Newsom, Joanna - On A Good Day Lyrics

Hey, hey, hey, the end is near
On a good day you can see the end from here
But I won't turn back now though the way is clear
I will stay for the remainder

I saw a life and I called it mine
I saw it drawn so sweet and fine
And I had begun to fill in all the lines
Right down to what we'd name her

Our nature does not change by will
In the winter, 'round the ruined mill
The creek is lying flat and still
It is water, though it's frozen

So, across the years and miles and through
On a good day you can feel my love for you
Will you leave me be so that we can stay true
To the path that you have chosen?

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Newsom, Joanna On A Good Day Comments
  1. Jasmine Lynch

    I never knew you, love. But I held you in my hand and cried, both from the pain and the realization of what you were. I was so young. May you rest peacefully.

  2. Maria Thomou

    I can't get over the fact that the song ends so fast.

  3. 111bep

    This song perfectly describes my first relationship. A horrible time in my life.

  4. Abner Dupuis

    This song evokes in me the same feelings as do most Shakespeare monologues.

  5. Saoirse Rosenstock

    "our nature does not change by will,
    right around the ruined mill, the creek is lying flat and still,
    it is water,
    though it's frozen."
    Jesus Christ Joanna 😢❤

  6. Matsch Moon

    So unglaublich traurig. .. aber warum? So ist's halt..

  7. acorngirl

    I know the miscarriage interpretation is very plausible, but I also see it as not being able to be with someone - having all this love for a person, but not being able to do anything with it. For some reason or another a decision was made to not be together, but she's still carrying those feelings and imagining this alternate life.

    Not as heartbreaking as a miscarriage, but still bittersweet.

    Jack Blow

    This is really how I see it too. The "right down to what we'd name her" line, I think, makes people think miscarriage, but who hasn't met someone amazing and thought about all of the possibilities? Future, family. This song is beautiful to me because it's a really distinct moment in the process of getting over someone.

    Paul Cassidy

    I think you hit the nail on the head.

  8. Javier Arce

    Does anyone know the name of the instrument that makes the spring-like sound at 1:02-1:04? I think it's a Jew's harp (jaw harp?), but I'm not really sure. She's also used it many of her other songs.


    This song only features harp and vocals. You might just be hearing the bass strings of the harp, which have somewhat of a twangier sound than the upper range, since they're made of steel or copper wire.

  9. Mary Hickman

    If this song isn't about a miscarriage then I'm the pope

  10. the sorting hat

    Anybody 2018?

  11. Fuzzy Ewok

    Good song. Horrible vocals


    Fuzzy Ewok Good intention, horrible comment.

    Lina J

    I agree. Robin Pecknold sings it better

  12. Diego Villarroel

    For some reason it reminds me of dark eyes by bob dylan

  13. Meg Guzman

    Damn 1min48s was all it took to destroy me WOW

  14. moth

    Ive been looking for this for so long

  15. Robert Nettleship

    This song has got me into Joanna Newsome :)

  16. Daisy

    Sounds like she had a miscarriage. Very pretty, but bittersweet.


    Daisy Debar ohhh, I never interpreted it that way. interesting point of view


    Thank you🙂 Just a theory of course..

    Mary Hickman

    that was my thought, too
    "i saw a life and called it mine"
    "the creek is lying flat and still"

    Dylan Pierson

    also "right down to what we'd name her." this is a pretty major theme in a couple of other songs too, like Sprout and the Bean which appears to be about abortion "the difference between the sprout and the bean // it is a golden ring, it is a twisted string" "drawing near them was a white coat" etc. and Baby Birch which is fairly laden with references to a lost child. i dont know how much of that is drawn from joanna's personal life, or if she just finds a topic as tragic as this good for lyrical inspiration.

  17. Kyah Faria

    "the things I say" starts playing in my head every time I listen to this song again
    Sometimes I just get stuck in a cycle of the two and cry like the most traumatized baby elephant ' ^'

  18. Emilie Rapport

    If only this song was longer! One of her best.

  19. daedrmr2dae

    Strangely, this song makes me cry more than any other song...
    I think I know what it's about.


    This song and baby birch make me ugly cry like no other


    'Right down to what we'd name her'

    sno saer

    this song is about our mother earth

  20. dragonfly

    I heard a cover of this song in Paper Towns

    marce anarchy

    yeah I heard it too. wish they wouldve just used Joanna!


    +Marceline Gray but Fleet Foxes is awesome man!

    Donna Wetter

    it was covered by robin pecknold, who is also a member of fleet foxes, I think and the cover is pretty awesome in that movie :)


    Please send me your profile pic somehow. I think it's the cutest.

  21. Anthony Cardenas

    Just beautiful

  22. Melissa Meijer

    love the lyrics 

  23. Brehia S

    Totally wish this song was longer!!!

    Jesse Torres

    Put it on repeat!

    Brehia S

    I most definitely do! lol

  24. Jack Stokes


  25. Paola Bramlett

    This song makes me wanna cry

  26. Violette Royal

    one of the most beautiful song ever created. and I mark my words.

  27. Curt Chavoustie

    This song gives me chills

  28. Anna56

    and she gets to marry Andy Samberg. she has it all ):

  29. jackuhlantern

    This is definitely called "On a Bad Day"....

  30. Malcolm Jones

    I love how all of her songs are as long or short as she sees fit. I believe that It's better this way. You can focus on the story and the melody without being under a time-constraint.

  31. Nizgoob

    Oh, but it can!

  32. ilovejustinvernon

    i would listen to joanna if i was drunk too man, you're not alone.

  33. Don Sulis

    Why can't this be 10 years long?

    Saoirse Rosenstock

    😂😂 at least 12

  34. harry weber

    I CAN FEEL UR LOVE JOANNA! I LOVE YOU 2!guys, friends, joanna's sorry but i think she was singing this song to me, bou me, n all for yeah...sorry but the lady's spoken 4

  35. Andrey Bondarenko

    I want it to be played at my funeral, the lyrics are perfect

  36. Joshua Smith

    Von Trier - Melancholia

  37. Micah Spera

    I never even thought of that.. but it does fit doesn't it?

  38. Alex Goodman

    Oh, and to all lthe people who are "raping" the like/replay button, I have one thought: STOP IT! what if someone was reading your comment who had been raped? Don't feel so "cool" now do you? And you should know better. This, going out to all of you 20-somethings from a 13yr old.


    Nice one Alex

    Sloop J Bingorino

    Why the fuck do you people always have the inclination to be offended for other people? In all honestly I just find it obnoxious and presumptuous, and all it does is bring more negativity to a comment section. I guess you people just enjoy being offended so you decide to try and find it in every fucking thing that you come across?

    Margarida Santiago

    deltiaz, I know you're going to hate me, but... you kind of sound like you are offended over the top because other people get offended so easily?


    Raping the like button on this comment

    Sloop J Bingorino

    Margarida Santiago I wasn't in the mood to see unwanted negativity at the time. And I guess it's totally ironic I got angry and brought even more negativity. I'm proud to say since then I have ventured to the Yamabushi mountains and became a monk for a couple of months and learnt the way of the bhudda and have honed the way of the jedi.

  39. Alex Goodman

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short! :( But I still love it!

  40. cLouD

    yeoo i just made a music vid for this if you care to check it out!! joannaa is lyfee

  41. Nasus Mondragon

    So original !

  42. 6sakuchan6

    O_o I was searching for another song but,,,,, this blew my mind,,,! *raping the like-button*

  43. RickesRives

    this makes me soooooo sad... love it

  44. kathleen evans

    @ferganddini I know what you mean. Like baby birch was a a baby she made up. Not a baby that was actually born.

  45. kathleen evans

    Best song ever!?

  46. dragonfly

    This makes me want to cry

  47. phil dill

    She has really beaten her voice into submission, it's beautiful but torturous.

  48. ferganddini

    does anyone knows if this has any connection with baby birch?
    i totally relate both
    beautiful :D

  49. carlos garcia

    bridges and balloons

  50. TheBluePhoenix2112

    This song is truly beautiful. I’ve been listening to some of her other songs but everything else just sounds so weird. So far, this is her only song that I like. Can anyone suggest anything else?

    Dax Shadowslayer

    Baby Birch

  51. Asher

    What kind of font is that?

  52. Sean Stebok

    I so very much wish this song was longer.

  53. Suzy R

    so 'cross the years and miles and through, on a good day, you can feel my love for you

    the sorting hat

    Suzy R it's 2018 and I hope you'll see my comment! I don't know why but I want you to reply to my comment because I feel something that it should happen! I don't want any exact date but I hope you will do so. Thanks!

  54. Bri Dama

    i found my new lover.

  55. livvy malone

    i think this song like baby birch is about a miscarriage, joanna mentions picking names for a girl and the line...'our nature does not change by will' no matter how different we want things we cannot control what nature has in store for us......
    beautiful song!

  56. jamesdrums1989

    The lyrics to this song are so beautiful.

  57. Joseph

    I love this!