Newton-John, Olivia - If Not For You Lyrics

If not for you
Babe I couldn't even find the door
I couldn't even see the floor
I'd be sad and blue
If not for you

If not for you
Babe the night would see me wide awake
The day would surely have to break
And it would not be new
If not for you

If not for you my sky would fall
Rain would gather too
Without your love I'd be nowhere at all
I'd be lost if not for you

If not for you
The winter would hold no spring
Couldn't hear a robin sing
I just wouldn't have a clue
It not for you

If not for you my sky would fall
Rain would gather too
Without your love I'd be nowhere at all
I'd be lost if not for you

If not for you
The winter would hold no spring
You couldn't hear a robin sing
I just wouldn't have a clue
It not for you
If not for you

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Newton-John, Olivia If Not For You Comments
  1. Andrea María Real Salvai

    I prefer George singing this song...I´m a bit jealous with the songs composed by certain authors...

  2. Victor Lutes

    Seen her on tv in 19 1970 and still wondering decades later ,, how will i ever meet her??

  3. Михаил Матвеев

    Класс. Могла уже в то время зажечь зал, никаких сомнений. Настоящая певица и красотка

  4. Henry Robinson

    This should have been included on the disk on Voyager sent out to communicate humanities best face. Thanks Olivia for sharing your presence with the public no matter what it showed us what lovely excellence looks like.

  5. alexandre christen

    An angelic face , a very sweet voice and a lot of talent . Olivia Newton John is adorable and really cute . 😙 😙 😙

  6. Mlchael Wray


  7. Evan Nicholls

    She so bob hands down

  8. Andrew Cassey

    When I hear this song, I think back at just how many wonderful, beautiful women helped me through my most darkest moments of OTHERWISE THOROUGHLY INDEPENDENT, SUCCESSFUL LIVING.

  9. Joseph Hernandez

    Vintage Olivia Newton John very sexy i love this video !!!!!😎😎😎😎😎

  10. Mark Markofkane

    We had this on a K-tel collection. Such a sweet tune! And she is so adorable!

  11. culinaryar

    💕Love the huge, sincere smile... 0:41
    Looks like she was laughing with someone. 😆

  12. One4All All4One

    Beauty, energy, and the sweetest voice.

  13. combivan

    Yes, she is something special!

  14. Dj Tennessee

    Happy Birthday Lovely Livvy , still listening in 2019

  15. George Margo

    There are 14 persons who either pushed the wrong button or are very ignorant......

  16. George Margo

    I am totally hooked on this video. It is a real Classic.I always return to it and watch how beautiful she is and her moves are so smooth and rhythmic. Notice her smile so captivating and her voice has angelic quality. When I am down I watch it and it takes me to another dimension of comfort and peace. I must have watched this at least 50 times and I will never let it go...Thank you Olivia for this masterpiece...George Margo

  17. Zepron

    That smile, omg!! This is years before she did Grease and Xanadu

  18. Glenda prado cabrera

    Country a go go?

  19. 70s and80s dude

    One of the best remakes ever


    love the way there are NO microphones !!! must have a VERY powerful voice

    William Jordan

    You're joking, right?

  21. Adam

    ❤️❤️❤️ her arms floating around haha

  22. John Robertson

    pretty ..enuff

  23. Jose Madrigal

    Hi Olivia I love your dance moves ( get em Angel baby ) you Always had The unigue woman voice we need more music like this Pop music producers please we Good people need to hear Good music like this number one Hits again ( God bless you ( Olivia I adore you your friend Jose Madrigal Las Vegas Nevada USA 🌹

  24. Daisy Goodwin

    So beautiful and feminine


    Yeah just the way guys like women, without all those tattoos and dressing like guys, Olivia is what we're looking for

  25. whyicare

    Her awkward dancing makes her even more attractive

  26. Kasper Kjærsgaard

    Boy, am I in love,,,,,,,,

  27. Manzi Glauninger

    She's absolutely, stunningly lovely and classy ❤️ We love you forever, Olivia!

    Mike Gee

    She's stunningly beautiful!

  28. Sebastian Chirinos

    Who is listening That in 2019?

  29. walesdad

    God Almighty,what a face.

  30. Rick C.

    Thank you for uploading this brilliant video of Olivia in Australia. I was a child of ten when this was aired, and it is amongst my fondest memories.

  31. J. B

    Adorable. There's nothing not to love here.

  32. Shuri Witwicky

    She's really getting down with those dance moves OKAYYYY

  33. Dennis Rivenburg

    I had a humongous crush on her never seen this before she's beautiful !

  34. 7beers

    Love her moves!

  35. John Overland

    Love and prayers for Olivia Newton-John.

  36. Jim Cole

    Cuteness personified!

  37. Randy Carter

    "Sighhhh" those eyes, that smile and her voice. I will never get tied of seeing this.

  38. Richard Albert Henderson

    "If not for you, I couldn't even find my hands....."

  39. Sally Ann Price

    Great singer! I love this song!

  40. strawberryseason


  41. Gouwe Ouwe Muziek

    Dit nummer en nog veel meer vind je op!

  42. Joe Kowalski

    Brilliant cover. So sweet. :)

  43. kendokunti

    My Fav by this Gal!

  44. KarenCarpenter Fan

    The best soprano along with Agnetha from ABBA. Best contralto ever of course is Olivia's close friend Karen Carpenter. :-)

    William Jordan

    No, no, and yes, respectively.

  45. Paul Kinsella

    Great song & singer

  46. Ignacio Altuna

    Me llegó perdido entre un lote de novedades para disc-jockeys que nos remitía (como todos los sellos) la Phonogram-Polydor. Era yo un redomado amante del C&W y me dije: "Esta chica es especial"...  Y a partir de allí cada vez fueron llegando nuevas lindas creaciones de esta niña australiana, que luego mataría mil con su protagónico en "Grease" y tantas cosas más que endulzaron nuestras vidas, allá, a comienzos de los setenta, cuando todo nos parecía aun muy lejos ¡Qué pronto se desliza el tiempo..!
    Chau!   Desde BA,   Nacho! 

  47. Darren Moore

    She could make Angels weep with frustration .

  48. 濱田隆雄

    Very Nice!!

  49. EBthere

    This one song reminds me of being 14-15 years old more than any other song. I was 14 and 15 in '71 and '72 and this song by Olivia Newton John was being played alot  on the radio. Reminds me of motorcycle riding in the country and wonderful summer. Her version is my favorite. Thanks for posting.

  50. Contakum

    It's easy to get an instant crush on Olivia Newton John after watching this video.

    Wayne World

    @Contakum You would be in line with millions of boys and men.


    +Wayne Taylor My brother had a huge crush on her and so did I. Beautiful woman then..still a beautiful woman now.

    Wayne World

    @oldgordo61 You can never take that away form this Beautiful women.

    Andrew Cassey

    Yes. Agreed. And then you watch Grease, and the rest and suddenly you find yourself having to hide yourself while you pull yourself. You know what I mean.

  51. misslantana52

    Love this song, Olivia is so cute here! ♥

  52. Contakum

    I hope you understand that you can't expect us to believe that you asked Olivia Newton John to a dance, but if you did that should have stayed between you and her. You coming on YouTube bragging about it (and you know that's what you're doing) is without any class at all.

  53. Gypsylady Laura

    No special effects, no gaudy costume, no heavy make-up, etc. Just a sweet song sung by a fresh-faced young lady with not pretense or phoniness--lovely.

    Point Blank Eloquence

    I don't see any microphones on set. This seems to be a lip-sync, so that's a kind of special effect :)

  54. william jack

    I asked her to danced ( honest) after she appeared at the Shakespeare theater in Liverpool. I think she was about to say yes until her keyboard player
    reappeared. I was 19 and she was lovely.

  55. Raymond Paul

    Had to hear this classic!