NF - I'm Free Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You in that tough place
You in that life prison
You at that rough stage
But pretend your life isn't
I know a Savior
Who can save you take you out the chains
My God is major can't contain it
Gotta spread the name
Your life has got you low
That don't mean nothing
Let Him run the show
And make you mean something
Wonder why you feeling broken, feeling empty
Cause if you ain't got the Lord you've never been free

I don't feel the chain no longer
Used to feel so weak
Now I feel stronger
What I got to do to make you see
I been through the struggle and the pain
Now I'm free
Now the weight's off my shoulders
Feeling brand new
And I thought I done told ya
He got me out the place I was at yeah
And I promise you
I ain't going back baby

[Verse 2:]
Now you know you trippin' majorly
Your eye gone off the ball
Like you playing in the major league
Making bad calls
Striking out
Livin dangerously
Tryna steal bases face it
Think it's time to change your team
He can take your life and rearrange it
Say you want freedom but you ain't ready for changes
He can flip your life around
Something like the matrix
Used to feel chained up
Now you feel amazing
Amen uh-huh
You know that feeling like you're brand new
No longer are you living like you can't move
He took you out the bondage and he freed you
Instead of yelling: "Chained up!" now you yelling: "Freedom!"


[Verse 3:]
I want you to free me Father
I'm so sick of the pain that bothers me
To the point I scream and
Holla looking for a way to get away better wait to get away no option
Gave me the ball I dropped it
Had your plan in my palms I mocked it
Told you I would give it all but I'm not so you gave me a chance
I blew it, I bombed it
See I know I don't deserve it
I don't wanna be this broken person
Living in the dark no hope incurving
Losing all my heart, hopeless, nervous
Choking, burning, I hate these burdens
They break and torture me
And they forcing me
Into something I know I was never born to be
But now I'm free

[Hook x2]

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NF I'm Free Comments
  1. Indira Solis

    "ain't nobody else in my zone. just me and my headphones." the most relatable thing ever. i never go anywhere without my headphones. music is therapeutic for me so i need it, plus it keeps me sane.

  2. Dr.Forsaken


  3. Sweetay RM

    Great song

  4. kulalo

    After the 40 min interview I ended up here, is actually fire tho 😂😂... I love NF

  5. X X

    From this to THE SEARCH

  6. Louie Rastelli

    Who still here?

  7. Jeremiah Trejo

    I can now say I have discovered all of NF. Them let you down fans ain't know nothing bout moments. But ain't got nothing on this.

    Lucas Nino

    Daily Beats and more the point of a hit song is to expose a artist to wider audience, so don’t diss the new fans who have been with NF for 2 years 🙄

    Jeremiah Trejo

    @Lucas Nino Not what I said. Cause there are fans then fake fans. The "Let You Down" fans are the people who only listen to Let You Down. I know a few, so I know they exist. I know Let you Down was a bit hit. And I'm not hating on the real fans. Just those that only care for that one song.

  8. Michael Owens

    i love Nate

  9. calvin Phillip

    This album is for all the real fans

  10. Shadow _pg3d

    The album moments was released on november 29 2010 it even says it in the description

    Wandering Underground

    This is from his 2012 EP "I'm Free" :)

  11. AceCraft

    Just found this! But 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  12. Justin Carter

    The cover is the easter egg from "No Name." Thank You Lord for being able to find this, when I was just looking for the NF EP! 😂

    J. M.

    also from "NO NAME" when he mentioned ,"I use to where a little tie with a black vest". TOOK ME FOREVER TO GET THAT!!😂😂

    Justin Carter

    It is from "No Name", not "Why". I got them mixed up. 😂

    J. M.

    @Justin Carter yeah, I kind of figured LOL!!😅

  13. Skye Church

    How long has NF been a rapper/singer? I didn't hear about him till his Therapy session album

    Wandering Underground

    I am not 100% sure but at least 11 years. Check out "Fine Arts Festival 2008 Michigan Rapper" on YouTube.

  14. Graham Harris Music

    Man never knew this existed but damn it's good

  15. Gideon Funk

    You know you are a true fan if you know about this album

  16. Julian Clement

    It's obvious that they don't understand me
    It's obvious that they don't see what I see
    Yeah, they used to tell me I was crazy
    Now they listen to me like, "Whoa, maybe"

    [Verse 1]
    Yeah, this is more than a dream, this is more than a passion
    Don't ignore what you see—this is more than just rappin'
    Here's a picture of me
    Take a minute, now let's go backwards
    To a time and a place when people thought that this would never happen
    Sittin' in the back of the bus
    Rappin' it up: my emotion
    Ain't nobody really got a clue what I wanna do, and I'm like: my devotion
    Don't go nowhere unless I got my CD player with me
    Everybody lookin' at me like I'm nuts
    "He ain't serious is he?"
    Became a pain relief, called it my intervention
    Little way to release my tension
    Oh yeah, and did I mention?
    Too all them kids that told me, "Nate, you just so overrated"
    I took them haters and made them into my motivation

    It's obvious that they don't understand me
    It's obvious that they don't see what I see
    Yeah, they used to tell me I was crazy
    Now they listen to me like, "Whoa, maybe"

    [Verse 2]
    I got lost in the movement, I got lost in the beats
    Don't just talk to the music—music's talkin' to me
    Don't make it hard, see, it really ain't that complicated
    But people complicate it, let me clear the complication
    Some said the music's fly
    Some told me I was basic
    Some say shoot for the sky
    Some said, "You'll never make it"
    Don't know what's in this mind, don't know my situation
    Put my life in these lines, put my pain in these pages
    Age twelve, walkin' around with a dream that no one knows
    Ain't nobody else in my zone, just me and these headphones
    Some people crack their jokes
    Some people laughed at me
    But in the end, he turned them dreams into reality

    It's obvious that they don't understand me
    It's obvious that they don't see what I see
    Yeah, they used to tell me I was crazy
    Now they listen to me like, "Whoa, maybe"
    It's obvious that they don't understand me
    It's obvious that they don't see what I see
    Yeah, they used to tell me I was crazy
    Now they listen to me like, "Whoa, maybe"
    It's obvious that they don't understand me
    It's obvious that they don't see what I see
    Yeah, they used to tell me I was crazy
    Now they listen to me like, "Whoa, maybe"
    It's obvious that they don't understand me
    It's obvious that they don't see what I see
    Yeah, they used to tell me I was crazy
    Now they listen to me like, "Whoa, maybe"

    Yeah, a lot of people don't understand
    A lot of people don't know
    I been doing music since I was twelve, man
    It's been a dream, it's been a passion for so long
    And like I said, it's way more than that now
    It's way more than just something I wanna be
    This ain't about me just wantin' to be famous
    Me about wantin' to make money
    It's like, part of my life now, you know?
    Yeah, let's go to

  17. marn200

    nice, but not nice that yt blocks most songs of this list in my country

    Wandering Underground

    So sorry about that! :(

  18. Yvette Bulhakow

    NF - my favourite

  19. Kayla Wyatt

    Just realized his reference in No Name is about this album cover—“I used to wear a little tie with a black vest”
    Nate does it again😍🔥

    Wandering Underground

    I'm sure he appreciates you coming to his concert more than he would you buying an album! Of course there's always merch too. ;)

    Kayla Wyatt

    Wandering Underground of course there’s merch😍 hope he drops album 4 this year!

    Justin Carter

    I just got that too!



    I liKe uNdErRaTeD raPpErS

    I was legit just thinking about that

  20. Desert Eagle

    Ummm this album is like so lit

  21. Macayla andela gonzales

    Love my boy Nate!!!😍💖💖 Come a long way!! Keep going!!!!

  22. syd D

    Lol it’s weird hearing him curse

    Wandering Underground

    It would be! But to my knowledge there is not even a single clip of him ever cussing!

    syd D

    Wandering Underground my bad must have misheard it


    He says "Walking around"

  23. Desert Eagle

    Have y'all her NF only one is it my favorite

  24. Desert Eagle

    I love this song:)

  25. Brian DellaRocca

    Wait, is this an unpublished album or something? There is no way there is an album of his i havent heard

    Wandering Underground

    Dave Raj Me too. But you can at least buy Moments online.


    Dave Raj you should check iTunes for this one. I used to have it on my iTunes library

    Wandering Underground

    davidptapia1 I'm Free is off all sites :( but Moments should still be up!

    Elias Garcia

    NF Fan
    Legit me when I figured out about this

    Marcus Wolfer

    It wasn’t released. He left xist music(a record label) before they released it

  26. Josh Davis

    How did you get this?

    deadcool 2

    Man....doper than dope ..doper than ali's rope a dope !
    On fyyyre getting heat soaked!
    Risen from hell became a real bloke ..not afraid to show how he got so upset so broke..
    Makes me so relaxed like...smoke..toke..toke...
    Rooms spin'n...haters hate..i grin so i let em no am win'n...
    Show'n hardly a single emotion i rise from the depths of the darkest and coldest ocean..
    Put things into perspective
    Goin through the motions
    Every action has a reaction..
    Your b.s words and attitudes toward me aint even a distraction i spit ma venom it.puts you.down into submission u didnt need to pay to hear me submission....ahh am on fyyyre now ma scars i dont for big houses trashy girls or cars ..
    Im real thats me fuck who u be n who ya are ...
    It didnt come easy to get at this.level and get so far...
    Just puttin up with a world full of scum bags i should be given gold medals its all out there for haters to hear ..i will allow the dust to mask the negativity tryna get through to in a huge bubble with no troubles alone dronkin doubles...
    Then ma dog walks over to give me cuddles ..i aint a people person my dog is ma shadow he follows ma every ma back when danger lerks around a corner i hear him grrr and a shadow dissapears...would give his life without fear of fear...
    No family just ma dog and i closing the doors to the world of shit storms called reality...who needs fake friends n fake family..
    Its funny how family rhymes with enemy...
    Haters try to say shit, i'm like i don't understand what your tellin me..?!?!?
    Listening to beats is soothing remedy...
    Music is my me up as i fall ...
    Beats venting shit with drunken arguments turning into brawls..
    But i dont care when im pissed or whether im sober i got balls..

    Dave Raj

    Is it possible to buy this album or Moments anywhere ??

    Wandering Underground

    Dave Raj You can buy Moments online.


    Dave Raj I know moments used to be on amazon not sure if it still is. this project I haven't been able to find in years

    Wandering Underground

    davidptapia1 it is :)