NF - I Got Jesus Lyrics

Hey yo girls show 'em that song I taught you
I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
Either you're saved or you're not hear me

Yea yea yea
Woo woo
Y'all know what this is
I got a question for y'all man
(I'mma give it to you)
It's who you living for
(I'mma give it to you)
I know who I am
Eah eah eah eah
Let's go

Yea I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
Either you're saved or you're not

Yo my god He's so powerful
That he forgiven though my shame it will devour you
Overpower you and demolish you
Have you wrapped up runnin' like a coward do
Yo it's crazy look around
I was always told the devils under the ground but is he under it now I don't really feel that way
He around it's around in the world today
I got Jesus and I'm not scared
If you got a problem he's right there
He's right here this ain't no lie
Forget about the world I'm with God in the sky
You don't need money
You don't need fame
All you Gotta do is rap his name you rap that chain
It ain't gonna save you dude
Forget the world don't listen to what they sayin' to you

I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
Either you're saved or you're not

Try to refuse me somethin' I would try to do you watch TV
Yea they gonna lie to you
Have your mind mixed up in a bad position
Like hey everybody let's laugh at Christians (come on)
Like that don't make sense to me
Why should I have to repent for things
Why would a God that loves me so
Leave me in world so broke so cold
People askin' the wrong questions
Someone gave you the wrong message
Or why would a God that's fake come down
To this earth and get socked in the face
Died for his faith did nothin' wrong
Thorns in this head
Nails in his palms you don't care
Why would I lie to you
He don't love you then why would he die for you

I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
Either you're saved or you're not

Jesus came down to this earth to die for our sins
Sent his only begotten son to save us
The least we can do is praise him

Gotta give it to God man
Check it out I'mma show you how real is yeah

God made land God made trees
God made you God made me
My God took a little bit of dirt made man
Imagine where your life could go in his hands
You don't understand
Picture this
Thorns in his head
Nails in his wrists
Stretched like this
Dying for us yea
Extraordinary in God I trust
He died for me I died for him
He died perfect lord I've sinned
Take me in
Set me free
Without you I'm not me
We're not worthy of your grace
But you show it Lord so thanks
Satan mad 'caus we believe it
He don't like it when we scream it

I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
I got Jesus what you got
Either you're saved or you're not

So many people walk around in their own little world
Living for things that won't satisfy
And you won't feel satisfied until you find the one true God
If you don't look for the truth
How are you supposed to find it
I got him what you got

Yea it's the truth y'all
You don't look for the truth
You not gonna find the truth most of us
Without Jesus you're nothin' then what you got

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NF I Got Jesus Comments
  1. Scotty Chap

    I'm going to put this as my alarm sound

  2. Nathan Wuerch

    NF I Got Jesus Lyrics

  3. dump ninja

    I feel bad when 8 don't listen the whole song hmmm weird

  4. Mason Dean

    Praise the Lord🙏

  5. Teresa ann Romine

    I have been saved today and he spoke to me and he said I am not alone and he was here the whole time and it is not the same as I have thought about it
    I got Jesus
    What you got
    Yeah you got him and he was always there

  6. The Raven

    -_-;...Too repetitive and not enough emotion. I like NF, but this is a shitty song compared to some of his other stuff. This is worse than when Hopsin released Picasso (Hopsin's shittiest song).

    This is just the religious equivalent to flexing. Why you gotta flex? The beat and lyrics are both too repetitive too. Also the lyric "everybody just laugh at Christians" is a direct copy of Eminem in terms of style.


    Obviously, how old is this song?

  7. Michael Phillippe


  8. Tweety Bird10


  9. Assasin_Slayer OG

    I got bullied at school
    And i always say to them "i got Jesus im not scared what you got?"

  10. sight to the blind

    This is 🔥

  11. Dwight Schrute

    2019-2020 gang


    NF love from India💞💖💓

  13. Libby

    I listen to this every morning before school. It's so aggressively uplifting that every once in a while it makes me cry just seeing how broke of Jesus my school is. They do not believe in the one who died for them. They do not believe in the one who loves them and cherishes their life. It hurts to be a Christian sometimes just carrying the burden of so much sin in this world. But this song! It helps so much just listening to it makes me so happy to be Christian it's hard to breathe

  14. UTOT Warriors

    Anymore songs like this?

  15. Brandon Bourgeois


  16. Chelsea Marsden-Boucher

    First time heard this FULL OF GOOSEBUMPS AND MANNNNNNNNN sounds so much like Eminem !! I Use to listen to Eminem now I'm saved listening to NF. Like if you have the same story. 👍👌

  17. COB PUU


  18. virgO corp izzy_Oggy

    I love Jesus christ amen.

  19. Michelle Squires

    Ok this is automatically one of my favorite song

  20. Danny G the Nature Guy

    New NF needs this fire back , Bam!! 🔥

  21. Tae Sha

    Im here trying not to sing this out loud, i believe in jesus. Im muslim. But God(allah)'s the one i worship.

    To those who might come at me. It wont change

  22. Ren ;-;

    I'm just a little ticked off that no atheist have come on this video to start an argument! Little tip here christians: if someone says they hate God and think he is fake say this:"how can you hate someone that does not exist!"

  23. Amber Hawk

    Anyone still listening to this in 2019?

  24. Ashton gaming

    I hope you have a good day. Because ill be happy if you pray for me

  25. Clavito's LiFe

    This is for Nathan /nf I got Jesus Wat Yu got I got Jesus Wat Yu got i got Jesus I'm a fan Wat you got. ✌

  26. Davida pautu

    The most i like in his songs,, this precious lyrics gave me back my worth..., may GOD bless NF.. Amen🙏✌

  27. born free

    Blessed are those poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Matthew sermon on the mound.
    Some say "religion is for fools" or "Its 2019, there is no need for Jesus". I ask you to think of the individual that would utter such words. It is undeniable that the bible has saved more lives than any other book. Imagine being so ignorant, or so filled with hate, to bash someone's life source. Even worse, these individual say they care for the impoverished and poor in spirit, yet, the bible speaks more to these individuals than any other group. The bible teaches lesson that my old man wasnt there to teach. The bible shows a life that i never witnessed, with my own eyes, as a kid. The bible undoubtedly saved me, and nothing, nor anybody, can, or ever will, make me denounce my savoir jesus christ.

    Jumy CTX

    born free Yeah you don’t need religion , you need Jesus

  28. Алтея Тетерина

    I am saved be Jesus
    So amazing!

  29. Paul Burress

    Ment it x2

  30. Lisa James

    I GOT JESUS.... WHAT U GOT???????

  31. St. Reagle

    That's crazy the song about Jesus but it's 4:44 minutes long that's what the masons use 4:44 cuz it's 666 upside down . Huge coincidence . Love the song though I really hope that it is just a real coincidence



  33. Rachael Borror

    Who else is an OG NF fan?
    Who else is going to his concert?
    Like if yes.

  34. Donald.M. Koraag

    I am so lucky to have Jesus Christ, but my mom, she didn't know the Lord Jesus well bcz she was raised from a muslim family before. I believe if Jesus can change my life, Jesus can change my mama's life.
    I need a prayer from you all (christian peoples)🙏✝️... thankyou and God bless.

  35. Immortal Gaming

    I mean, I got Jesus what you got bro?

  36. Vanessa Lopez

    I got JESUS what you got

  37. Darth Darthz

    Guess I'm not

  38. Hello!! :))))


  39. marcus John Chama


  40. A Birds eye view

    2 Masters choose OnE!

  41. A Birds eye view

    I AM the way the truth and the life. What's you Got!! I AM who I say I AM!! Babylon is fallen is fallen come out of her my people!!

  42. Michelle

    What you got?!?!......

    NOTHING if it ain't JESUS

  43. Brandi Speedy

    Yes! Verily verily I tell you, unless a man be born again he shall not inherit the kingdom of God- John 3:3!


  44. Elyssia Collett

    Wow NF I love your songs but this one was FIRE!!!
    Even I'm a Christian and you've proved to others that God is real!!

    Love you NF!!

  45. Maria Dixon

    I got Jesus!! What you got?? I love this song...I'm blessed to have came across NF's music...God works through everyone and it's so cool when it's unexpected!!

  46. scottyj0003

    Praise Jesus Christ!!!

  47. Tyler Harvey

    the sad part about this is that if it werent for how popular NF got for his most recent album i probably never would have heard this thank you for reaching me NF

  48. Benjamin Whitaker

    And then he publicly denounces being a Christian.

    Nguli Hualngo

    he don't say that, what he ment was not to call as Christian rapper, regards he made music such as motivational, not just about Christ, to mention Christian rapper is supposed to make only christian music so he preferred just a rapper.
    Dont get get twisted.

  49. jordan halifax

    Hell took a hit on this one great job i knew somthing good was coming up

  50. michelle dias

    This song has moved so many people i sent it to thank u god bless

  51. Cody Johnson

    more people need to listen to this

  52. Caitlin Campbell

    The phrase “I got Jesus, what you got?” reminds me of Elijah who mocked the people of Israel and the prophets of Baal. He asked them to call upon their gods to start a fire but when it didn’t happen told them their god must be meditating, on some journey, or sleeping. Then he called upon God and a fire began roaring! God is what really makes you fearless!

  53. Slump d

    This slaps hard😣😣

  54. Donny Boyp

    and then a legend was born.

  55. Nicauris Delossantos

    I got Jesus I belivein the Lord pray for all

    Montavious Gray XX

    I lost my faith a long time in god

    Ren ;-;

    @Montavious Gray XX I hope you figure it out :D

    Montavious Gray XX

    @Ren ;-; there is nothing to figure out were alone in this world if god was here he is long gone

    Ren ;-;

    @Montavious Gray XX Do you hate god, and do you think he is fake?

  56. Pretty Cee


  57. Adrian Rodriguez

    NF IS one of the few people that helped me truly find the holy spirit that lives and breathes within all of us ! Thank you for your blessing NF if I ever meet you in person I just want you to know you're an inspiration to open up to people about God and Jesus Christ !

  58. perseus2893

    Can we all just take a minute to witness the amazement of how far NF has come since this song

  59. stranger bown

    I got jesus

  60. Steve Marcum

    Nice song

  61. Henry The legend

    Christianity is all love man have faith hope and most importantly love

  62. RealScrhuff

    Christian rap

  63. Nathan Kharlukhi

    Diss against Eminem which made eminem running away👍👌

  64. Elvira hasty

    I got Jesus and he's gonna be there with me till the end... so don't dwell in the world cuz the world is not gonna be there for u till the end...for we will give an account to God...u and God no one else...get right with God before it's too late...plz pray for me.

  65. Nathan Kharlukhi

    This is the kind of songs you really are real. Love it❤️ You know Nathan, you could become the greatest preacher with such raps. And I can say when eminem try to diss u.. well u got Jesus.
    Before I find you I love Eminem's rap..he was good, his style of rapping. But then I find u

    For your song Nate I have this to say
    Bro💔yes I want to talk to you, I think you can do something with what I have to say. Can I really talk to u? Because I can hear you and my heart said I should do something. I really feel your song "The search" and "leave me alone" but I may not feel like you feel because we're different, but somehow they talk to me.

  66. emmanuel bongongo

    Fire bro 🔥🔥🔥

  67. Joelis Present

    If eminem was a Christian

  68. Hatsune Miku fan 104

    This is the NF I miss

  69. Zanna

    I’m not even Christian I’m just here cause I’m a true NF fan and I support all his songs

  70. David Johnson

    I'm still confused that the best of rap is gospel rap...

  71. Zachary Geist

    I wish NF would remake one of these old songs and release it as a single.

  72. johnaservant

    Deliver us Oh Lord

  73. Angelica Joaquin

    Dislikes from Satan Followers

  74. janneke xo’

    but why do you write devil with de d capitalized?

  75. Jason Hoover

    Joyner should of listen to this song be fore he wrote devil works

  76. Ciaran Curley

    Anyone here after the whole search album came out

  77. Annmarie Whites

    Knock the devil I like it gives me that cup head vibe

  78. LadyDiabolic

    Love it <3

  79. Manuel Dehoyos

    Nice one

  80. luke borst

    Starting from the very begening before new album comes out

  81. Tiana Young


  82. Jesus Melendez

    Find Jesus Christ and he will give you the answers you got

  83. Jesus Martínez

    Whoever disliked this is a nonbeliever in jesus



  85. Salgra R.Marak

    Please realise your songs beats man because this rap was perfect🙏🙏🙌🙌😍😍😇😇


    God bless u nf...

  87. Michael Martinez

    The entire second verse has some of the realest statements I’ve ever heard in my life.

  88. andre lopez

    song slaps can i use this for my church

  89. Wolf Lover

    I love this song NF is my favorite singer

  90. Potatoman ‘

    I love this song

  91. Myriam Nehme

    He sounds like eminem in this song😍🎶

  92. B Z

    Man... where has this jewel been this whole time?!?! I got Jesus too!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  93. Aubrey Solava

    I cant believe I didn't find this earlier

  94. Diana Delosreyes

    Either you saved or you not---