Newsies Original Broadway Cast - Brooklyn's Here Lyrics

[Brooklyn Newsies:]
Newsies need our help today (Newsies need our help today)
Tell 'em, Brooklyn's on the way (Tell 'em, Brooklyn's on the way)
We're from (Brooklyn)
We are (newsies)
We are Brooklyn newsies

Just got word that our buddies is hurtin'
Facing total disaster for certain
That's our cue, boys, it's time to go slummin'
Hey Manhattan, the calvary's comin'!

Have no fear (you know we've got your back from way back)
Brooklyn's here (we'll get your pay back and some payback)
We're the boys from the beaches of Brighton
Prospect Park and the navy yard pier
Strikes ain't fun, but they sure is exciting
Loud and clear - Brooklyn's here!

[Spot Conlon:]
Borough what gave me birth

[Brooklyn Newsies:]
Friendliest place on earth
Pay us a visit, you'll see what we means
And when you do (when you do)
We'll kick you halfway to Queens
Now them soakers is in for a soakin'
What a sad way to end a career
They's a joke, but if they thinks we're jokin'

Loud and clear
Manhattan's here
Flushing's here
Richmond's here
Woodside's here
So's the Bronx (Bronx cheer)

Brooklyn's here
Loud and clear, we is here!

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