Newworldson - O Lament Lyrics

There's a gate with a lock and two high walls
All around me are all - seeing eyeballs
And there's a guard with a gun should I run
Should I run, should I run
There's a small patch of grass that I've handled
Through the gaps in the bars left a candle
And there's a lapse when the guards switch their watches
No one watches, no one wathces

O lament, o lament - my savior awaits me there
O lament, o lament - why if I die should I care?

There's a day I remember so clearly
It's the day when the spirit moved near me
And there's unfinished work to attend to
To attend to: I intend to
There's a night that I chose for a reason
It's got to do with the moon and the season
But there's a guard wit ha gun should I run
Should I run, should I run?

O lament...

There's a shot ringing out from the tower
Now I'm drawn to the ground by some power
And there's a light through it's long past the hour

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Newworldson O Lament Comments
  1. catalina Martinez

    Love this song :)

  2. gemsong

    Thank you so much for this, I was looking for the lyrics.

  3. crazysingingchick

    @yunizblue The lyrics say it. :)

  4. Yuni T

    hi thanks for commenting. I did not know the story of the song about someone who got shot and died. Did Newworldson say that?
    For me, this song is so beautiful and is about living in this world that we don't belong to, yet being Jesus' disciples we have to continue the work in this world until we finally meet Him in heaven.

  5. mrjonzmusic

    GREAT video!!!
    I love this song too (one of my faves from NWS)...I wouldn't necessarily call it "tango worship music"'s one of those songs that I personally couldn't worship to. It's about someone that's in prison wanting to escape at the right time, gets shot and dies. It's one of those songs that makes you's cleverly written and BEAUTIFULLY put together, and even though he meets Jesus in the end, it has kind of a sad overtone to it.

  6. degracia22

    Great video