Newsom, Joanna - Cassiopeia Lyrics

Feel the mattress tense beneath me
Like the muscle of nonsleepy
Feathers flexing will defeat me
And it vexes me completely

And the hexes heat covertly
Like a slow low-flying turkey
Like a Texan drying jerky
But his meaty mitts can't hurt me

With my steely will compounded
In a mighty mound that's hounded
By the snap your steel string sounded
Just before your snores unwound it

And in store are dreams so daring
That the night can't stop from staring
I'll swim sweetly as a herring
Through the ether, not despairing

Go to sleep, you stunning sky
Gently creep cunning by
A quiet hum is amplified
By your thumb
That you suck dry

Hundred raging waters snare the lonely sigh
Hold your breath and clasp at Cassiopeia

Hundred raging waters snare the lonely sigh
Hold your breath and clasp at Cassiopeia
Cassiopeia, Cassiopeia
Oh oh, Cassiopeia

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Newsom, Joanna Cassiopeia Comments
  1. ShtreetRat

    I'll never get over that "100 raging waters" change up ❤️
    This song is timeless

  2. RainInTheSunshine

    I cannot believe this album came out twelve years ago....


    it felt like it existed out of time, didn't it? hasn't it always? warmer and more careworn than anything of any time. a stuffed animal that you can't really place out of the context of your own life.

    I'm not sure that even makes sense, does it? sorry. think her voice back then just had the loveable feel of a ragdoll, maybe.

  3. RickesRives

    And in store are dreams so daring that the night can't stop from staring...

  4. Paul Wicart

    What, you've never seen her? She's copy-pasting the same crap all over Youtube. I mainly saw her on Tori Amos videos... She probably is not self-confident at all so she has to criticize everyone who's better than her... ^^

  5. étoile noire

    No, you're a conventional musician. You're the person who went to every choir class and got every solo and constantly got told how talented you are when in reality you sound just like everyone else. You probably don't know how to deal with failure, Ms. Marissa L.

  6. Guy Vandermire

    yes olive palm lol i feel exaclty the same way. joanna if you are listening your music transforms me from a man into a crying baby at the opera of life. watchign you on you tube is like watching a recording of what it must have been like to see a video of motzart performign live or michealangelo at work if videos existed back then. i can't imagine seeing you live. i may cry so much i woudl be removed for causing a scene. or become so emotional it would kill me.. perhaps.....

  7. serra domenico

    mentre canta, folletti gelosi la stanno a guardare. Divina, partecipe dell'armonia celeste.

  8. Non Sum Eram

    I resent that. I really do.

  9. tomkat69pc

    is yoko ono back?

  10. ジョージ様

    It's funny that I had the name of this constellation floating in my head for a while now, then I find this song of hers so entitled.

  11. ジョージ様

    I used to love Joanna Newsom too, then I took an arrow to the knee... she's a poor archer.

  12. ジョージ様

    There isn't words. I was just thinking about having to meet her and that I'd tell her she should be afraid I'll abduct her so I can listen to her all the time. <3

  13. ジョージ様

    I believe it's a constellation too.

  14. KeeKee KeeKee

    this is really beautiful...

  15. voodoosleeper

    @ShadowChancellor This comment is a month old now, so tell me: You love her now, am I right?

  16. Stephen Faust

    There were women who did; and women who didn't, because around them groups would simply form, and not to were not to the norm.

  17. IrishLion

    @olishant Sorry lol but its true that joke is so tired. XD

  18. Jordan Fetherolf

    @hellonearth069 Damn it all... I had completely forgotten about that joke and you just had to bring it up again... :P

  19. IrishLion

    This is the only place on the internet I think I am safe from " Taking an arrow in the knee" jokes and the best part I love it joanna newsom your amazing

  20. msfattytroll


    my comment got deleted so im not sure what I said

    it sounds like it was offensive though

  21. xJody

    @TheBeerChef At least she takes the time to write more than 5 lines for her songs.

  22. Elad Toledano

    she's the wierdest creature i've ever came across..
    i'm inlove =)

  23. James9533


    She has no talent. This is extremely irritating.

  24. thelastgoodbai

    she should've written the sundtrack for coraline! jasdhgfhrgfhgdhf she is amazing

  25. 42isthemeaningoflife

    Ugh, her voice... so annoying.

  26. gojirabandgeek

    @24Rhett 3/4.

  27. Random Jinx

    she sing beautiful I LOVE HER SONGS!!!

  28. Bludrzl

    Every time someone dislikes a Joanna song an angel gets strangled.

  29. MaryJo McCormic

    Wow I didn't know this song. It's woonderful!

  30. alfaubrom

    why can i not get the image an lyrics of neil from the young ones,rendition of ive got a hole in my shoe an its letting in water?
    mind you i have been restoreing an painting an old second world war mess hut,all week,perhaps the oil paint fumes have sent me crazy?!

  31. Goku Kamehameha

    who the fuk listens to this?


    Goku Kamehameha you

  32. TheVeilChronicles

    I feel like this song is.. like the strum of time. I feel so odd when I listen to it, like listening to someone simply dancing about time, beyond it.

  33. peladomagic

    one of the worst song ever! is it a joke?

  34. Spot Light

    I used to love Joanna Newsom.................but now I am obsessed with her.

  35. Spot Light

    @FLYBYNIYT fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  36. Faith D

    @FLYBYNIYT fuck you.

  37. Goku Kamehameha

    fuck this song

  38. cassi chavez

    my names cassiopia (:

    Hulk H

    That's a beautiful name 💕

  39. fikly joogle

    this voice absolutely haunts me. having been a big brother to a little girl once and now a father to another there's something really attention-grabbing about the childish voice. smart little girls can make you listen to their rambling thoughts.

  40. pocketsnatcher

    also this album cover is like a magical quilt.

  41. pocketsnatcher


  42. Caroline Bryan

    where are all the comments for this!?! this is perfect for me harp, joanna, and a greek mythology name :)

  43. justforthesparks

    i adore the line about the turkey