Newsboys - Always Lyrics

What were you thinking
I got a right to ask
Is there a reason
Other than your past
A great pretender
Why was I the last to see
Through your SKIN
Is there a chance you'll ever change

It's always the same
You're always to blame
Is there any way around this
I can't see
You walked out on her
You planned to be free
I'm trying not to point the finger
But it's killing me

What were you thinking
Were you thinking of me
Did you see what they wrote
On the family tree
I know it's over
All in the past
I need to forgive you?
If I'm to last - will I ever change

Take these pieces
Thrown away
Put them together from
Night 'n' day
Washed by the sun
Dried by the rain
To be my father
In the fatherless days

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Newsboys Always Comments
  1. Brady Hess

    My Dad was my best friend. He seldom even raised his voice at me. He often told me to see through the BS. I looked all over the world, and found BS all over the world. I looked all over the church, and found BS all over the church. Then I concluded that BS makes the world go around.

  2. Rebekah G

    ELle i GI i about SOME SOMEONEY KEWKILLED TEM SELF HIM THIER SLEF noto about press realse 1995

  3. Not Equal

    My favorite track from my favorite Newsboys album.

    Craig Harris

    Not Equal Definitely one of my favorite Newsboys albums. Just curious if I’m interpreting the lyrics correctly. Is the singer talking about how his father walked out on his mother when he the singer was a child or maybe even when she was still pregnant and he (the singer) spent his whole life blaming him until he found the Lord and when the Lord fulfilled that father role in his life then he (the singer) was then able to forgive his biological father and let that go because he now has that relationship with his Heavenly Father.

  4. Writers Alive

    washed by sun, dried by the rain

  5. Ron Dunbar

    the first time i heard this, many years ago now, it really brought too many memories of the divorce in my family tree. trust me on this one, it does NOT matter how old you are when it happens. it WILL affect you for the rest of your life. and yes , i did forgive my dad. he told me totally unsolicited one year at a Thanksgiving gathering he had made a terrible mistake. he has since passed . i believe he is with the Lord. divorce is NOT the unforgivable sin.


    My parents divorced as well due to all of us being mentally abused by my step dad, it took me so many years to forgive him and my real dad for leaving me when I was born... I had been deeply wounded for so long I felt like I didn't even know how to forgive. I always said I forgave him but deep down the feeling had never gone away. Up till recently when I stood toe to toe with him on his birthday this year, I looked him in the eye and for the first time I really forgave him (my step dad), hugged him and told him I loved him because even tho he hasent always been the dad I needed he was still a father figure in my life. He broke into tears just as bad as I did, and for the first time in my life I felt the heavy burden that I had carried since I was a small child lifted from me, and I got in the presance of God later that week and forgave my real dad for leaving as well... I realized that I can't sit and preach about forgiveness if I can't forgive the people that hurt me so deeply in my life. It's not worth holding onto because it robs you from the peace you should have. So any one that reads this entirely, if someone hurt you so badly it's hard to forgive them just let it go... because it leads to bitterness and more pain, it steals your joy, and peace of mind. Let God take care of what happens to the situation and get your joy back :)

    Travis Young

    This song is so powerful to me. But I think it is even more powerful when you follow it with 'Just Let It Go' from the Take Me To Your Leader LP. Newsboys has been so influential throughout my lige. Such beautiful memories of my childhood and such powerful lyrics. Their music is a true blessing.

  6. Brian Neal

    I miss these days. The happiest I've ever been in my life. Newsboys narrated it.

  7. Brent Fleming

    Notice the change , the cross over from bitterness to forgivness, Geniuss

  8. Brent Fleming

    Loved Elle G It helped when my brother in laws sister comitted suicide.

  9. Mary-Anna Pruett

    This song is beautiful

    Azto Caligal


  10. joeskis

    This or Elle G is their most powerful song about broken people

  11. Asujoll

    I can't even relate to the story in the song and I still feel touched by it. That's how great it is. Why does no one seem to remember this song?

    Jeziel Molina

    I remember it....  it's my all times fav song by the old Newsboys  ;)

    Jules John 3:16

    I remember this song very well. I told Peter Furler that it touched me so much and that I could have written this song because it describes the situation I dealt with perfectly. It helped me to heal. Praise Jesus! ☺🙏🙌

    Pall Willeaux

    I think it was a bonus track


    After Going Public & Leader, they went this one without Steve Taylor's influence. It was good but was never going to live up to those previous two. But I did find this song a powerful and somewhat haunting finale on "Microphone."

  12. Sharron Johnson

    This song is soo powerful! I love Newsboys.

  13. Rose Harless

    This song takes me back. I can't help but think about my Dad. All the times I wished he would just disappear, I was so tired of all the hurt that he had caused. It is nice to read others comments on how this song touched people. I am sad to say now that my Dad has passed away and there was not much repair done to our relationship. So many feeling of hate I wish I could take back. I am so thankful for my heavenly Father. For his forgiveness and his unfailing love and support through out my life.

  14. Jules John 3:16

    This song has always touched my heart personally. It helped me through a very difficult time in my life!

  15. Rick Demonstoy

    Jesus Christ is the same yesturday today and forever Hebrews 13:12

  16. nytmare

    I grew up without my father in my life whatsoever and a religious fanatic, detached mother. She would buy my music for me (fiercely denying me access to “secular” music) and the Newsboys were the only band I actually liked. For many nights, many years I would listen to this song before bed and think about him. When I turned 21 I found him finally, & I got more than I asked for. That first hug he gave me, even as a grown up, I was instantly a child again and all those years of hurting were gone.

    Ron Dunbar

    fantastic my friend!. you should really let the Boys know via their website or facebook. they love this kind of testimony. God bless!

  17. joeskis

    "Washed by the Sun, Dried by the Rain", to me this has always meant the persons life was so messed up that it required the sun to wash and the rain to dry. This song is very well written.


    joeskis I always thought it was "washed by the Son"... But conferring with the liner notes, I see it is indeed "sun".

  18. joeskis

    They have some of the most amazing slow songs: "Be Still" and especially "Elle G" from Going Public. Just to name a few.

  19. joeskis

    This is an amazing song. It can bring you to tears if you visualize the scenes as it plays.
    So many people need to hear this message.

  20. carlagirl7

    @mattsmoski3737 I grew up without my father as well......I know now that God is not all you need until He becomes all that you have....God bless you.

  21. nightstang

    Now an atheist? You lost your salt? Hebrews 6:4

  22. The real DJ Boring

    I used to listen to them growing up christian, now I'm a total atheist but they still got some good songs.

  23. richi37w

    very cool song

  24. Kent Rosenthal

    Powerful song - has helped me reflect a lot and find a way to heal....