Newsom, Joanna - Autumn Lyrics

Driven through by her own sword
Summer died last night, alone
Even the ghosts huddled up for warmth
Autumn has come to my hometown

Friendly voices, dead and gone
Singing Star of the Country Down
Even the ghosts help raise the barn
Here, now in my hometown

When, out of the massing that bodes and bides in the cold west
Flew a waxwing, who froze and died against my breast
And all the while, rain, like a weed in the tide, swans and lists
Down on the gossiping lawns saying, "Tsk tsk tsk"

I may have changed, it's hard to gauge
Time won't account for how I've aged
Would I could tie your lying tongue
Who says that leaving keeps you young

And I have got no control
Over my heart, over my mind
Over the hills, the rainclouds roll
I'll winter here, wait for a sign

To cast myself out, over the water, riven like a wishbone
You'd hardly guess, I was my own mother's daughter, I ain't naturally given to roam
And I lay low, when I return, and I move like a gurney whose wheels are squeaking
Alone here in my home and I laugh when you speak of my pleasure-seeking

Among the tall pines
Along the lay-lines
Here where the loon keens
There where the moon leans
There where I know my violent love lays
Down in a row of silent dove-gray days
Here in a row of silent dove-gray days

Wherever I go, I am snowbound
By thoughts of him whom I would shun
I loved them all, one by one
Cannot gain ground, cannot outrun

But time marches along
You can't always stick around
But when the final count is done
I will be in my hometown
I will be in my hometown

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Newsom, Joanna Autumn Comments
  1. Lidiane Peixoto

    i wish i had a place that i belonged and loved so i could relate to this song

  2. zillajratomicray

    I love this song so much. One of my all-time favorites.

  3. Lucas

    HOOM is like a book of knowledge, one which I still learn from. Lessons of patience, silence, contemplation, love, loneliness, sadness, acceptance, endurance, but also of creativity and enthusiasm for language and music. Gave me vocabulary to think my own stuff. I think it's safe to say at this point that I couldn't have been if you had not been, Joanna. Thank you, though you'll never read this.

  4. Growsomestrawbs

    somebody remix this with old town road pls

  5. zillajratomicray

    Play this song when you're visiting one of those small, old Gold Rush-era towns in the Sierra Nevada on a frigid autumn or winter day. It's absolutely perfect.

  6. Vincent Van Gogurt

    that time of year again

  7. Luc L'Heureux

    Have One On Me, In California, Autumn ... three of the best songs ever, imho


    What about Baby Birch, Go Long, Esme, Does Not Suffice and Kingfisher? And also Good Intentions Paving Company?


    I felt like the songs on HOOM all manage to achieve that one thing most musicians want to achieve but are mostly unable to — to tap into a kind of emotional depth that fully reveals the nuances + complexity of our humanness/humanity, that even though we’re frail and susceptible to death and all sorts of bereavement and losses, by treasuring every little precious moment in life and making sense of the trials and tribulations through art/music/poetry, we ultimately triumph over them (even death).

  8. Nour Ghaddar

    This is pure genius. enters the core of my soul.

  9. Rebecca Smith

    *"by thoughts of him whom I would shun"
    Not "sun". :D

  10. Tommy O.

    This song took a while for it to "click" with me, but now it just leaves me speechless. HOOM is a masterpiece like none other.

  11. US Chi

    * Poetry *

  12. Yersinia Pestis


  13. Goblin Queen

    This song literally almost killed me once.


    i'm a bit late, but please explain


    I want to know too!


    oh god i relate

  14. Jonas Rodrigues

    y cant I hold all these feels? ;-;

  15. Malcolm Jones

    This song is so captivating and haunting. I love Joanna Newsom.

  16. WhyDoesSheLoveHim

    Jesus, her lyrics are fantastic.

  17. Vincent Oostelbos

    I'm currently only on play 47... I feel ashamed. But it's 2,792 of Joanna Newsom in total, I guess that's not too bad.

  18. Victoria N


  19. SuperDuperDragon

    Same, and I have a worm between my legs...

  20. Kevin Toine

    I love it how she says tsk tsk tsk at 2:27 sooo cute

  21. thenoah23

    she is a brilliant lyricist

  22. 101malteesers

    Not just because of the similar theme, but this always makes me think of Tom Milsom's Autumn song. They're both incredibly beautiful, and capture the mood perfectly.
    I love awesome music :)

  23. Victoria N

    No dislikes :)

  24. PoetryAddict8


    Yeah I changed my mind haha. It's one of those that (for me) wasn't melodically mindblowing right away, but as it grows on you... It fucking envelops you. Can't stop listening to it now. My favorite off the album will probably remain in California though. That song makes my skull explode

  25. Brogan Drumm

    I probably attribute to at least 200 plays of this song.

  26. kelsohammy

    One of the most peaceful melodies I've ever heard. Joanna is just what I needed today.

  27. Justine Z

    @PoetryAddict8 For me, it is one of the strongest, melodically! And it is my favourite song of hers in this album. I'm just saying perhaps just to let you know that there's someone who thought of it in the exact opposite way. ;) I'm not intending to 'challenge' your opinion. After all, I subscribe to Hume's take on 'taste'.

  28. Justine Z

    My favourite song on her album!

  29. 749Rintherain

    @royhaworth A dove-gray sky above city of Poznań has reminded me today about this song.

  30. gringopig

    I listen to it and find the melodic lines so moving!
    The sequence from 0:00 to 1:25 is unstoppable and I have found myself unable to progress past this part - skipping back to the beginning and listening VERY carefully.
    Listen to the way she comes in slightly early on "Even the ghosts" and the way she sings the first word.
    She should have cut out the middle section and just looped the initial melody line.
    The way she sings "Would I could tie your lying tongue" - just unbelievable

  31. PoetryAddict8

    Lyrically, this is the best song off of have one on my. Melodically, it's the weakest. In my opinion. But for her (which is a rare artist) even her "worst" is much better than most other musicians.

  32. xxaoife

    Is the song Joanna's talking about Star of a COUNTY Down? =/

  33. NickDrake93

    Joanna has one of those qualities which are so rare, so pure.. I just love her. Can't wait to see her at greenman festival :)

  34. Howlz

    to be honest, i skipped this song at first. but it's become one of my favorite.. especially @ 6:10. Disk 3 is GOLD.

  35. 749Rintherain

    4800 views?! Can't believe it... such a beautiful song

  36. gringopig

    This reminds me of 'New York Tendaberry' by Laura Nyro, especially the first bit. Not the substance exactly but the way it is so STILL.

  37. angievigilante