NF - Invisible Lyrics

I don't know
I guess I feel like, when I'm around you, that I'm invisible
It's like, you don't even see me, and I'm standing right in front of you

[Verse 1:]
I feel invisible, I knew this wasn't easy
I'm standing right in front of you, but you don't even see me
I pass you in the hallway, but you don't even glance so
I just kinda walk by like I ain't never passed you
I do my best to pretend that I don't notice you
'Cause you don't ever notice me, so what am I supposed to do?
What? I gotta yell it in order for you to see it?
I got it written on my face; it's pretty easy to read it
But you choose not to, so that's what I'mma have to do
My heart is getting tired, I'm tired of running after you
I try to talk, but you just keep ignoring me
Pretending that you listen, you don't listen, you're destroying me
See I look up to you, but you keep looking down on me
You never say you love me or you care or that you're proud of me
In other words, you're drowning me, I get on my knees and I pray
Pretty pathetic, but you make it pretty easy to say

I swear, I must be invisible, 'cause you never see me, anymore
And I swear, I must look miserable, 'cause you never hold me, anymore

[Verse 2:]
You like a nightmare, every time I'm dreaming
The longest conversation that we have is when we're screaming
And what you say? You say there is nothing else to talk about
Before I even say a word, it's like you're already walking out
You keep making promises, but you ain't never keep 'em
And then look at me stupid when I say I don't believe them
Yeah, that's why I don't believe you, and how do you expect me to
You don't show respect to me, but I should show respect to you?!
Gosh, you're such a hypocrite, I doubt you're even listening
Things have got so bad, you don't even pretend you're interested
And every time we hug, which isn't very often
The thing I used to love has now become something that's awkward
You put that smile up on your face, but I can tell you're faking
You look me in the eyes and you tell me I'm amazing
But all you're words are wasted,
'Cause I swear that you make it up
And I'm so sick of chasing love, I guess my pace ain't quick enough.


[Verse 3:]
I'm full grown now, moved out, I thought it was best
The sad thing is, I doubt you even noticed I left
I quit calling 'cause you ain't never answer the phone
And last time we talked, I told you, "Leave me alone!"
I'm supposed to open my arms and hold you now?
Hold you?! Wow. You ain't never held me. How
Do you expect a kid that you never raised to do right
To break the walls down and make you a part of my life
But hold up, here comes a call from the hospital
They told me I should come and see you if it's possible
I got my shoes to go, I threw my pride on the floor
I saw a real smile on you when I walked in the door
The doc told me, you ain't got more than a day
I just got you and this cancer gon' take you away
You say you love me and you see me, everything's OK
For some reason I no longer feel the urge to say


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NF Invisible Comments
  1. Bobby Smith

    This sounds like the love of my life when it comes to me pouring my heart out and trying so hard to fix what I myself originally fucked up I'm man enough to admit when I've fucked up and I really did fuck up even if I successfully fix things I'll never be able to forgive myself for my fuck ups

  2. Noorjan Hashim

    I love you so much. Don't leave me alone

  3. Cheryl Moffatt

    I feel a lot of love to NF everything he sings is about his life all the things he’s gone through he tells everyone all over the whole world it’s not easy thing to do I have a lot of love to this guy he’s so strong instead of going out getting drunk everyday and fling drugs he made something of himself he went out became a rapper to rap what he went through instead of facing a camera to tell his life story he did it through music a lot of his song relate to me so I understand some things he went through but still I’m his biggest fan xx

  4. Scott James McDonald

    Dig your heels in an f and move on now you can't stay in same place keep searching lol I do really like his music for mostly the same reasons as everyone else please see what is next albums like got to remember this is his fourth album

  5. Flowergirl 22334

    This could be about a crush or your parents

  6. John Pruitt

    I can relate to this song cause no one listens to me or what I have to say and it is like I'm not even there like I don't even exist anymore I wish someone would just listen to me and hear what I have to say

  7. Daddy & Logan

    This beat sounds similar to Eminem’s no where fast who ever done Eminem’s beat for that song obviously took this

  8. Brooke Lyn

    His music hits different who else agrees?

  9. Xenay LP

    Good Doctor Friends and Family. Like if you know what I'm talking about.

  10. Jason Todd

    I always listened to this song because it reflected my life so much, but I was still in verse 2... Yesterday my mom went to the ER and we found out that she had cancer and didnt tell us. Shes in the hospital right now and I'm gonna see her soon. This song is just hitting me so hard right now

  11. PhoenixWarriorX x35

    I love NF his songs seem relatable and how his songs are real not artificial. Yeah there are probably others who have said this but that just means there are people who agree with me. Now i am not lonely i got a girlfriend so it worth cherishing.

  12. Rewind _

    “I just got you and this cancer gon’ take you away”
    That brought a tear to my eye

  13. lush

    me when mom forgets to bring the sauce

  14. Mohammed abba


  15. Gloom

    People saying that this describes their relationship lol to me it doesn't. It is pretty sad.
    At first I thought he was talking about his mom. But a part of the song makes you feel like he's talking about someone who would reject you over and over because they know they are gon to die, just like a movie I can't remember the name of now. I love the lyrics, it hits you hard when you think about it.

  16. Beta official

    Doesn't sound like nf but eminem to me ...but why

  17. Alex Burress

    Whenever invisible just kept changing faces I'm sorry but you never know who's who on here

  18. Elmacho 54

    It sounds like 2015 eminem

  19. cloud walker

    He's singing about his mom??

  20. New Lyrics


  21. Michelle H

    This song hits some emotional points I've had to over come in my life. And im still trying to overcome . The struggle is real but perseverance and knowing my self worth helps me push on and not care about needing to been seen or heard anymore because the ones that do see me or hear me actually respect me and those are the type of people I want in my life. I love your music. I really enjoy listening to the words and understanding the relation to them. Thank you I appreciate the dedication to your fans.. Your awesome!

  22. Magen Mcdonald

    Note to myself

  23. Zachary Thomas

    This sounds like Eminem in Encore in 2005— 2009

  24. Ezra Robertson

    All he’s songs is my life I hate myself but it got better so and than my life got bad

  25. Firece Della

    OML the beginning part where he says ,”I guess I feel like, when I’m around you, that I’m invisible. It’s like you don’t even see me, and I’m standing right in front of you…” rly describes how I feel when I am with my “friends”. They usually ignore me and don’t care. Nf is like, my idol, and I want to be just like him. His song ,”when I grow up” rly describes what I want to be doing when I do grow up. Nf has helped me, and tons of other people all over who are his fans. I rly wish I could do what I rly want to do, and I’m sorry for just telling my pathetic dreams to people, but I just wanted to have my say.

    Firece Della

    I know that he is talking about his mom, but I feel this song in a different way!

  26. nutella. maus

    Every part of this song is true. I always feel the messages if his songs. He is really amazing🙏🏽🙏🏽

  27. Mothias

    He sounds like Eminem

  28. Ashley Aubrey

    I can relate but for me it's my father.

    Ashley Aubrey

    "I'm full grown.. moved out! How do you expect the kid..."

  29. Googley Eyes

    Who's here 2020

  30. D C

    Why do we miss and love the people that hurt us the most...honestly who can answer this for me...

  31. A&A DJ


  32. Susan Burt

    today was better..he talked to me more :.>

  33. Susan Burt

    except the part wheres its cancer..

  34. Susan Burt

    this song describes me and my crush...i told him but i know he has a crush on some one else and he used to be my best he acts like im n=not even there i want to sing this to him to show him how i feel

  35. Jocelyn M

    I’m sobbing because I realized this is how my father must feel about me.

  36. Demi Mcfarling

    Sounds a bit like Eminem 😂

  37. ConRaps

    Just remixed this song, check it out on my channel it's called "Notice"

  38. Vid Yadav

    Was it so easy to forget me when i was right there ?

  39. Aipytos Makaroynas

    When ur best friend abandons you

  40. SugCalarc

    This song reminds me of my father.... i never met him until i was 10 ... im 14 now and he feels like a stranger.... and i blamed everything on myself for years and just the other day he said.... son its not your fault im am hear for you now and i will never leave again for as long as i live.

  41. Gerard Hammon

    Man NF has some dang good lyrics

  42. Iza Pianist

    one of his best songs ever...can relate to these lyrics somehow though..

  43. Katie Kidd

    I literally sobbing this has hit me right in the heart :'( x

  44. Crystal Clark

    So me!! Then and now I feel like a mistake beside my sister with my mom. Nobody knows the hurt unless they've been in it.. IT DOESN'T EVER GOES AWAY JUST AT TIMES FADES.. SO FAMILY NOT ALWAYS BLOOD !!! JUST SAYING... RISE ABOVE YOUR RAISING FOR YOU AND ESPECIALLY YOUR KIDS !!!💕

  45. Amir

    Ok, now this sounds like Eminem
    But with some actual brain

  46. Clog Curl

    Why would I watch a video with invisible lyric?

  47. Leondre 68

    It describes my gf exactly :(

  48. Krishna Gharaniya

    Is this Marshall?

  49. CC Nicole

    I can relate to everything in the song except for the last part

  50. angelacougar

    Sounds like Eminem tok

  51. Prince Banipal

    Who’s here in 2119?? I’m from the future.


    Shut the fuck up ur not

  52. The 2k Guys

    He said last time we talked leave me alone 2 yrs later leave me alone one of the songs that are the face of his search album

  53. Jay

    Oof... This remind me of one of my favorite show characters, Adrien Agreste.

    And ya, I know that that's a kid's show. Doesn't change the fact that this is 100% his dad except the last part and the "the longest conversation that we had was when we're screaming" cuz Adrien would never scream at his dad

    CC Nicole

    Jay you know what NO, the adults in the fandom universe are claiming that show because that show is amazing *thinks about it* HOLY SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT 😱

  54. Jiinkies

    “I’m so sick of chasing love , I guess my pace ain’t quick enough” I felt those lyrics

  55. matt iatauro

    This is fucken emimems fuckong songssss backwsddssss

  56. matt iatauro

    Thissss issss emonemmmmmm

  57. matt iatauro

    This fuckong isssss emonemmmm

  58. Jenina Williams

    Love this so understanble love his music so amazing stay blessed an strong in god faith is everything hope love its all about conquering what we fear most keep ya head up always better days will definitely come.😇💪💪💙💙💙

  59. Lea K.

    I've never heard a song that describes the Relationship I have with my mother better than this one. This is insane I feel like he looked into my head.

    CC Nicole

    Lea K. I know right, especially that part that goes “I passed you in the hallway but you don’t even glance so I just kind of walked by like I aint never passed you”

    Lea K.

    I feel the line "you never say you love me or you care or that you're proud of me" that hit me.

  60. Christina Manness

    My favorite part is how do you expect me to. you don't show respect to me but I should show respect to you gosh you're such a hypocrite I doubt you're even listening

  61. jennifer bethea

    I hate life.


    I can relate

  63. Joshua Bush

    Song hits the heart hard

  64. I'm Bored

    I want this to be remake in a much proper way, who's with me?

  65. H Anderson


    Are in the video 🤣

  66. Magic gems Tropical

    This song bring tears to my eyes 😢

  67. lil unique

    I cut my wrist cuz my mind thinks that my blood leaking out is fun to watch I wish you never hurt me so than my mind could be normal again but In the end it's like a loop that never ends

  68. IVAN Tunglut

    Feel you bruh😑💔

  69. Bad Music Expert

    The quality is potato wow

  70. Dizzy Froggy

    The first time I started listening to NF, I realized that he sings everyone's struggles through his music. He has helped me walk through my life. Everyone can brag about their favorite rapper, but NF sings about what everyone goes through. Thank you NF for singing my life through your lyrics...

  71. Brandon Clark

    I’ve typed NF so much to never see this song why was YouTube hiding this gem

  72. kirstin hobs

    awesome song i feel like this every day :(

  73. katarina marcelli

    Nf blows me away sends shivers up my spine love him soooooooo much !!😍😍😍😍❤💙💙😃😃

  74. danny hero

    I'm am so tired and heartbreak just isn't what I'm wanting I just wish she would realize I'm right here

  75. GoleeMD

    I love u NF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. The Guitar Boy

    Sounds like 2000's Em, now I see why people say they're the same, but like his new music is really different

  77. XxLittleGuvnorxX

    I skipped to a random point in the song and It sounded so much like Eminem wtf

  78. Royal Reviews

    It's like everyone of his songs relate to my life

  79. AllTimeMoe

    Who still listens to this after the search ?

  80. Claire Bullock

    Decent song but I hate the auto tune, NF don't need that

  81. anis fc

    It look like eminem in 18 singing 😁

  82. Zach Pealo

    He sounds a bit like EMINEM when he raps in this song

  83. Matthew Smith

    This described my last relationship with my ex

  84. Jennifer Reed

    Hold you wow, you ain't never held me ...

  85. UnpredictableCobra143

    I only have *invisible* lyrics

  86. Sheepdog Airsoft

    This song almost made me cry in the middle of class, took everything I had not to

    Trevor Clark

    "Took everything inside of me not to scream at your funeral"

  87. John-Real Music For Life

    He kinda sounds like old Eminem but his not like eminem people been comparing them both but no

  88. Dwayne Armour

    Heavy autotune

  89. Dwayne Armour

    He sounds like eminem

  90. Brigitte T.

    Where can I buy this song?????

  91. Byron T D

    Who else is doing some NF marathon and is loving every lyrical content..

  92. Chloe Amador

    Anyone feel invisible

  93. Cow

    Me: typed in: "NF swears in a song"


    Weston Kenyon Music

    @O K He swears (promises), not swears (curses).



    A M

    Sad thing is, this is the kind of swearing that is actually wrong according to the Christian religion. Morally speaking, this type of swearing is actually worse than if he'd said $#it, or b*^ch.

    Weston Kenyon Music

    @A M Depends on your intent. If you're making an actual, serious promise, It shouldn't be wrong. But if you swear as an expression (especially "swear to God") and mean nothing by it, it's in vain, and wrong. Like if you use God's name when addressing Him or thanking Him, it's ok, but in vain, like cursing or expressing with it, that's wrong and called blasphemy. I could be wrong with the swearing part. Do you know what the Bible says in regards to this?

  94. Markus Waggoner

    Dis song reminds something dat Eminem would make

  95. James Andrade

    Every say Eminem comparing this song and album b4 intro I see how people say but after intro came into his own every one has has inspirations get them into it at least not like some comics steal jokes from there inspiration both grew same area same circumstances like all us Boston people when passationate sound same and why I liked Eminem passion nf even ice cube always one favs cause passion far best lyricist love ya cube anyhow. Snoop dog f u 1st mumble lazy rapper chisel my nisel my fizzle still making up words to ryme you where good when see maybe slaped shit in your head but alone awful and racist mother fucker and call Irish guys and British guys yell fuck trump at when hilirg wanted put u guys for lol weed away 10 years all u jay z instead where you are be in out prison smarten up

  96. pls woosh me

    sounds like a young Eminem

  97. kitty 125

    I am only invisible simply because people refuse to see me in pain

  98. Shahd -

    So saaaad :(

  99. Julia Cardero

    Sounds like Eminem

    Hatsune Miku fan 104

    He's not the next Eminem he's the first Nate

  100. Lebohang D. J