Newsboys - One Heart Lyrics

Shipwrecked on the rocks of pride
Shipwrecked on the rocks of fear
My heart is torn apart when you're not here
Life goes by like a dream
When we die will it seem
That our hearts weren't always on the One

One heart, one mind, one soul
One heart, one mind, one soul
One heart after You

There are hearts undecided
Some are hard and subdivided
A heart couldn't break the chains on me
Let me plow up the ground
Make it so I can see
I want to grow, I want Your love in me


Well I was shipwrecked on the rocks, the rock of pride
Slowly and surely, in came the tide
Life goes by like a dream
When we die will it seem
That our life was wasted by the things we tasted
Wake up, wally, it's time to face it
Lifting Jesus up makes me feel up


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Newsboys One Heart Comments
  1. Whitevaliantwarrior



    Always !!

  2. JellicleKat

    I clicked on this b/c I was expecting to see the Newsboys not these guys! This is terrible! Tell me these guys are NOT my Newboys! That lead looks nothing like John James and that drummer looks nothing like Peter Fulter. These have to be fakes.


    They r a very early version of Newsboys.

  3. M Gonzalez

    This was the very first video VHS I saw of the Newsboys...and the rest was history. Thanks for loading.


    U r welcome v! thanx for checking out my channel !!

  4. Mr. Trump's Russia Advisor

    Famous location.. anyone know where?


    Cane Dance Studio in Tulsa,OK

  5. Ruti Arévalo

    Jajaja el del piano lo da todo!


    Great advertising for duct tape. They must have just got out of *garage Band* status !!

  6. Adjalma Oliveira

    Wonderful music, great video! I love it! Thanks for sharing!


    U R welcome !!Thanx for checking out my channel !!

  7. Dion Richardson

    Got to see them with DC Talk, Heather and Kirsten, and my boys the Dynamic Twins for the "Nu Skool" tour. This made me a fan!


    I hear ya !! Thanx for checking out my channel,Dion. Now if Jennifer Pruitt checked out my channel,Ill officially become one of the cool kids !!!

  8. Jeff Finley

    I love the cheesetastic dance moves.


    Isnt it fantastic !!

  9. Writers Alive



    Amen !!

  10. Talon Diwisch

    I really like their first album and most of the second, but didn’t care for this one.


    Its an acquired taste !!

    Talon Diwisch

    This one, Boys Will Be Boyz, just seemed a little too weird and immature a bit. Read All About It and Hell is for Wimps I liked though, even though it was vastly different than later albums. This to me, sounded like their very first album, which for most bands, isn’t the greatest.

  11. Talon Diwisch

    What’s this from?


    Boyz Will Be Boyz

    Talon Diwisch

    I meant the video.


    boyz Will Be Boyz video [email protected] Diwisch

    Talon Diwisch

    How did you get it on YouTube? Isn’t that just on VHS?


    @Talon Diwisch DVDR

  12. Adam Brooks

    Bass player just wasn’t having it this day


    I think that was his schtick. He does that on other vids.

  13. Jennifer Foxhoven

    My all time favorite Newsboys song ❤😊,I remember seeing them in concert and Peter's drum kit used to revolve, so cool!!


    The revolving drum kit is on one of the other videos. *Taste And See*I think.

  14. Little Skittle

    Is Furler on the drums? ^_^

  15. Daniel Hayes

    Ironic they're playing this outside a ballroom named Cain's.


    Why is that ?

    Daniel Hayes

    ehrldawg The song talks about love, and Cain seemed to be anything but loving.


    @Daniel Hayes interesting take.. Cain's Ballroom is a famous venue in Tulsa Oklahoma

  16. scot Elyea

    Hahhhhahhahaaha the Backstreet News boys... Love it


    Yeah,but are the Backstrret Boys still around?

  17. T. W.

    I read that the lead guitarist renounced his faith and became an atheist back around 2007

    T. W.

    However the guy with the lead guitar in this video is not George Perdikis. Which one in this video is him? He's the one who renounced his faith.


    I'm not sure.


    That is Vernon Bishop on guitar

  18. Shae House

    Love this album because it's when I first started getting on fire for God as Teen ❤️️✋🏻☝️️


    Good Christian music will do that.

  19. garion333

    So glad this video is up! Seemed like it got scrubbed from the Internet probably due to it being super embarrassing.


    Embarrasing how ?

  20. K Avila

    lol that bass player never does any of the dancing.


    He does that in several Newsboys vids.

    Kyle Skinner

    Sean Taylor - always in the sunglasses lol

    Su Sue

    Timothy Berg hahahahahhaha

  21. carolina garcia

    Thank you so much for uploading!!!! So in love with music viedo and the dances!! Thank you 100x


    My pleasure. Thanx for watching .

  22. Synergytek

    Thank you for,
    Sharing:) my cousin's & Friend where into this group they had long instrumental on record Great memories of going to lake yale Christian summer camp in Orlando 1991


    U R Welcome!!

  23. carolina garcia

    I loved this song since I first heard it! Still bump it! Sings to my soul!😍 John James come back tho!! I love his voice! And his dance moves! Can't get enough!😋


    Put it auto replay and pump up the volume !!

    carolina garcia

    No lie I actually do! Since the day I discovered this song!🎤🔈📢

    Chase Matthew

    He was addicted to drugs thats why he quit in '96

    Adjalma Oliveira

    @Chase Matthew but the Lord lifted him up, he is now a pastor somewhere in Australia. Jesus is the best restorer !


    @Chase Matthew He was actually let go by the band because of alcohol, drugs and the fact that he was losing his marriage. They felt he needed to seek Godly counsel. Thankfully JESUS CHRIST was so good that James has been restored and is a
    Missionary to the United States of America. Father GOD we ask that YOU continue to bless his ministry.

  24. Celebrinbor Fellowship

    This Song is perfect


    A lot of people like it.

  25. Luke Roberts

    I know it is great

  26. Luke Roberts

    You're welcome


    You r so kind !!

    Luke Roberts

    that is very kind of you

  27. Luke Roberts

    Alright that sound like a good plan to me


    Thanx Luke !!

  28. Luke Roberts

    Cain's ballroom dancing is still there and the place is at Tulsa Oaklahoma


    If I move to Tulsa,I might have to enroll in ballroom dance lessons.

    Mr. Trump's Russia Advisor

    Just down the street from my kids’ place... I saw Johnny Winter, the SexPistols, Ozark Mountain Daredevils play there some 40 years ago (Robert Plant a couple years ago.. and Furler in 2014)

  29. Luke Roberts

    Do you know for the Newsboys music video one heart they were in Tulsa Oaklahoma at the cain's ballroom dancing


    Iwonder if that place is still there?

  30. Luke Roberts

    I know right and john james preaching  is really good check it out on youtube


    +Luke Roberts Roger that !!

  31. Luke Roberts

    well I found out on youtube that john james is preaching around the world


    +Luke Roberts That's great !!


    It really is because when he left the Newsboys in 1997, it was because he was battling a severe heroin addiction, and didn't want the band's fans to think he was living a lie. It nearly ruined his marriage too. Fortunately, he has since kicked the addiction, and his marriage has been restored.


    Kids,dont do heroin ! Get high worshiping the risen Christ through Jesus rock.

  32. Luke Roberts

    I know right the original lead singer was John James then Peter furler was lead then Michael Tait did it now


    +Luke Roberts Yup. I wonder how and what John James is doing now-a-days.

    Karen Feck

    ehrldawg John James is now a missionary.

  33. Luke Roberts

    The newsboys did a really good job for the music video one heart


    +Luke Roberts Especially with the cop in the background. I wonder if that officer touts the fact that he was in an early Newsboys video.

  34. Luke Roberts

    This music video from the newsboys is awsome thank you for putting it on YouTube


    +Luke Roberts U R so welcome !