Newsboys - This I Know Lyrics

Over all the chaos
Over every burden
This I know
You have never let me go

You made me in the desert
You speak into the silence
God, I know
You're the hope that leads me home

This I know
At the whisper of Your name
There is peace I can't explain
I am fearless, I am safe
Here with You, here with you

The shelter of Your presence
Where I find the solace
Where I know
I am hidden in a secret place

You're sovereign in the struggle
You're with me through the trials
Still I know
You're the anchor for my soul

This I know
At the whisper of Your name
There is peace I can't explain
I am fearless, I am safe
Here with You, here with you

Every promise that You speak
Every word is life to me
I am breathless, I'm in awe
Here with You, here with You

I wait until the stars come out
After all the storms have passed
I hope above the skies
Hope in Your everlasting Word
I wait until the stars come out
After all the storms have passed
I hope above the skies
Hope in Your everlastin' Word, yeah

This I know
At the whisper of Your name
There is peace I can't explain
I am fearless, I am safe
Here with You, here with you
At the whisper of Your name
There is peace I can't explain
I am fearless, I am safe
Here with You, here with you

Every promise that You speak
Every word is life to me
I am breathless, I'm in awe
Here with You, here with You

At the whisper of Your name
There is peace I can't explain

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Newsboys This I Know Comments
  1. Flora Brueske

    Good singing. Love it.



  3. cezar vieira santos


  4. Julsara Amim

    algum br

  5. Delman

    yeah like it... :)....

  6. Brent Fleming

    look at the pick, Peter standing of to the left, sayin this is what ive left you. this is the band I , welland Stve taylor, now in moving on to be with mylon lefevers daughter and only going to preach the word.

  7. kimberly phelps


  8. kimberly phelps


  9. Reinfred Addo Central

    Michael Tate as lead singer is good but you just can't fill the hole Peter Furler left. Glad he's back with the crew, if only for one album.

  10. Rakeem Hamilton

    i always wanted to see the newsboy ever since this year and i haven't been to there concert yet i hoping i can get to talked to them in person and get to know them cause my pastor met them a couple of times and talked to them and i hoping i can get a chance to too god is good all the time and all the time god is good

  11. Talisa Bullock

    good for you may god bless you in what you do

  12. Preachers Official Group

    you inspire me

  13. Central Gaming News


  14. America's 1st Freedom

    Awesome, love it!

  15. Gabriel Alves

    Brazil love 😍

  16. Gabriel Alves

    News boys yes yes yes yes 😍

  17. Roli Febri Rumahuru

    Verry Cool, I love you guys. Father (Yahwe), Jesus Christ & Holly Spirit Bless you guys.

  18. Kk Rw

    What a voice!!!!

  19. s b

    Michael can sing this song by himself at a Newsboys concert.

  20. Hrno. Ángel López Penas. Perú,


  21. Canaan Crouse

    53 dislikes, I'm praying for you🙏 god bless

  22. Joseph cheeseinthepie

    The "us" in "Jesus" can be thought of like this: Jesus lives within us. (6/7/2019)

  23. Reo Reese

    God is amazing this I know!!!!!!!

  24. Virginia Garrett

    God bless you guys!!! I really love all your music but the one that really touched my heart at a bad time was "God's Not Dead". Thank you, you are amazing!

  25. Pame Allendes

    Que bello es cuando se alaba al creador. Máxima inspiración. Grande Newsboys
    Saludos desde Chile.

  26. Karla Rodriguez

    Me and my brother love ya'll so much GOD bless ya'll

  27. Alan Fox

    never mind new songs ii got couple of their old cds from second handccharity shops one of them is thirve i will give it a play later tonight

  28. Scott Bergman

    Peter doubted and sank in that storm out on the water. He took his eyes off Christ. But Jesus, in His loving, graceful patience still held out His hand and raised him up and they walked together on the sea that day. Why not me? I will continue to reach for Him, in the storms of life, in the struggles I face. I will not deny His faith will trump my doubt. THIS I KNOW! Jesus is that name I will whisper. Thank you Father.
    Praise His name.....

  29. JONN

    I did a cover on this song! it's on my channel! check it out!!!

  30. Joretta Fullington

    Awesome! Newsboys have been used by my beautiful Lord Jesus Christ to bring me back to my knees! Praise His Glorious name! Thank you for following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Pray for me as I have been going through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Ill feel no evil! God bless you all!


    We are thankful God is using our music to bring you closer to Him!

  31. Craig Harris

    This is one of my favorite songs from the new album. The whole album is fantastic


    Glad you're enjoying the new album!

  32. Timothy Johnson

    Yes newsboys this is amazing This I Know is a spiritual holyghost filled song. I love it this tim wife sharhonda listening on Fri. 5-10-19.


    Thanks for your support!

  33. Welton Andrade

    Excelente essa música

  34. CAITLIN Stoddard

    This song speaks to me. I can't explain God's peace but his peace is comforting. When I was in the hospital I felt his peace and he wanted me to know that will be just fine and I'm safe in peace and love.


    So thankful God uses our music to speak to you!

    CAITLIN Stoddard

    @newsboystv he always finds me through music!!! Thank you guys for sharing your gift!

  35. Bridget Reddick

    Yes yes Jesus thank you for the New Boys they are awesome so are you Jesus A+men

  36. Christopher Quan

    I love this song and it’s meaning. I first heard this song on my Aunt’s home pod when I was trying to find the Greatest of Our God and I was blown away by this song when I accidentally found it. God is truly with us always and especially everything we go through. God bless all the Newsboys band members of past and present including John James.

  37. Jonathan Montalvo

    cover on this song!! check It out!

  38. Joao Paulo Miranda

    Great song!!

  39. Juan y Genesis Tv

    Me gusta mucho

  40. Patricia Nara

    Amo vocês ❤❤

  41. Milagros Jimenez

    Thats true

  42. Julius Mayo

    Amen! Newsboys :)

  43. Nathan Ortiz

    I think you should sing with tobymac

  44. The Ace Clan

    Question where are they now

  45. Adam Prout

    I just got into you guys within this past year so it’s great to see a new album coming because that means a new tour is coming and I can actually see you in real life!

  46. Ann Harris

    I love this song!!!!!

  47. TheSilent AngryCat

    Very emotional, love it :3

  48. Snafu Snaps

    We are so close many confused dont b prov 3:5 #Truthyo

  49. Matei Priala


  50. Craig Atwood

    Beautiful! HALLELUJAH!

  51. Micah Nachtigal

    Come on Newsboys give us something good. Get weird with it.

  52. Marcos de jesus Silva

    Great song !!!

  53. Joyel Thampy

    God bless you all

  54. ThaiZerø Gonmei

    Hallelujah!!! Thank U God for Giving our Brothers such a talents....
    I'll Lift Your banner high Forever...

  55. Luciano Henhique

    Depois que assisti o filme : Deus não está morto , e ouvi uma música de vocês no filme .
    Nunca mais deixei de ouvir . Newboys🙏 que Deus abençoe essa banda .

  56. Mathew Richards

    Wasnt toby mac also part of dc talk so shouldnt he be in this album to

    Abigail Cantrell

    It's Newsboys United, not DC talk united. Peter Fuhrler was a previous Newsboys singer who is joining them again. Also, I really hope not 'cause I don't like Toby Mac's style as much.

  57. Fumasterchu

    What an awesome song, I love that they're all together!!

  58. Slarkel

    Their back together? Awesome! ^-^ I love God so much ^^ <3<3

  59. Susan Spann

    Can we get CC turned on this video? Thanks!

  60. Claudio Ramos

    Irmãos para vcs que gostam de louvores ,meu nome é Cláudio Ramos e escrevi um louvor com minha esposa ,escrevam Cláudio Ramos o sangue nos lavou e se gostarem compartilhem com os amigos ,e Obrigado a todos desde de já que Deus abençoe a todos

  61. Juan David Gutierrez Jimenez


  62. Denis Rey

    This song is my favorit

  63. Dj Zion

    Greetings from india💞💘❤️😍

  64. Alex Alves


  65. Ann B.

    I dont know what I would do without the Newsboys 😁😁💝💝😘😘

  66. Soleiman Barrera-Kelly

    Newsboys sounds beautiful when they are "United". I especially love Greatness Of Our God and my sister can't stop listening to Symphony. So great job, guys! I will always admire your music talent.


    Thanks for your encouragement!

  67. Marcos Sting

    Michael ,go out and make your band!!

  68. Luma Freitas


  69. Timothy Johnson

    Yes newboys are back This I Know I love it this tim wife sharhonda listening on Sat. 4-6-19. Goggle Play Music brought me here.

  70. trish holt

    yes Father ‘s son does 🖤👩🏽4️⃣ it 🗣s so in Father’s word

  71. Edson Landero

    This I Know

  72. Jeison Costa

    Muito bom 👍🏼😉

  73. Miriam Rogers


  74. Michael Shuji

    This song is just amazing

  75. Fredrick Hight

    This I KNOW: for the Bible Tells Me So;
    Don't just Read your what it says! Amen.

  76. Miss. Mungai Mercy

    Much love guys. From Africa, Kenya.

  77. 47 For JESUS

    so he gives us 'Newsboys'

  78. John Thabah

    Thanks,God blessing

  79. Lis stayfit

    Mega schön😍

  80. John Gore

    John James. He’s available I think. Can’t ignore him forever.

  81. Xavi Free

    Dios es bueno y todo el tiempo Dios es bueno

  82. Jaqueline Gallegos

    Sounds great!

  83. liliana lopez

    Very Excellent Mucica and a very Good subject

  84. Joyce Benavides

    Wow...this is amazing... NEWSBOYS UNITED... I miss you guys, so much... God bless you... Greetings from Peru. 😉😉😉😉😉😉

  85. Raissa Caba

    I love these guys

  86. soul gaming

    God bless u r u coming to Winter jam next year??

    Jibb's Compilations

    Yes, we are coming.

  87. The One and only Pinky Pinky

    Love Peter Furler!

  88. Ivan Vallejos

    Buenisimo !

  89. Marie Tressie Vil

    You guys are just amazing!!!
    My favorite boy band.
    God bless you all.


    God bless you too ^-^ May he guide you along the bridge of righteousness :)

  90. Bemang Pongchong

    Newsboys!! One of my favorite gospel band. You guys are such a blessed one. All The songs really inspiring and encourages me spiritually as well. I listen to the songs everyday as I find ease. God Bless more#Newsboys:


    We are so glad our music is ministering to you!

  91. madalena ribeiro

    Amor demais que venha novas musicas

  92. Pythox

    this song is one of the best you have made so far! keep up the great work!


    Glad you like it!

  93. Esther Waruingi

    Newsboys,,you never dissapoint
    "At the whisper of your name, there is peace I can't explain"

  94. Sweetie Ng

    First song that I hear is The King Is Coming . until now I always listening to newsboys songs 😇😇 really blessed and powerful 😇
    Jesus Bless

  95. Matthew Wright

    This is really good!!

  96. JONN

    AMAZING SONG!! always singing LIFE thank you


    Yes! That's it!


    I did a cover on this song! it's on my channel! you should check it [email protected]


    We are thankful our music is a blessing to you!

  97. Corden’s Angels

    You guys are awesome in what you do! Keep loving the LORD and spreading the Gospel through your songs!

  98. Julio Barahona

    news boys is an grup very diferents is my favorite grup the glory is for my God...forever