Newworldson - Rocky Road Lyrics

There's a road
It's rocky road lined with sticks and stones
It's a road where the thistle grows
And the freeway never goes
But even though this road is long
Everybody's welcome on this rocky raid

Now we're all doing the best we can
We hurt from head to toe
And we fall short of heaven's plan
We stumble as we go
But even though we've all done wrong
Everybody's welcome on this rocky road

We're casting stones even though we're all sinners
Pointing fingers and calling out names
But on the rocky road there ain't no one among us
Without blame
On the rocky road

How can I, with this log in my eye,
Count your spots and scars?
Why should I even try to put you behind bars?
I need your love to carry on
We've got to help each other along this rocky road

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Newworldson Rocky Road Comments
  1. jimmy the new vlogger

    great music,food for your soul,thank you Jesus,in you're Jesus,

  2. jimmy the new vlogger

    great music,food for your soul,thank you Jesus,in you're Jesus,

  3. Robb Garcia

    Dude if you could feel the power of GOD that flows through these young men , your heart would be on fire and your mind blown !Yea its supper  music ."The Supper of the Lamb"

    CaerLynn Primeaux


  4. Jon-John Pinckney

    So sounds like diner music at the end of a TV episode.

  5. Sandra Gonzalez

    Rocky Road, I can relate...songs like these are so real to what is happening in our lives today.  Love, Love your music.

  6. harley guy1397

    This song helps me daily to keep the praise up

  7. maria estela

    su musica esta super, muy profesional y sobre todo el mensaje hablo a mi corazon God Bless you. keep going guys. love you music.

  8. Marcia Harper

    the perfect song for an icecream parlor lol

    Jonathan Ngaira

    The use of humour suggests that perhaps posting a funny comment is more important to you than the depth of meaning in this song.

  9. myheavenlyhome

    Just heard afew songs from this group and they are wonderful!

  10. Heidi Morgan

    if you're inna laid back mood, try this one on for size!