Newsboys - The Tide Lyrics

Think I'll wait for the tide
Seems it's all I can do right now
There must be a reason
I've run aground

I'll wait for the waves
To come
By the moon and the tide
Like a man and his bride
I will wait
On you, Lord
And we will run so far from here

Think I'll lie in the sun for awhile
Maybe inside out
I've been leaving messages for you
I'm sure it will all work out

And I know the waves
Will come
By the moon and the tide
Like a man and his bride
I will wait
On you Lord
And we will run so far from here
To in the storm

There is courage for the simple man
To the holders of secrets and scars
Learning to stand with reaching arms
We'll wait till the very last
No matter what will be
You're always good
Always good
To me

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Newsboys The Tide Comments
  1. Of All My Intention

    The 90's had some great Christian music: Newboys, DC Talk, Jennifer Knapp, Jars of Clay, etc.

  2. Amber Brooks

    Love this song!! About 13 years ago my best friend was spending the night at my place and she woke me up because I was singing this song in my sleep!! 😂😂😂😂 I was hooked on the song from the first time I heard it.

  3. TheNewVocal

    Hi from Singapore! I wish you'd have a nice evening =)

  4. The Squirrel

    Always gave me chills. Lost the faith, but never lost the feeling. These guys get it.


    The Squirrel very sad to hear. I hope you find your back to him someday.

    BirdingWith John

    I don't know if you'll ever see this, but if you do, check out Dr. William Lane Craig on YouTube and his website I was once in your position. It just didn't feel real. For me, a scientific minded person, it took intellectual justification to bring it back to life. I promise you right now, if you invest some time in to Christianity's intellectual side you will see that it is superior in explanatory power to all other schools of thought. I really hope you get to check this out. God bless

  5. Timothy Snyder

    When I was a kid, this song, combined with the following track "Always" made me feel things I didn't know music could make you feel. They still give me chills.

  6. Phil Liddy

    Can't believe God drew me back to this song...over 7 years later.

  7. joeskis

    They have some of the best slow tempo songs. Always, the song right after this is fantastic. Then you have their Be Still song and of course Elle G

    Ron Dunbar

    it is for sure. Always really hit me when i first heard it and STILL does.

  8. J.R. Duren

    One of the most underrated mainstream Christian songs of all time.

    Ron Dunbar

    AMEN!. trouble is, it never made it to the "mainstream". so MANY of their songs NEVER get played on radio, never!. i know, i've done CCM radio for 17 years and counting. the labels and the industry these days are in trouble bro!. trying to sound too much like the mainstream!!. that's not our message!

  9. Bobbi Ysmael


  10. plastikmaniac

    Is it just me, or does the guitar intro kind of sound like "Stairway to Heaven"?

    Still a great song.

  11. therealreal1

    People, don't get 2 caught on bride or guests. The believers fall in 1 of the 2 roles. It's God's judgement that determines, not our thoughts, opinions, or interpretation of scriptures. Be willing to fit into God's Kingdom where u r desired, and b thankful for getting a place. Honestly, the determining factors wouldn't b properly understood by the states of mind we r n @ the moment. All aspects of righteousness matter. Go as hard & as far as your faith will carry u. Peace & Love. ;)

  12. nightstang

    @unique60148 I hear you. But its not clear that those who are to live everlasting life are the bride of Christ. It is assumed. Does the bible say this? Matt 9:15. Jesus called his disciples guests of the bridegroom. How come not bride? John the Baptist (Elijah) is a friend of the bridegroom John 3:29. How come? We have a king and queen, man and wife on earth. Earth is a copy and shadow of heaven. We have a king and queen in heaven also. A married couple is 1 fresh. We have 1 god. Gen 1:26 "us"

  13. thesimulatorconcierge

    @sorenkierkegaard2008 waiting with you.

  14. Stefan Falquet

    Really were both in a sense

  15. nightstang

    @littleboeep ... Mmmm, nope. We are guests at the wedding supper of the lamb, New Jerusalem is the bride. Rev 19:9, Rev 21:9.

  16. Stefan Falquet

    And we are the bride...

  17. Stefan Falquet

    This is their best song IMO

  18. nightstang

    Great song. However I just want to say we are the guests. Not the bride. Mat 22.

  19. Courtney O'Mary

    This song brings tears to my eyes because I know in my heart God will come back for us. Life has been so hard lately that all I have to look forward to is the amazing father coming back (for his bride). Plus I've listened to newsboys for 10+ years now

  20. Stefan Falquet

    here i am one year later...wife gone...but saviour still here...finish the race my freinds...finish...finish...

  21. thesimulatorconcierge

    One of the most spiritually breathed-on songs I have ever heard in my ENTIRE LIFE. I've listened to this song under so many circumstances I probably couldn't even list them all. "The Tide" continues to be my absolute favorite Newsboys song of all time - it's the favorite I come back to after I get tired of listening to other "favorites" I have.

    God blessed me with this song and has used it to speak to me repeatedly. Jesus is my King, God owns all, and the Newsboys rock this song. Period.

  22. Stefan Falquet

    Most underated song on album


    I'm so happy someone else appreciates this song too! Is there anyway you could put " When You Called My Name" by the Newsboys up?