Newworldson - Weary Lyrics

Weary, I've been weary for the longest time
Weary, living with a worried mind
Can you hear me?
I could really use a friend
Weary, and I'm knocking on your door again

Oh, my burden I can't tow
Can I lay it down?
Will you help me let it go and put it in the ground?

You melt my frozen heart
You fuel my flame
I need a brand new start
I'm calling out your name

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Newworldson Weary Comments
  1. new world son old time religion


  2. W19M64S

    Never grow Weary of listening to this.......Joel is amazing!

  3. Leroy Osbourne

    The drummer (Mark Rogers)Has some great chops. However he needs to keep the reggae beat simple. keepin the stick on the rim and not play on the snare except when doing fills. Playing the snare instead of the rim is a dead give away of drummers who don't really understand the reggae vibe.  There's a time to use the snare on the 2 and 4 in reggae but definitely not in this tune. Not to meniton Mr Rogers gets bored with the reggae beat so he feels he has to make it interesting by filling it up with a bunch of unnecessary stuff which just ruins a perfectly good tune. IMHO. Mr Rogers would do well to listen to lots of Sly and Robbie for guidance on what not to play when playing reggae.  

  4. jacqueline de la galerie de kohco

    Great music, great song, great lyrics! You guys are awesome!!!

  5. Andrew Christian

    I like it better slow

  6. Liz Tegart

    One of my new favs! Love you guys.

  7. Brooke Red

    I would love to hear a duet of them with Warren Barfield! OMG that would be the honorary soul brothers bringing the funk extraordinaire!

  8. illuminatedillustrators

    good music still exist!

  9. ness

    come to PH0ENiX, ARiZ0NA PLEASE!!! yu guyz are great!..God bless yall truely..keep up the Christ-powered work..much love from AZ :)

  10. ness

    @hannahjobuttons me too!haha once i heard it i had to have it!..and all their other songz ofcourse :)

  11. aprylmishell

    i've never heard this song either. wow!! they're groovin'!

  12. hannahjobuttons

    I heard these guys on K-love the other day singing "There is a Way" and LOVED it! I really like their stuff! Keep up the good stuff guys!!

  13. Samuel Mateos



  14. primopr716

    NWS: my favorite band of all time, and this song is one of my faves from them; I just went to Jamaica, and this song sounds like something straight off that island. I think NWS should visit Kingston and give a concert there. Maybe team up with Papa San for some concerts, too. I can't wait to see NWS this Saturday night in Buffalo at The Chapel and then again at Kingdom Bound at Darien Lake in August. THANK YOU JESUS FOR NWS!

  15. Generic Gender Neutral Name

    cool, christian reggae!!! yay! :D God bless

  16. highwaymelodies

    you guys are fantastic and an encouragement.

  17. arepasheat

    You guys work together so incredibally well! Please do come to Portland Maine and play here sometime. (-:

  18. misstramaine1981

    Music for the soul...Amen.