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How do I know you wont hurt me?
What makes me so different?

I spent my whole life
Just wonderin around
Lost in love
Until I was found by
And I thank you
You showed me...
(what) What life is all about
You've turned my whole life around
Changed all that I do
It's all because of you...

I threw away my players card
I put my girl before my card
I believe that I can reach the stars
It's all because of you (all because of you)
I swear I'll never fool around
Won't hang out late night trying to clown
Right now I wanna settle down
It's all because of you...

Lovin you
Is such a beautiful thing
Got me thinkin bout coppin you that ring
Your such a queen
You've given my life new meaning
It's like a dream
How could this be?
Someone like you, for me
I've never felt more complete
Than I do when I'm with you


I promise a day wont go by
That I wont say that I
That I love you (love you)
And I need you (need you) Baby
There nothin that I wont do to please you (nothing, nothing)
Girl, you've changed me (changed me)
I just wanna make you happy (oooh)


Everything that I am (everything)
Everything that I'll ever be (all)
Is all because of you (all because of you)
All because of you (all because of you)
All because of you (all because of you)
All because of you (all because of you)
All because of you (all because of you)
It's all because of you (all because of you)
All because of you (all because of you)
It's all because of you (all because of you)
All because of you (all because of you)
I love you...

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  1. Alex Malkesten II

    Deberia esta en spotify

  2. Maria De la Cruz Garcia

    Que hermosa Julia Volkova ojalá q se vuelva a reencontrar con Lena katina

  3. pyro maniac

    How does this bitches learn to make bombs so easily?😑

  4. pyro maniac

    1:15 stretch marks on boobs?

  5. Nimrod

    como vim parar nessa merda?

  6. Ivy Chi

    Oh, why can’t she just stay in the age of 14.

  7. kflosow

    Should've been a white guy in the video. Would've made it better...

    Leo Franco

    that's so racist.

  8. Daniel Sharp

    Why are so many people saying she is ugly now? She is still freaking hot.


    God, she’s awful.

  10. Elizavetka Konfetka

    А ведь она родилась в СССР

  11. millo remix2019

    Se quedo sin rubia y sin negro xddddd

  12. toiletgirlmusic

    I miss t.A.T.u. - they are so unique and I love their songs!! I sang a cover of "Sacrifice" today, feel free to check it out:

  13. Первый оптимат

    nigga ... disgusting ... almost vomited ...

  14. Mate Varga

    The direction of this video is horrible

  15. Fatima Ramzan

    Julia is awsome

  16. X xx_LenTV_xx X

    Мне кажется это не Лена была

  17. Manucornio

    Where’s my tatu girl ? She looks like platic tatu girl ;(

  18. antmas antmas

    Какая дегенерация ...
    Всё что угодно и с кем угодно, лишь бы бабло за клипы
    прибывало ...
    Тьфу бла.

  19. Хайповый Рэп

    I love u baby. Feel so good

  20. Fiore KatLover

    Ese video parece. La realidad de aquellos años cuando ya estaban a punto de separarse, lena es la “aniga con derechos que odia al novio”, y el novio de color es Parviz 🙊🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Gleison Melo

    Muito show o clipe e a música

  22. Júlia Fonseca

    2019? Brazil

  23. Ninaah Castro

    No se está canción tiene indirectas.

  24. Милая Шалунья


  25. Mary Linda

    Caracas..ela permaneceu no ramo lesbico..ficou massa

    Augusto Adam

    É tudo mentira more, a Júlia é uma fingida homofóbica

  26. Recep Narin

    be almost 17 year we was listen malchik gay but today yulia volkova be julia i think she be an american citizen

  27. Shane Dorsey

    This is awesome

  28. Cronoxa 79

    Alguien me explica el video? La rubia le tiende una trampa?

  29. Byron Clarke

    You are not lesbian now bad choice Julia you are bisexual are what

  30. Júpter Andrad

    Põe no Spotify por favor kkkk

  31. RQS

    This and "Dindt Want To Do It" were cool, fun & not typical sound. I wish she had a comeback with amazing music.

  32. Игорь Власенков

    Обожаю юлечку супер

  33. Cristobal Eduardo

    I Love This Song 🔥🙌🏻❤️

  34. Moonnie's wife

    STOP TALKING ABOUT YULIA’S LIPS OR FACE!!! Probably she don’t drop another video because all of the hate coments in every video??! LEAVE YULIA ALONE YOU SNAKES! 💀💀💀 She’s beautiful and she’s trying her best too, so if you don’t have any positive comment GO AWAY!

    Traficante De Batata

    she is homofobic, she deserve this

  35. Ben Frank

    Is she actually a lesbian?

    Donkey Kong

    She's nowadays homophobic and married with a man. Yes, with a man.

  36. nico Blanchard


  37. Eceosweh G.

    Is she from the tatu?

  38. Jota I

    Spotify deserves her song 😍

  39. cahaya kehidupan

    are julia and lena couple in reality?

  40. Guillermo Pinaya Veliz

    =) beautifoul

  41. Денис Денис

    О чем этот клип?

  42. Justine Willems

    I m bisexual and i love this song🌈🌈😘😍

  43. Vitor Piazzarollo

    put this on spotify immeaditly for god's sake

  44. Temirlan Adilbek

    she got popular with her natural beauty and now she looks messed up

  45. Arian Bravo

    she is still hot

  46. Ernesto Caravario

    Vamos Julia!!... Ponete a cantar que lo haces genial

  47. Carlo

    I like lena better.

  48. Maru Brink

    Min 2:13 esa voz tan particular de Yulia en tatu ❤ (2019) 🙆‍♀️

  49. Брюс Виллис

    Fakin Negritos 💣💣💣

  50. Kopersi 15

    Полчаса 2 ( "взрослая версия")

  51. frederic lamonica

    Clip que ne va pas avec la chanson bien loin de ce quel peut faire exemple pourquoi elle n’a pas sortit RAGE en single pfff

  52. camilo Sexto

    "Un pulgar para quien la escucha 2019 👍

  53. Toño Gomez

    It's terrible

  54. it wtfff

    2019 <3

  55. кот кошакц Кашакович

    а почему у волковой на клипах просмотров больше чем у катиной?

  56. Kari Waller

    Good song!


    В принципе татухи изначально были заточены на зарабатывание бабла. Так что не хер что то комментировать. В мире капитала деньги не пахнут. Даже ругать то их нет желания. Переживём...

  58. Julio Cesar Cubillos

    Julia tenia unos labios perfectos y sus ojos tan intensos era realmente hermosa me imagino que tambien eso sedujo a lena...

  59. Julio Cesar Cubillos

    Me imagino la cara De Katina cuando la tipa y el tipo besan a su ex jajajaa...

  60. Julio Cesar Cubillos

    Otra vez lena, ahora se quieren hablar por medio de sus canciones... Igual lena

  61. Julio Cesar Cubillos

    Aqui vemos el efecto lena katina.

  62. марина казакова

    Юля ты супер верните тату

  63. Antonio Andrade

    Awuebo tatu se separo

  64. Natália (mjbrasil_s2)

    She looks like Ruby Rose in there

  65. Sonauddin sarkar

    Thes is a live not a live hey allh u helf all the peopple

  66. Lázaro Júnior

    2018?? ❤️❤️❤️

    Greyci Alonso Ramos

    2019 :3

  67. Sara Guerrero

    This is a 30 minutes Yulia's version

  68. Vanessa Vanessa

    Офигеть сколько англоязычных а русских мало

  69. I Rate Your Comments

    How do they get away with all this gay stuff in Russia? Shouldn't they be in jail or something?

  70. Cyb3r A1i3n

    I feel as if these songs are telling what really happened between Yulia and Lena, what really caused the split. I mean, listen to Lena's songs in her album "This is Who I am", most of them seem to be directed to Yulia...

  71. Hallou Abdelbaset

    Any 2018 ??



  73. Arlet_tommo 28

    Sin duda el mejor vídeo que he visto 😍💕

  74. watchingrob

    That doesnt seem like a productive solution

  75. Freddy Ramirez Poot

    The best for ever

  76. NTRL FG

    From a legacy to a horny taste of bad music. RIP t.A.T.u.

  77. uri black

    Mixing is better here but Lyrics are better in Russian. Plot twist: It's not the same song in Russian 😲

  78. DM Tv

    I miss her cute face before.. Now she's different person

  79. kosma

    Does anyone know who is this blond haired girl? What's her name?

  80. 034 686

    Server OS CHANGE UP.

  81. Alice

    Yuliya darling please stop this insanity😢

  82. Alice

    The middle eastern music part is creepy and also enough with the self torture just be with the damn woman and spare us the terrible and cliche romantic scenes with a man in your next video.Just be cute and be your self (peace)

  83. Anddru Rg

    Me encanta tatu

  84. fck Aiki le kiki


  85. უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

    damn adulthood runed her

  86. Екатерина Зыль

    Девушек для клипов подбирает стремных

  87. Bonnie Lockwood

    shitty song

  88. Полина Кускова

    I hate her because she's two-faced. She says that if her son were gay, she would not have accepted him, "a man should remain a man", but when she was asked: "what if your daughter is a lesbian?" she responded positively. Double standarts.

    Watch her interview, she is very hypocritical.

    Полина Кускова


  89. Marko Jokanovic

    What an absolute garbage and utter rubbish song and video.. from 10 million copyes with the firat albums with t.A.t.U. down to this.. wow..

  90. Leonardo Chico

    Like si lo sigues viendo en 2018 💜

  91. Олеся Белова

    The song is awful

  92. EmotionalLord


  93. asshole

    Sapatão de Taubaté

  94. fck Aiki le kiki

    Trop trop belle sexy ❤️💓💘😍💋💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😜👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️

  95. Mirrored {} Chaos

    julia has changed so much since shes not with lena anymore. it makes me sad that that part of my childhood no longer exists.