Newworldson - Do You Believe In Love? Lyrics

Tell me everybody - you believe in love?
Do you believe in love?
Yes I wanna know if you believe in love?
Tell me you believe in love

Don't let 'em change your mind
Tell you that love is gone
Love ain't gone, it might feel that way
But it's been here all along

Don't let 'em change your mind
Tell you love has had its day
Love's come back, its alive and well
No matter what the people say

Don't let 'em change your mind
Tell you that love's a breeze
Love ain't breezy, it's a howling wind
Knock a man to his knees

Everybody, everybody do you believe?
"Yes I believe in love"

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Newworldson Do You Believe In Love? Comments
  1. Sock Monkey

    Sick guitar tone bruh

  2. W19M64S

    4 sad, miserable people don't believe in love!!!!

  3. Exodus Getahun

    Z best band nd song!! luv it!!

    Menasi Ephrem

    Hello From 2019

  4. felise hall

    Wow LOVE this band just bought one of their albums!

  5. Jeff Pincin

    I like this one a lot better. Were you an 80s kid? I was born in '89, so I have no real aversion to the 80s :P But someone who can call themselves an 80s kid probably goes toward Huey in a strong way.

  6. faamao100

    any concert in seattle anytime soon please????/

  7. gettelch

    with the world going the way its going I think were all going to all need some old fashion music. love these guys In fact going to one of their concerts and going to have some good footage of them so if your interested make sure to check out my channle

  8. Selamawit Fantaye

    I do believe in love. God is love! :)

  9. wg99er

    type in land of the lost do you believe in love! hilarious!!!

  10. Annie Dyfy

    WOW O_O

    NICE, love it :)

  11. Lyn Nelson

    LOVE IT!!!

  12. Abraham Im

    This is a nice song. It's pretty simple and old school.

  13. Cheryl Clark

    You guys are awesome!! Hope you come to north Florida! This is my favorite!

  14. Jerz Chula

    Saw them friday night at bell shoals church they are so amazing. Had so much fun. Got the signatures of all 4. So fun down to earth God loving band.

  15. Travelingpilot

    Hebben FLEVO ook dit jaar weer op zijn kop gezet...... Deze gasten weten wat ze doen!!!!! TOPIE

  16. Amberly Sneed

    My favorite new group! Love this guys vibe!

  17. Amberly Sneed

    My new favorite group. Love his vibe!

  18. laurien taal

    heb het gezien onwijs vet.
    op de site van eo jongerendag staat hun optreden

  19. thaithaismom

    I like these guys....toooo coollll

  20. Jo lande

    Dit jaar weer op flevo :)

  21. althazarr

    GREAT song!

  22. Juan Rafael Borjas Valladares

    This guys are awesome!

  23. MCmirrr

    hij is echt geweldig ja!! ik word er helemaal blij van !!!!!