Newsies Original Broadway Cast - Seize The Day Lyrics

Now is the time to seize the day
Stare down the odds and seize the day
Minute by minute that's how you win it
We will find a way
But let us seize the day
Courage cannot erase our fear
Courage is when we face our fear
Tell those with power safe in their tower
We will not obey!

[Davey & Jack:]
Behold the brave battalion that stands side by side
Too few in number and too proud to hide
Then say to the others who did not follow through
You're still our brothers, and we will fight for you

[Davey, Jack & Crutchie:]
Now is the time to seize the day
Stare down the odds and seize the day

Once we've begun
If we stand as one
Someday becomes somehow
And a prayer becomes a vow

And the strike starts right damn now!

Now is the time to seize the day

Now is the time to seize the day

Answer the call and don't delay

Answer the call and don't delay

[Davey & Newsies:]
Wrongs will be righted
If we're united
Let us seize the day

Now let 'em hear it loud and clear

Now let 'em hear it loud and clear

Like it or not we're drawing near

Like it or not we're drawing near

[Jack & Newsies:]
Proud and defiant
We'll slay the giant
Judgment day is here
Houston to Harlem, look what's begun
One for all and all for one!
Strike! strike! strike! strike! strike! strike!
Oh! strike!

Now is the time to seize the day
They're gonna see there's hell to pay
Nothing can break us
No one can make us quit before we're done
One for all and all for
One for all and all for
One for all and all for one!

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Newsies Original Broadway Cast Seize The Day Comments
  1. UnknownExperiments

    I could never see this show, even though our local high school was in it. Well, it was pretty fun to be in the show, but still couldn't see it.

  2. Kara Cogan

    Auditioning for Les! So excited! I really hope I get the part.

  3. Kelli Moen

    disney+ has a recording of the broadway newsies and they have the original movie newsies so im watching both

  4. Bella :p

    I’m singing this in my choir class

  5. gost_guy3

    any one from 2019 hear????

    Angelina Buyse

    I'm here

  6. Grace Russell

    Why do I know this song?

  7. Jenelle

    this song makes me want to go on strike in a job i dont have

  8. Holden Leathers

    pls help ive had this stuck in my head for weeks

  9. Matt Sepan The Hylian

    I was looking for an Avenged Sevenfold song by the same name and now I'm glad I know not only one but two masterpieces by the name Seize The Day

  10. Claire Jones

    Am I the only one who wishes newsies was still on broadway?

  11. Joshua Lowe

    I sang something like this back in my high school years! I took chorus

  12. Sarah George

    They should have had this blaring at the Area 51 raid

  13. Nathaniel Tonnessen

    4:19 is it just me that hears a Minecraft potion being drunk?

  14. Gretchen Belle

    1:57 the good part starts😂

  15. Artistic Nerd

    Imagine how cool this would be at a Pride Month performance.

  16. Jeffrey Dornblaser

    2:43 is where my favorite part comes in.

  17. AllieTheBean

    I thought the lyrics were “neighbor to neighbor, father to son”

  18. AllieTheBean

    We sang this in choir in 5th grade

  19. Danara De Jong

    I love how it starts all slow and stuff and then it just goes "The striiikeee staartss riiiight daaaamn *NOW*" and you just wanna punch a wall and jump on a table.

  20. Darkcrypter

    Seize the day or die regretting the time you lo- wait wrong song

  21. Zareya D.

    That crescendo has no business being that good but go off

  22. My Kokoro Brokoro

    is nobody going to mention the minecraft drinking sound effect at 4:20

  23. Trey Johnson

    Does anyone else get chills during the "all for one" crescendo (forte piano)? 😯

  24. nathan turner

    Just landed the role of Davey with my theater program called CYT and I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED TO SING THIS SONG! Ben is truly an icon.

  25. Pokemon Fan

    What I came here for is 1:58

  26. Revel Anthony

    2:05 Time Change
    3:20 Dance Break

  27. Jordan Brown eyes

    We’re doing this song in choir

  28. James Mcjimsey

    My school is doing this musical... and I saw it, I was blown away 11/10 ❤️❤️❤️

  29. reese p johnson

    what song does les sing

  30. Natalie Rhodes

    4:21 Minecraft drinking sound

  31. Hannah Gebbia

    i actually thought it was win it by win it that’s how you minute...

  32. Tierney Leathers

    I just cried

  33. Mister District

    who will win?

    the largest city in america with a strong economy and one of the strongest governments


    a couple of newsboys wanting to save 10 cents

    (fun fact newsies is legit a true story based off of the 1899 newsboys strike)

  34. Djredduck27

    So goddamn nostalgic

  35. haru *


  36. Raon Animation


  37. [WUT] Tiffleaf


  38. Laredo Elementary School

    i like this song since i was a baby

  39. Kajovi

    I had to sing this in choir 2 years ago,, I still remember all the words and now the nostalgia makes me tear up

  40. Crystal Merica

    I love this song

  41. KawaiiFemale_exe KawaiiFemale_exe

    People who disliked have no poisonality

  42. The micro nation of Malkeyah

    Boss: *walks in*
    Printer boi: gosh darn it
    Boss: this will make us $$$
    Printer boi: how?
    Boss: yes

  43. Mint Roni

    "One for All and All for One"
    Deku: *Hmmmmmm*

  44. lps trinket box

    This is the climate strike anthem!

  45. Jgaldragon

    Newsies feels like the poor man's La Mis

  46. pinkburberry

    This was posted on Daniel Braden’s 7th birthday

  47. Alejandro That one Pansexual Guy

    My class and I are singing this in choir! Yesss

  48. Allison Heise

    like this song

  49. Imogen Pinelli

    Shrek! Shrek! Shrek, Shrek, Shrek, Shrek! Shrek, Shrek, Shrek, Shrek!
    Woooooooooah SHREK!

  50. Coaster Geekism 101


  51. Chloe Arendt

    I was in a production of Newsies. It ended a couple weeks ago and I'm here to sing along

  52. Mateu Espinos


  53. Maggie Reid

    I feel personally attacked that there are dislikes on this😣

    Prieto Monica

    I do not know why people dislike this

  54. Hanging Films

    For my musical we "stretch" to this song...I love it!!!

  55. 〥creamz0

    We did this in our theatre class and everyone cried 😅🥰

  56. Jadi & Angie

    Who dares to dislike this masterpiece????????

  57. Cas Ambrose

    They did an acapella version of this at our high school graduation; it was beyond powerful and made me tear up

  58. Mary Lickona

    HAPPY NEWSIES STRIKE DAY!!! July 18, 1899, 120 years ago!!!!

  59. Connor Murphy

    davey really is that bitch huh

  60. Darsi Padilla

    I only came here for Linkara's Secret Origins Month about Dick Grayson, the original Robin.

  61. THEATRE NERD 101

    Was SO close to getting Les! They gave it to a boy (probs the best idea xd)

  62. Jane LeBlanc

    I do this for a show of the song

  63. GrantAugustus1







  64. Gabby Gail

    "Behold the brave battalion that stand side by side, too few in number, and too proud to hide.

    And say to the others, who did not follow through, your still our brothers, and we will fight for you."

    Hamilton vibes, anybody?

  65. Ava Wagner

    I love this song so much, it was so powerful to hear it sung right next to me in the aisles of a dinner theater when I saw this, amazing I'll never forget it

  66. Togi Mulana Sihaloho

    😉😉😉I really love this song

  67. SuperUltraGamer

    4:20 *minecraft potion sound effect*

  68. Ruby G

    I played weasel in newsies and still feel very bad while singing this song,like,I betrayed my BOYFREIND

    Ruby G

    *boss,but like still boyfriend

  69. Destructive Crusader

    I singed the shorten version at my elementary school

  70. EliasTheGreat

    Tomorrow is our first show for this. I am so, so excited. Everyone in the show is incredible in their own way, and honestly, this is the most fun musical I have ever done. This musical makes me want to run around a city, take down the world, and cry all at the same time. Good luck to anyone in the show, this show is gonna be great!

  71. Eric Howl

    original is way better no autotune.

  72. Ramen 404

    Listening in 2019 still

  73. Funny Halal Comedy

    Then Snyder beat a fucking cripple

  74. Count von Snuffleupagus

    time to Seize the day
    Do u no de wey
    Horses eat their hay
    T series is gay

  75. Kenzi A

    Just a time marker ☺️

  76. Merlyn Groan

    Something made me cry

    Merlyn Groan

    Just me

  77. GingerSnap Cam

    Love this song ❤️ 💙

  78. Allison Vaisey

    The fifth grade chorus sang this for their last concert. We are leaving elementary school this year. The chorus teacher was crying during it.

  79. Lorna Wood

    "Courage does erase our fear, Courage is when we face our fear."

  80. misfits

    ok but
    *why has no one made a mash up of this and My Shot from Hamilton?*

  81. Piano Guy

    Come see newsies at century 2 on Friday Saturday and Sunday!! Tickets at

  82. Coaster Geekism 101


  83. Spider cat Hs13h YT

    At my brothers school (Calvary Baptist) his performance got canceled due to a power outage. My family waited for about 45 minutes but nothing happened. the director told us that the play was canceled and the actors would sing us this song and then we could leave. They started singing and right as the group started singing the power came back on!

  84. Brennan O'Hare

    Disney Brennan 3, Brennan return to Walt Disney World and seize the day.

  85. Davion Gray

    the music is the best

  86. Peachy

    I’m learning this song in my chorus class :p

    Smug Keka-San

    Same! X3

  87. Ian Ruth

    Imagine for just a moment: a mashup between this song and story of tonight...


    Ian Ruth Or The Battle of Yorktown....

  88. PinkRyan Playz


  89. Otto Comin

    What about me when you fight for your brothers

  90. Tess-m31

    This song gives me chills

  91. Dawn Jackson

    My all female school is doing this as our next show!!!

    Susan Heffley

    Good luck!!!!

  92. mJrose 203

    During our theatre competition one school started singing this and everyone joined in and it was amazing

  93. treeno

    3:57 3:19

  94. Thomas Lewman

    to the person reading this,

    you are beautiful. it could be you intelligence, it could be your eyes. it doesn't matter what but your beautiful in some way. and you matter so be kind to yourself.

    sincerely, you friend,
    soft slytherin boy