotta Charleston Chews
I'll crush your Candy 'til you say stop

If you're scary, let's do it
Give it, my Candy
My satchel's waiting
Trick or treat on it

If we're gonna get tasty, baby
I'll give you a Hershey's Kiss
Then a bunch of Swedish Fish
What's your Halloween fantasy?
You want a ghost?, baby Boo
You want a cow?, baby Moo

If you're scary, let's do it
Give it, my Candy
My satchel's waiting
Trick or treat on it

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Niall Horan Candy Comments
  1. shivanjali chaurasia

    3:05 🤤🤤 🤤🤤 🤤🤤 🤤🤤 🤤 that woman is me

  2. shivanjali chaurasia

    That woman is thirsty offfff 😁😁 😁😁 😁😁 😁😁 😁😁 😁

  3. shivanjali chaurasia

    1:05. My personal timestamp😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Stephanie Thompson

    2:34 how cute is Niall Horan 😍😍

  5. Georgia Rose

    You want a ghost?
    Baby boooo
    You want a cow?
    Baby moooo

  6. southrnsweety88

    How is this funny and HOT at the same time?

    Oh God the candy bars at the end made me lol

  7. Marie Williams

    Hottest cow I’ve ever seen.... err wait, that sounds weird

  8. mende75

    So disturbing. Lmao.

  9. Anouk Willems

    This is the weirdest music video ive ever seen 😂

  10. princess te

    James:”if you want a ghost”
    Naill:”baby boo”
    James:”if you want a cow”
    Naill:”baby moo” 😭😭😂

  11. G •

    Niall as a pirate 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Taylor Monet


  13. Ivonne BD

    This song needs to be in Spotify

  14. Aaliyah Shroyer

    2:49-2:52🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m dying

  15. Nikola Šašalová

    What is the name of the original?

  16. Antu F

    Did you know that the rhythm is the same of pony by ginuwine? When I listen that song I was in shook

  17. Sophie Evertz

    Can somebody tell me what this original song is called?

  18. Akrout Rahma

    Baby moooo 😂😂😂

  19. Rose On The Loose

    31st of October 2019.
    Here I'm again 🙄

  20. Kady-Directioner

    Niall is only reason why i still watching this ''scary'' musical video ... :D
    love you blond Niall 2016 <3

  21. Sahi !D

    That baby moo part is cute af

  22. Charlotte Yap

    Niall as a pirate...

  23. Eleftheria Konstantaki

    I'm sure Niall loved the eating part of the video

  24. i’ve got a collar full



    flashes back to 1D days*

  25. Sofy Mesa

    Does anyone remember Drag Me Down by that orange astronaut suit!?!😶

  26. Allison Lundgren

    1. It’s 2019 and I’m still watching this 2. Niall looks soooo goooooddd in this🥵🤤

  27. Lisa Brucker

    I never thought I'd need Niall in a pirate costume but well

  28. joelpimentellovie

    The fact that naill can still look good and cuteee af in a cow costume while singing "baby moo" is all I'm living for😳😳😳🙂🙂😗😗

  29. Airi Cop

    i can't stop laughing 😂😂😂

  30. Natalie Simons

    He still says “chonce“

  31. Ella McGregor

    the way he says "baby moo"

  32. izhaha

    why does niall look hot in a pirate costume holy shit

  33. Sad Fan Girl

    The fact that niall can be that attractive while dressed as a literal vegatable
    Is frightening

  34. Javour Rd

    My Goood ...i laugh so hard 😂

  35. Fay xoxo

    Why does Niall look so damn good as a Pirate or cow ah

  36. Katie H


  37. تالا وليد

    Niall looked smoking hot here

  38. Josepheena Kalluzhathil

    Really I want Niall with that cow costume in my bed .. 😘

  39. random stuff is cool


    This needs to be more recognized

    Its iconic

  40. Mia loves One direction

    I’m never going to see a kitkat the same way again 💙

  41. Sa'eera Tabassum Aador

    James: You want a cow
    Niall : Baby Moo
    OH MY GAWD 😍😍

  42. Jade

    Niall is so hot in this video <3

  43. Ananya Gupta

    Hard candy dripping on my feet till my feet are wet

  44. Daphne V

    How can you stay serious while watching this? Please someone tell me because I can't :')

  45. Charlie Hughes

    Louis lied bid time lol😆

  46. Bee

    2:35 omg

  47. Martina Alvarez Abarca

    what is the real song

  48. Layla Rose 卌

    Captain sugar DAdAaAaY

  49. Angelina S

    Niall the bad boy more like

  50. xx xx

    This made my day hahahhahah

  51. Rafia Fatima

    Niall you beauty❤❤

  52. Anelisse Diaz

    My ovaries are screaming

  53. Anelisse Diaz

    Oof baby boo🥴😍

  54. Hiruni Silva

    Oh god niall , he looks amazing❤❤

  55. Soph M

    Watching this in the middle of winter, who’s with me

  56. Diya Nigam

    this is the place where you realize you had got Niall all WRONG.

  57. Koyle Playz


  58. night owl

    *"I'm gonna make your tootsie pop"*

  59. Shatho Hloma

    love it

  60. Katie Styles-Horan

    I'm just saying, when Niall said "girl" at 1:11 was like amazing, hot and cute all at the same time... I don't understand...😂😍❤

  61. Cameran Williams


  62. Meabh Duffy

    Honestly best vid iv ever watched especially 'baby moooooo niall'

  63. Mason Burke

    Dress up in a corn costume

  64. Mason Burke

    Why is Niall Horan

  65. avengers Peterstark

    His voice is so beautiful

  66. Jini Tirgar

    2:13 - 2:34 😋

  67. 919CandyKahne


  68. Michelle Martinez

    Imagine if Niall would have been the one that said "I'm captain sugar daddy" 😂😂😂

  69. erica gladue

    The Hershey part killed me hahahha

  70. Julia Parsenios

    still can’t believe this exits

  71. Loradyn Panique


  72. ayesha saddiqa

    Ill take niall even without hershey's 🔥🔥🔥❤

  73. Wendy Blankenship

    Ok the 8 people are STUPID it’s James and NIALL but mostly James right😉

  74. Haylee Russell

    😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. kayla Rogers

    The recommendation came just in time

  76. xAngiex


  77. BtsStayzennie X

    Why have I never seen this

  78. Zoey D

    James is actually such a good singer wtf

  79. Megan Shelton

    the lady at the end new exactly what was going on, seems about right

  80. Zosia Januszka

    I love this song😂♥️

  81. — violeta.

    1:05 fuck

  82. Courtney Campbell

    Why did it take me a year to watch this.....🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ this is why he is my favorite

  83. mirna vlajkovic

    James in outfit from 1d drag me down oh😍

    Lexi Graham

    I noticed that I was like really you did not

  84. mirna vlajkovic


  85. Harold Nicoles

    I wanna this baby moo 😭😭😭😭😭

  86. Namjoon's Trash

    I see niall i click

  87. Menasha de Silva

    Nialls baby moo is still the hottest thing ever

  88. Micaela Jasmine Mojdeh

    James:*niall the church boy*
    Niall:*give it a rest niall the bad boy more like*


    What is the original song called and who made it

  90. Harold Nicoles

    Omg our irish angel ❤️

  91. Yukito Hyuga

    This will be forever my favorite👏🏽 XD ❤❤

  92. A. Q.

    James is the astronaut from Britney Spears’ “Oops! I did it again” video lmao!

  93. nlbhaduri

    this ought to be available for download on Apple Music! hilarious!! Love NIALL and James....

  94. Esmée Lupin

    Bless James Corden for this

  95. Kaitlin :3

    Ahh just in time for Halloween 2018

  96. Melanielovesyou

    people laughed when James licked the lollipop Niall had in his hand but eww’d when Niall put it in his mouth
    i’m laughing so hard
    okay but omg that moo run and him as a cow is beautiful

  97. Stephanie Castellon

    This should be in Spotify