Newsom, Joanna - Occident Lyrics

Mercy me, the night is long
Take my pen, to write you this song

Lord, is it harder to carry on
Or to know when you are done?

All my life, I've felt as though
I'm inside a beautiful memory
Replaying with the sound turned down low

Long-life, show your face
Slow-heart, curb your taste
Smoke me out of my hiding place
Long-life, state your case

What in the world are we waiting for?
Building glowing cities along the shore
Where the wind batters in, baiting my kin like a matador

So much value, placed upon
What lies just beyond our plans
Waving my handkerchief, running along till the end of the sand

Long-life, speak your name
I'm so tired of the guessing game
But, something is moving just out of frame
Slow-heart, brace and aim

Breaching slowly, across the sea
One mast flash like the stinger of a bee
To take you away a swarming fleet is gonna take you from me

The universe is getting loose
Sodden spread from some leaden disuse
Rushing, unhinged toward diminishing lights like a headless caboose

I'll wait for you alongside the ocean
And make do with my no-skin
But then, long-life, will you let me in?
And then, slow-heart, are you gonna know him?

Long-life, speak your name
I wait, while I decry the wait
And when I die, may I relate
Slow-heart, congregate

To leave your home, and your family
For some distortion of property?
Well, darling, I can't go but you may stay here with me

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Newsom, Joanna Occident Comments
  1. Bo Dylan

    Shouldve been on the plate
    At least for a time
    Before i exhaust my fate


  2. lindsey

    almost 2018, can’t believe i’m only now finding this song.

  3. zuperduperboi

    "All my life, I've felt as though
    I'm inside a beautiful memory,
    with the sound turned down low"

    Holy shit

  4. S. Nero

    So grateful for this album.

  5. Isabel Daly

    I think JNews is our generations Kate Bush


    A great compliment, but IMO she's only similar to Kate in the sense that they're both women who make great music with a high degree of originality... well I suppose _Easy_ has a bit of an early Kate vibe, but other than that I don't see the resemblance. Peronally speaking, Joanna's music is much more relatable to me; it somehow feels very personal and emotional in spite of being steeped in sometimes abstruse metaphors. Kate's music is gorgeous, but it has a strong theatrical element that's mostly absent in Joanna's music and I can't help experiencing it as being somewhat impersonal or detached. I mean I love The Dreaming and Hounds of Love, but I'll never listen to those records as much as I've listened to Have One On Me, Ys or Divers because they touch me in a deeper way TBH.

  6. Isabel Daly

    I love this song so much

    jenna Morriston

    I totally agree. Brilliantly written and sung!

  7. RickesRives

    This makes me SO, SO SAD. Bad memories here. But for some strange reason, I can't stop listening to it. Love you, Joanna.

  8. danceswithanxiety

    Beautiful. "I wait, while I decry the wait." I think it's a yearning for a clean break from adolescence to whatever comes after it -- finality? destiny? maturity? "Adulthood"? At the same time there's a reluctance to let go.

  9. Lewis Treston

    @JediJonas007 Me too. Nice to know strangers feel the same way.

  10. Josef

    "Is it harder to carry on, or know when you are done?" Thats just beautiful...I dont know why, but it really just struck a chord with me

  11. Alvaro Salvadori

    you could listen to this a million times. It's always like the first time, it never sounds the same.

  12. Arousiak Turabian

    Channeling Joni Joni Joni. So good.

  13. ambercollective

    thanks so much for all of these!! :D