Newworldson - Homeless Child Lyrics

Time is never on your side
When you're living day to day and night
The sun way up in the sky
Isn't always there to bring you light
Well it's nothing personal
The earth just spins around
But it's lonely and it's cold here on the ground

I was a homeless child before You took me in
Your comforts are beyond imagination
I was a runaway but now I'm here to stay
Nothing can keep me from Your sweet salvation

Love is always hard to find
When you're counting on the stars to align
But we pass each other all the time
Walking down that crowded road so wide
No one's going anywhere
We only push and shove
And then we're right back to the start looking for love
(Where's the love?)

I was a homeless child...

And it's all for free
All you give to me
What a blessing just to be in Your family

I was a homeless child...

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