Newsom, Joanna - Make Hay Lyrics

So long
So long
So long
So long

So long
My old friend died that way:
The accumulation of time and the passing of days
Though she dug in her heels—
Drug her wheels in the clay—
She dotted her eyes;
Crossed the teasels in her leaning dray
Where buzzards make circles
(and tillers make hay):
A dozen in kettle, comittee & wake;
Where wind made the dust
And sin made the snake
And mama made us

But what did I make?
And how was I to know
Down in our old goldmine
Where you were the king of the radio
And I was the keeper of hi-fi
And I was the queen of the rodeo
(And everybody'd know,)
And you were the keeper of the lions;
And we were gored, and abased
And adored, and erased
All before our time?
It was before our time

So how was I to know?
How was I to know
While tune hums
And the hand strikes the gong
And all of us plough our row
And the notes run
Out of measure and out of time and landing wrong?
The day is long, but not so long

My old friend died alone
Save for the friends and family she had known
Surrounding her bed
None of whom in that room
Could with certainty have said
“I've dotted my eyes
Crossed the teasels in my leaning sled
Where buzzards make circles and tillers make hay:
In windrow and bale
With tedder and rake;
Where Adam made ribs
And cattle make steak.”
(And the rattling nib writes
“What did I make?”)

And how was I to know
Seeing my seconds pass in a line
If there was a way to reckon love
Except as a symptom of time?
And honey, it stretched out below us
Humming every note
From the lowest to the highest
But even at the highest we were bored, and amazed
In accord, in a daze
All before our time
It was before our time

So how was I to know?
How was I to know
How was I to know
How was I to know
While the day slows
And the sun stares, stalling
Into the dimming barrel of night
Where the stars are falling?
I've got no say
But still
I'm calling for my old friend
We sow and we reap, again

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Newsom, Joanna Make Hay Comments
  1. TheFlyingShrimp

    I think this is one of her best songs. It could have been a bonus track on the CD/vinyl!

  2. joe a

    the Divers era is already a classic in my book, and this song capped it off wonderfully

  3. Atprick B

    sis snapped with this one.

  4. Francesco Migliaccio

    The seagull weeps “so long “

  5. Clemence Rossi

    This song has the sepia colour of old creepy fairytales I used to read in my childhood.

  6. Tony Viner

    Joanna Newsom is the greatest thing to ever happen to the planet Earth.

  7. Julio Cervantes

    Does anyone know where this song would have gone within the album? I think it fits well between A Pin Light Bent and Time As A Symptom. This song feels like a great reprisal of the theme of Divers that it seems fit to lead up to the Grand Finale


    i'm sure i read the answer to this somewhere but i've forgotten it sorry lol

  8. Haroldo Aristeu


  9. Steven Ashton Baker

    I just found this on my birthday - what a gift! It's magic, genius, I love this song. Thanks Joanna Newsom

  10. CantSeeTheStars

    This song!!! It’s so heart wrenching, it reaches my fear of time passing without noticing and losing moments with people. Joanna’s dissection of time in the Divers album and this song continues to amaze me every time I hear it.

  11. Rickus Kruger

    Its like she weaves a musical tapestry with words seemingly incompatible with each other

  12. Lucas

    Three years now

  13. marta lobos

    Qué canción más guay.

  14. Nolan Winter

    She sounds alot like Kate Bush but very different too. I like her

  15. Bloody Twins

    I would've liked this to have taken the place of goose eggs to be honest

  16. Ruby S

    i have an existential crisis to this song every night

  17. Ruby S

    where tf is china???

  18. The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'

    Ummm... dig to china....?

  19. Travis Dunsmuir

    This is the best Divers song

  20. Fernando Benevides

    Where is the second year’s gift? Ahahhahahha

  21. Sarah Orchard

    put it on iTunes I want to buy it !!!

  22. ExecutionOfAllThings

    Alright, maybe just one more time.

    Zach Hocking

    that part...

  23. Eoghan Hynes

    Candy Crush !

  24. Sonay Kurt

    So the "second anniDIVERSary" has passed... where's China?

  25. Sweet/Vicious Deserves a Season 2

    Still waitin' on wtf China correlates to..................................

  26. Flavio Raffaelli


  27. Lucas

    Where is the second gift? Come on!

  28. Ruby S


  29. vedraville

    Am I the first in the comments to ask if China is coming on the 23rd of the month?

  30. believe

    congrats you let go of your hit single

  31. kendousyounen


  32. 008Invisibleman

    Is there a way to reckon love, except as a symptom of time?

    Zach Hocking

    I was wrong... Love is not a symptom of time, Time is just a symptom of love.

  33. Eoghan Hynes

    Joanna seems to make English more like one of the romantic languages that cant be interpreted until you get to the end of the sentence, and so you have to listen to the whole song to find out what shes talking about. A mistress of intrigue

  34. Jordan L

    shut up about kate bush oh my god

    Milo O’ Rourke

    The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot' I really don’t understand how you can say she tries too hard to be avant-garde as a Bowie fan when the two are basically the male and female equivalent of each other. The whole ‘yeah, but it’s a bit pretentious’ and the ‘yeah but it’s a bit put on’ are constantly used to belittle female singers who are even a bit out of the box, Joanna, Björk, Kate e.t.c. are always receiving this criticism and I’ve never understood it at all. If there something wrong with a person trying to create their own individual art/persona/image? Even if you feel someone is ‘trying too hard’ (a phrase I hate) to be avant-garde or alternative, does that invalidate their art being avant-garde or alternative? Go listen to Hello Earth and tell me that isn’t one of the greatest, most interesting and creative songs of the 20th century and then you can see how people think Kate must be an influence on Joanna. I don’t know how you can use that critique at all, especially on Kate, when it’s the main critique people use against Joanna, and David and Joanna have both shown their love and admiration for Kate.

    Michael Sansoni

    ​@The Dark Triforce i totally agree with your sentiment, but Mrs. Bartolozzi isn't about the convenience of a washing machine! She's basically watching this absent man's clothes and hers make love in the wash. Then she's reminded of his absence when she sees his freshly cleaned shirt on the line. If that's mundane, it's amazing how much emotion Kate pumps into something as silly as a washing machine (or a snowman lol)

    Nolan Winter

    Kate Bush is a better singer.

    joe a

    for real! they're both absolute geniuses though, and I hold both of their discographies super close to my heart. I get different things from listening to both of them, but their voices resemble each other every so often. that's where the comparisons should end!!

  35. James Majdali

    I can hear the buzzards in the denouement 😍

  36. Porkbun

    0h wtf i didmt know this song even fucking existed+!!

  37. MusicalEutopia

    Was this yhe song she said never make the cut? I suppose it really doesn't fit musically, but thematically it's such a beautiful sentiment.

  38. stegokitty

    This is amazing. I hadn't really checked in on JN for several years, and tonight her name popped into my head, and here's this. Really lovely.

  39. Tyler Kupcho

    It may not be on Divers, but I love it just as much (if not more) as if it was

  40. tigerboy1966

    Still sounds like the Aldi own-brand version of KB to me, but bless her, she is talented and I'm sure she is trying her best.

    John Johnson

    That's a bit unfair. And this is from a huge KB fan. This is closely tied to Kate's sound sonically but not lyrically, and so many of her songs aren't comparable to KB at all. She's created a catalog full of variety and worthy of its own respect.

  41. grimbles

    Joanna Newsom... the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for continually continuing to raise the bar. Big love from England x

  42. Άγγελος Μένεγας

    Kate Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Steerpikey

    light years ahead of the pack - she deconstructs time/syntax/harmony

  44. Sofie Redfern

    The backing track makes me feel rather confused and unsettled, which I think that is what she is trying to get across when you consider her lyrics.

  45. Nathan G

    I don't know how I missed that this was released last week. Thank you for making music Joanna. You make me remember how beautiful the world is despite all the ugliness (such as today's presidential election)

  46. Angharad Lois

    That was so beautiful.

  47. Electric Whelk

    Jesus, Joanna, why are YOU of all people asking "What did I make?" "Four of the greatest indie folk albums of all time" and "the harp into a viable rock instrument" and "a whole lot of people feel less alone" and "my friend, who doesn't even like your music, say that your lyrics made him want to give up writing because he'd never write anything as beautifully worded as the chorus of "Emily"" are all viable answers.

    Zach Hocking

    "Emily" has a chorus? But I agree with your friend, "Emily" is the finest piece of poetry written this century.
    "Joy. Landlocked in bodies that don't keep, dumbstruck with the sweetness of being until we don't be."


    Zach Hocking
    "In a mud-cloud, mica-spangled, like the sky'd been breathing on a mirror"

  48. midpinesmusic

    Love preexists Time.

  49. dvdude30

    This must be the song she was talking about in some interview where she admitted getting the idea for "Time, As a Symptom" through the lyrics of a song she cut from the record.


    WHOA DUDE! This is like... a really cool song and stuff

  51. tycho

    "and how was I to know,
    seeing my seconds pass in a line,
    if there was a way to reckon love,
    except as a symptom of time?"

    That's incredibly beautiful. What a way with words..


    Mel le "And it pains me to say, I was wrong
    Love is not a symptom of time
    Time is just a symptom of love"

  52. sensative aubrey

    how did this not make it onto the album

  53. Jiheun

    Joanna's probably listening to this song with extreme feelings of failure, saying to herself 'Why can't this be as good as "Dick in a Box?"'.

  54. Samuel Barron


  55. groovypullet

    why isn't this on the album?! it's brilliant

  56. Rickus Kruger

    wow, astonished by the lyrical creativity of Joanna Newsom! Lyrics seem to come out of the blue.

  57. PrincessAden

    *Faints at the sight of new Joanna music*

  58. Atomic Mush

    Very Kate Bush-y !

    Riley Summers

    Nay, very joanna newsom-y

  59. Camilla Sylvester86

    oh this is lovely lovely lovely

  60. Dollarstore Keyboard

    Absolutely spectacular!

  61. Jade

    oh my god. truly in love with everything she makes, and it seems to get more profound and cosmic with each new piece.

  62. truckshow515

    You can download the mp3 for free directly from the dragcity web site (under free music on the right hand side).



  63. Nogah Lerman

    This comment is not so long. Its short!

  64. Holographic Entrypoint


  65. Izzissind

    Ok, maybe it's just a coincidence but this is what Kim Keever had to say on "Wildflowers":

    I had seen a nature special which talked about how flowering plants
    originated in China and did not migrate easily to the other continents
    because, at the time, some millions of years ago, the continents were
    splitting apart. A botanist had stopped his car along a country road in
    China and pointed out about 150 species of flowering plants that only
    found their way to England and America through trade with China in the
    nineteenth century. I found the idea very poetic and inspiring. I think
    of the Wildflower series as that point in time, millions of years ago.



  66. grapefruitiswinning

    Oh MAN I wish this had made Divers. What a gorgeous song! <3

  67. Emily Lopez

    Holy gosh thank you best bday gift ever

  68. A true disciple of Iisous of Nazareth

    This is satanic

  69. Christian Tatonetti

    I am so happy to see you are going back to your true sound.

  70. Raph Prospere

    This is some SUPER COOL shiz I love how soft and lovely the music is really fits the lyrics.

    If you wanna help a broke bro help others through music then you should check out this link.Okay and the hair was off the back of a phase I was going through.

  71. Thea

    i love this i love this i love this times infinity

  72. Helen Evans

    I can't help but half-wonder if Joanna held back a song from the album so she could make the "AnnDIVERSary" play on words. What other reason could she have? :p This song is brilliant beyond my ability to express it! Thank you for sharing, this is a gift.

  73. kashmir87


  74. Mushex Amiryan


  75. Jamie Seymour

    Divers changed my perception of what time is and could be

    Tony Viner

    Time, is a symptom

  76. missblissxe

    has it really already been a year?? I wish this had made the cut, but I'm glad I get to listen to this nonetheless

  77. James B.

    I smell a deluxe edition of Divers

  78. 2 4

    this is the beeeeeeest. such special music :))

  79. Amy G

    maybe the second gift is a China tour?

  80. Josh K

    This is the one she played at the opening for Hungry Howie's on Plainfield. Amazing crust, music was good too.

    Josh K

    I actually got really bad food poisoning from the crust beware

    lud zki

    Nicer meme

  81. yellaveth

    I'm swept away, overwhelmed and shattered. This is a mindblowing masterpiece an artist can only dream of creating. I have no words to express my adoration for the skillful, exquisite choice of words used to render this immense range of emotions. Joanna really is one of the most prominent songwriters of our time, and how blessed I am to witness the process.

  82. arthur


  83. стрелок

    bitch sounds like she's getting raped


    michael stfu


    Creepy bitxh


    what does that even mean

  84. Kobbe

    My god. Her LEFTOVER tracks have better, more mind-expanding lyrics than most artists write in their life.

    C C

    obviously, you don't listen to a lot of artists.

    Jonas Zdanius

    Christopher Caldwell I'm open to suggestions

    Vitor Freire

    It's not necessarily a leftover. Not in the sense that it was discarded. Maybe it just didn't fit the concept which she hoped the album had in its final tracklist.
    Or maybe... did she actually say somewhere it IS kind of a leftover? I'm sorry if she did :p i don't know the reason

  85. Abby Charles


  86. Jessica Milne


  87. _blackthumb_

    This woman's music is the only in the world that actually brings tears to my eyes. I feel like a big huge bitch, but it's wonderful.

    The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'

    I don't think being affected by music makes you a ' big huge bitch'

    Licorice 37

    An actual faggot I love the unspoken language musicians share. A moment can give you joy, make you soar, tug on your heart strings, bring a tear to your eye. Make you laugh even (not a funny song) just the notes or timing whatever is funny. Technicality and musical uniqueness is soul food.

  88. noah briata

    Thank you so much this is so amazing

  89. Diana M


  90. Ryan Carmichael


  91. u đ

    i was not ready for this

  92. mszorabeth

    sobbing - this is so beautiful. absolutely gasped when she mentions 'time as a symptom' - joanna knows how to ruin people emotionally


    love as a symptom of time

    Micah craven

    My heart leaped out of my throat

  93. AndRiseUp

    *checks notifications*
    A new Joanna Newsom song? What did I do to deserve this?

  94. Facu AVS

    Joanna Newsong


    Joanna GOATsom

    Katy Rotela


    Ruby S

    joanna newlong

  95. Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova

    every song she makes boggles my little mind

  96. Beverly E

    I needed this!

  97. Maya Magination

    it doesn't get better than this