Newsom, Joanna - You And Me, Bess Lyrics

We picked our way down to the beach
Watching the waves dragging out of our reach
Tangling tails, like a sodden sheet
Dangling entrails from the gut of the sea

Hoarding our meals, alfalfa and rolls
Trying not to catch the cold eye of the gulls
I hope Mother Nature has not overheard
Though she doles out hurt like a puking bird

We stayed for the winter
No-one told us about the laws of the land
I hold my own, but you with your hunger
You, on the other hand make yourself known

And when we were found I know we both grieved
My heart made the sound of snow falling from eaves
You and me, Bess, we was as thick as thieves
So I swore, nonetheless, up and down, it was only me

So they took me away and after some time
Studying my case must have made up their minds
By the time you realized I was dying
Must have been too late, I believe you were not lying

It is the day, I wake with my ears cocked up like a gun
Like every day, of course
Yanked by my wrists to the sugar-front courtyard
Now tell me, what have I done?
Seems I have stolen a horse and I step to the gallows
Who do you think that you are?
Arching your hooves like a crane
In the shallow gutter that lines the boulevards
Crowded with folks who just

Stare as I hang, it's all the same
Kindness comes over me, what was your name?
It makes no difference, I'm glad that you came
Forever, I'll listen to your glad neighing

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