Newsboys - Entertaining Angels Lyrics

One to another
Do you remember me
I feel so small
Are you listening tonight

So temporary
Things that I have seen
I ran so far
Will you take me back again

Entertaining angels
By the light of my t.v. screen
24-7 you wait for me

Entertaining angels
By the time I fall to my knees
Host of heaven, sing over me

One to another
The feelings in between
I won't let go
Of all you taught me - alright

Close as a brother
The way we used to be
I'll hold my breath
And wait for you to breathe

Entertaining angels
By the light of my t.v. screen
24-7 you wait for me

Entertaining angels
While the night becomes history
Host of heaven, sing over me

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Newsboys Entertaining Angels Comments
  1. Kristoffer Cedric

    2:50 still gives me goosebumps. Massive, massive goosebumps.

  2. Commenter Number One

    I wish they would have let Phil sing more lead parts in their songs. He has a great voice!

  3. Brittany Widener

    I would love to see them again I was at a gathering called aquir the fire it was the best concert I've ever been to

  4. ForSheepSakes

    Not sure if this is "christian" music. We are ALL angels trapped on earth by another race.

  5. Bauher

    2019 ✨


    Miss this stuff so much!!!!!

  7. Mitchell Young

    This song and “Breakfast”, are my two favorite Newsboys songs!!

  8. Petra Girl86

    Wa-----it so the singer isn't the baldy?!?!?! Well then! He's cute!

  9. Cheryl P.

    Peter Furler is quite possibly the most beautiful human alive...still ❤. And that voice is magical. His voice is what captivated my attention to Newsboys from the beginning.

  10. Rowya Assil

    Delivery of Goodnews.

  11. Krysia Escobar

    Con está canción vienen tantas recuerdos wow como pasa el tiempo!

  12. Eleazar Mendoza

    I remember my youth in the church

  13. J K

    I really miss the late 90s and it's Christian rock.

  14. Átila Mendes

    Better quality

  15. Insert Name Here

    God told me to click on this video.

    Jayden Calderis

    Insert Name Here what???? Are ya good

  16. Isamara Ruedas

    I remember seeing this on G-Rock 🤘🏼

    Insert Name Here

    what does the g stand for? is it like the g spot?

  17. Gerald Byrd

    Still listening in 2019 and still one of my all time favorite songs.

  18. Taiesha Felder Lil'T


  19. N P

    Justin Timberlake with long hair

  20. James Hamm

    Shine Ct, much Respect !!!!

  21. Judha Sandoval

    Angel Wars anyone?

  22. Taiesha Felder Lil'T


  23. MoOn42O

    why do my eyes water when I listen to this one ?

  24. Audrey White

    Awesome song!

  25. Logan Griffin

    That voice

  26. Liberty Tree

    Um I don’t get what they mean I’ve listened to this song over and over but I can’t understand it .

    Sorry for the spamming.

  27. Liberty Tree

    I thought it said entertaining angels by the xylophone anyone else ?

  28. brian spencer

    Fuck up I dont care

  29. Joli Libellule

    Love it!

  30. Sarah Thomas

    One of the weirdest videos ever but it's so comforting

  31. Logan Keen

    I have really religious parents, and I haven't listened to this song in years, it brought back serious nostalgia when it started

  32. JC 3

    We need more Christian music like this.


    I remember when this was first released on their maxi-single!

  34. MoneyBeast 2018

    I have to say I love this song cause when I hear this song it brings me to tears. It reminds me of how angels saved my life so my daughter would have a mother to be by her side and help her through life. I'm thankful for them looking out for me!

  35. Charlie New

    This was my favorite song by the newsboys. They are just not the same without the lead singer.

    David Lenins

    Chaeck out these guys in their new album. Billed as Newsboys United with Tait aaaand Furler and Joel.

  36. Cubscowboys 233

    Nostalgia at its finest, march 12, 2019 🙏

  37. Eleni Happy Sunshine Motivation

    my fiancees favorite newsboys album the 90s songs💗🌞 God bless aww so sweet

  38. gacha_ watermelon

    I miss this group and I miss the old music. Never the same since 😫. I know I’ve entertained angels

  39. brandy applez


  40. Eric e

    2019 still a hit

  41. SativaGamer420

    No longer a christian, but can still appreciate this as a fundamentally good song. Kind of lost respect for Newsboys after they started playing into the christian victim complex by associating themselves with things like “God is not Dead”.

  42. Rider NEF

    Is the soundtrack of the Angel wars

  43. Asa Crozier

    Bring back make memories!!!! Love all Christian music but Christian from back in the day was just amazing

  44. FUN & STUFF

    Duncan's glasses

  45. Candace D

    🛐🛐🛐🙏Thank you

  46. Candace D

    THANK YOU 🌹🙏🌹🙂❤️✝️📿⛪️✌️☀️🙌❤️🙂🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. QTee

    That was very entertaining lol

  48. Roon Mc

    Phil Joel = swag galore

  49. Hello Doggy

    I'm glad everyone is free to praise God and spread the word of His love in their each and own way!Even with new singers and such. Love music that praises God and spreads love and hope rather than hate and anger! <3

  50. Alexandre Marques


  51. David Cloxton


  52. totally not a sentient action figure

    This was back when the Newsboys were good.

  53. Edward Casteen

    To me these guys will be who I think of when I hear the newsboys classic

  54. FlyBoy USAF

    Not Christian anymore, but this is such a powerful and beautiful song


    Very sad to hear. God misses you & is waiting for His son to come back home.😔

  55. Yanira Lizeth Ardon Montiel


  56. Peter Daniel Smith

    yes me and my brother Steven favourites ...was popular on vital sound videos show.

  57. Funkslave

    i miss the Newsboys

  58. João L

    Like in 2018

  59. BigMosley

    This shit is horrible.

  60. Mr. Her

    one of my best songs in 98s

  61. missionarygirl0153

    This was amazing last night!!!

  62. canal de música martinez

    Busque su música porque vi una película que se llama Dios no esta muerto muy buen

  63. Charity Hunt

    Entertaining angels rocks!!!!! #newsboys

  64. Juan Giron


  65. Doug Benson

    Sheryl Crow ripped off the opens to this song so hard core.....

  66. Amanda Brieno

    I love this song

  67. Jessica Kiel

    Workin' on wings everyday. Thank God Jesus has me covered💔

  68. Juan Giron


  69. jana walczuk

    I wish I could understand the words....

  70. Audra Muth

    This mix is so freakin awesome ! I love the addition of the percussion & vocals ! Sounds like a choir

  71. LP AP

    Deus Seja Louvado

  72. Helen yaneth

    me encanta la voz de phil

  73. Juan Giron


  74. Mickel Robins

    you were wrong.


    Care to elaborate?

  75. Angela Quinones

    There is nothing like the newsboys when they first started!!! I love them then and now, but, they where amazing back then!!!

  76. Kym Stover

    I miss the cheekiness of the old group.

  77. Aaron Tempest

    John james i write this to you brother thanks you for your great vocals from what ive read you had a small drug problem while in the band if thats true we love you just as much as ever it doesnt matter at all and God can set anyone free as im sure you know well. But you were my childhood hero and youll always be my hero the one who inspired me to learn how to sing take up instruments and learn how to play no matter how much it hurts to learn. Your in my prayers brother john james and someones said in this comment section that the newsboys are no good now "weak and cheesy" well no i dont think that at all and most of the original members are still there except the vocalist and hes a great vocslist too yes i liked james voice a sliver better but i love the new guys voice (i think hes the black guy that used to be in DC talk) The fact is their music has gotten more godly it mentions Jesus more and very clearly gives Messiah all the credit for everything they are a wonderful artistic and beautiful band that hopefully wont stop but will keep on praising God. Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah) equals = LIFE from death and life after death. Be blessed in Jesus Messiahs Holy Name! Christ Jesus's grace indeed extends to every nation on earth black and white/indian and arab/ jew and gentile no sin is too great for Messiah to overcome also Christ has dominion over every depression every addiction and every single disease cancer and aids included! Christ Yeshua even has dominion over death itself. And millions have been brought straight back to life both spiritually back to life AND physically back to life after their hearts stopped beating and blood stopped flowing to the brain there was one man who was a Christian whos heart stopped and he was pronounced dead for 45 minutes this happened at the Sydney Australian International Airport and as they were slowly driving him to the morgue and filling out the last of his papers he woke up in the back of the ambulance scaring the paramedics half to death yet the man said Jesus brought me back then when he made his way back to the States his doctor said this isnt possible. The man who died said what isnt? Your DNA has changed and youve been healed of your genetic disease pertaining to your heart and that doctor said i know God healed you and did this miracle and brought you back to life because we did multiple DNA tests the same ones over and over and over on you to make sure and your DNA has indeed changed and your healed and only God could have done such a thing. Miracles are NOT a thing of the past on the contrary they happen every single day to the astonishment of many doctors and surgeons emts and paramedics. However the media hates stories of those kinds most of the time they are not mentioned its either very rarely or not at all with them. In ancient Macedonia which was ancient Greece they called Christ or Messiah the Logos which means the Word and the word logos is where our english word logic came from and has its roots. For so Jesus is the scource of all love logic and reason! Thats no accident it was planned by God Himself just as an orange was cut into slices by God Himself in His great Masterful design why? For our convenience what else? Anyway Jesus (Yeshua) Messiah loves you very much and is waiting for you who are depressed to call on His name and pray to Him for help Hes waiting for you who are addicted like i was to cry out to Him for mercy! And Hes indeed waiting to bring you all back to life to be transformed unto the renewing of your minds in Christ Jesus and Jesus in you. Hes waiting to break your chains to make you love life to no longer be a slave to sin and evil to have the mastery over your bodies and your tongues through self control which is the last but not least of the 9 fruits of the Spirit. Dont believe just anyone calling themselves a Christian a true Christian gives God the credit for EVERYTHING because anything we make any intelligence or strength we have was given to us by God before we were born so whatever were good at its a direct result of Gods blessing us with that ability skill or talent . Jesus said we would know them (Christians His people) by their fruits and the fruits of the Holy Spirit are : Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness and Self Control. So if you know anyone claiming to be a Christian that doesnt show an abundance of those particular qualities beware! If they talk bad about others or curse or gossip beware because thats not what a real Christian is they are set free of those things but many people lie in fact most do. Dont listen to these mega churches saying Jesus is not the only way to heaven because He is . Which is exactly why He said I Am the Way the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father but through Me. Period. There is no other way and never will be yes there are earthly powers here on earth you may occasionally see someone get a zap of energy through a hindu man or a shaman but understand these are from demons and those demons will require more and more first worship then blood then both until you debauch yourselves to the point of no return then once a witch invokes the unclean spirits inside him or herself theyll destroy you from the inside out using you body as a hotel but these demons dont pay rent on the contrary they will get you sick whisper in your ear to where your thoughts are not your own and you wont be able to tell and eventually they bring the primary weapon DESPAIR The words I DONT CARE. those are the demonic mantras because if you stop caring whether you live or die and start whishing for death its only a matter of time before youll die. Make no mistake the spirit world exists and is as real as the physical world we live in so anyway again Jesus and Yeshua that name is the same and that name Jesus Christ they fear it and they run from it so if your despairing say out loud leave my mind body and soul in the name of Jesus Messiah! and if you mean it they will have to leave. Jesus loves you so much its more than any mother loves her baby it goes beyond any earthly family love and love is stronger than hate every time. Jesus Messiah loves you be blessed in Him be free in Him be made whole in Him be born again in Him be made immortal in Him also with Him in you (your heart) have your spirit brought back to life as a child in Him and gain the great peace that passes all understanding in Him (Christ Jesus/Yeshua Messiah) Be blessed with immense love.

  78. TheNewVocal

    Good morning from Singapore! Wishing you'd have a fantastic week =)

  79. Grady Smith

    What does the word say about who dwells in the barren wastelands? All the pyramids, symbols, and as above so below as well as the duality yes the Newsboys may not be wicked altogether but they know what there doing.

    Owen Kilcup

    What do you mean

  80. Audra Muth

    Wow the bassist has a beautiful voice. Well if y’all read about Peter , he said he got burnt out being the lead for almost 20 years. That’s a long time to be a producer, a songwriter and the frontman for a very successful band. He needed and deserved to take a step away from the life he was very blessed with. He’s still singing though! Just saw a video of him in Dothan !!

  81. miriam.80hernandez Perez


  82. miriam.80hernandez Perez

    Que buen grupo 😎😎

    Sindy HM

    miriam.80hernandez Perez De qué se trata la canción?

  83. Grady Smith

    This song is a plea from The Watchers to Yahweh for forgiveness. There all in black and the lyrics tell all.

    Gerald Byrd

    Wait what and how did you even interpret that?

  84. Mike W

    Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10

    Insert Name Here

    Likewise I say to you, if you believe a book written by old men in the bronze age and have imaginary friends who talk to you, you need serious therapy. Me 14:41

  85. dirbrody

    This really was a great era for Christian music...

  86. Johann Cherian

    Love this song

  87. Carlos Leonel Gomez Vallejo

    So temporary..... 2018

  88. Louis Wetzel

    Never fails.......a master classic song.

  89. K K

    Love this beautiful song

  90. Team of Angels

    Entertaining Angels unaware Hebrews 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.

    Mr. Her

    Team of Angels nice team J.C.

    Deborah Workinger

    That's so true

    Kristy Heller

    Praise Jesus

  91. VAU9HNY

    its worth watching this video of phil joel (who wrote this song) talk about it here (play at 12:05:

  92. Ismail Ax

    I miss these days and this CD but life is complicated and I now realize my Creator expects me to deal with some of these mortal problems

  93. Joseph Gard

    I only just recently met Phil on a vacation and went to a Zealand concert. Man what a cool, Spirit-filled guy. They played this song and I think everyone there was feeling God move their hearts.

  94. blanca vargas

    i live this song this song it takes me back at five years old 247 we put this song and we just there on the couch and made ourself laugh and make me cry 😢😂

  95. SOS


  96. Caliper Jones

    This song has one of the most beautiful lyrical lines I have ever heard.  Possibly the most beautiful lyrical line I've ever heard:  "I hold my breath and I wait for You to breathe."  The idea of being in such alignment with God that we even give our need to breath over to Him continually brings tears to my eyes.  If only.

    Insert Name Here

    but which god? Krishna? Zeus? Jupiter? Ogdalbenzchego? WHICH GOD????

    U Cuber

    Caliper Jones , Amen!

    Logan Smith

    @Insert Name Here The Lord, Jesus, God.

    Insert Name Here

    @Logan Smith Really? Because I think it was more like Vishnu and Santa Clause rolled into one.

  97. Eye Sees You

    Hate Christianity but I love this song.

  98. Cara KaLeigh Miller

    I loved this song when I was 7 and I love it now that I'm 21.