New Years Day - Sleep Lyrics

"They're... They're these terrors. And it feels as if somebody was gripping my. They're these terrors. And it's like, it feels like as if somebody was gripping my throat. Like last night. They're not like tremors, they're worse than tremors. They're... They're these terrors. Like last night, they are not like tremors, they are worse than tremors. They are these terrors. And it's like, it feels like as if somebody was gripping my throat and squeezing and..."

Some say, now suffer all the children
And walk away a savior
Or a madman and polluted
From gutter institutions
Don't you breathe for me
Undeserving of your sympathy
Cause there ain't no way that I'm sorry for what I did

And through it all
How could you cry for me?
Cause I don't feel bad about it
So shut your eyes
Kiss me goodbye
And sleep
Just sleep

The hardest part is letting go of your dreams

A drink for the horror that I'm in
For the good guys, and the bad guys
For the monsters that I've been
Three cheers for tyranny
Unapologetic apathy
Cause there ain't no way that I'm coming back again

And through it all
How could you cry for me?
Cause I don't feel bad about it
So shut your eyes
Kiss me goodbye
And sleep
Just sleep

The hardest part's the awful things that I've seen

"Sometimes I see flames. And sometimes I see people that I love dying, and it's always..."

Just sleep...
Wake up!

"And I can't... I can't ever wake up."

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New Years Day Sleep Comments
  1. Сергей Поздняков

    Капец ток на максималке ее могу слушать( и рука сама тянется вьебать на максимум

  2. Dave Lospinoso


  3. Сергей Поздняков

    Пардон со всем уважением к Химикам, одной из моих любимых групп, но у NYD именно эта песня получилась лучше оригинала...

  4. Esmeralda Glandon

    This is the best cover of mcr that new years day did

  5. Margaret Atilano

    Gerard watched this.

  6. ReadySetBANG

    They are gonna be touring with MCR next year.

  7. SirLanceAThot

    But why would anyone cover any songs on this Trash album?

  8. Matthew Cadaverous

    Aaaannnnddd now they're playing Download with My Chem. Holy fucking shit, they've made it.

  9. Jamez Small

    Glad to be seeing them next month with halestorm and in this moment

  10. 111 111

    The Djent Parade

  11. Crystalize Gaming

    3:50 that squeal sounded so good!!!😂🤟

  12. metalcore banana


  13. Eeru Smoke

    No mames wey que rolon!!!, Una de mis bandas favoritas y de las mejores!, Te Amo Ashley!

  14. Crystalize Gaming

    Ash’s voice is so fucking good!!!!😍😆😆

  15. What do you want?

    This is 2nd to the One OK Rock Cover of The End.

  16. Shaquille Estampador

    Best Cover in the album

  17. Devin Senrick

    Her voice makes the cover more sexier .

  18. Anton Rueda

    I really appreciate the effort on this cover. (Unlike certain other shits).

  19. Abby Siskind

    easily the best cover on this album

  20. FreakShowMusic

    I kinda wish that Niki Misery did the talking part

  21. Nica 5600

    This is actually the best cover of the whole album

  22. Nica 5600

    Wow this is fucking awesome

  23. Sofia Vozza

    I love this song and mcr and NYD killed it great cover!

  24. Emo Pieceof Shof

    This along with tøps cover of cancer and one ok rocks cover of the end are the 3 best covers of mcr songs I've ever heard
    P. S. Ash Costello is a fucking goddess bye

    Nica 5600

    The Cancer cover is shit

  25. Odin Forfang

    They capture The estiaetic at least, they butchered the rhythm on the verses though, chorus was well done and not badly mixed. Ofc original is best but this was best so far

    Odin Forfang

    Female singer worked very well for this, emotion and energy is here and pretty good mix and the wake up part was great finally a good version

  26. Supergogeta 1124

    I'm about to cry not only is this an amazing cover but she even included the screaming behind the wall of guitars

  27. Jayson Cobain

    The best cover of the album. Better than pop shit sound of TOP cover. Wtf!

  28. Dev Pashupati

    If you ask me I prefer the old New Year's Day, the cover is great don't get me wrong. But I didn't like the sudden shift of genre on their 2013 album to their recent.(maybe because it's a sudden transition) This is coming from a guy who listens to Mudvayne, Bleeding Through, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir and Pantera. And also I still got my 2007 album of "My Dear". Don't be hatin'. Just an honest opinion from almost 30 year old dad.

  29. rainey pinwheels

    I love Sleep, but the cover makes the subject matter come to life if you know what I mean. Sorry.

  30. TheLightsLive

    Here’s the recover. 👍

  31. Jane Doe

    On some days I can’t listen to my chem or any my chem related things because it makes me cry, ironically they help with my depression

  32. John Mark Dioso

    Nice voice

  33. Luka Silence

    How did I first find this now?

  34. Jack Holtcamp

    poster fuck, love this band. New Years day got some crafty flow and y yes my chemical romance is legendary music.

  35. Courtney Brain

    Omg I love this so much..... I'm not crying your crying😂😂

  36. MacIsNotCool

    Damn. I love. I fucking LOVE

  37. J Day

    How did I just now discover this?

  38. LisV :3

    Ash Costello- vocals
    Nikki Misery- lead guitar
    Jeremy Valentyne- rhythm guitar
    Brandon Wolfe- bass
    Daniel Trixx- drums

  39. El_ Gerard

    Wow i really like this.. This is good actually

  40. Thomas Jefferson


  41. Filipe Dias

    W-what... what was this? I'm stuned right now... Damn, it was... just perfect! Her voice is so gorgeous and powerful at the same time, also the whole song felt stronger and darker here.

    Even though MCR is my favourite band, I dare to say that if this doesn't tops the original it gets on par with it, AT LEAST.

  42. LisV :3

    I love Ash's speaking voice in the intro

  43. Lightning McQueen Gaming

    This is legitimately the only song I've ever heard this band do, and I'm seeing them tonight opening up for In This Moment. Suffice it to say, I'm pretty excited.

  44. LisV :3

    Ashley Costello- vocals
    Nikki Misery- lead guitar
    Jeremy Valentyne- rhythm guitar
    Brandon Wolfe- bass
    Daniel Trixx- drums

  45. Blaze Fria

    Is this music on spotify by any chance?

  46. Ethan Harbin

    Absolutely killed this cover!

  47. PANIC! Attack


  48. Devin Espitia

    41 people missed the like button

  49. Zoë Jenkins

    I can’t find this anywhere so I can buy this! Someone plz help

  50. elemsr

    Her screams are everything

  51. Destinee plays roblox

    Omg her screams are so on poooiint!!!!

  52. biniyam mekonnen

    where's the noise? toned down the guitars and i hear electronic music wtf.

  53. Sofia Wilde

    this along with Dead!, and WTTBP are so my favorites on the tribute album😍😍😍

  54. Claire Tan

    It's like I stopped breathing during her screams.

  55. Arnoria Lachance

    Honestly this and Cancer are the only covers on this album I actually like

  56. Patrick William

    Holy shit this is good

  57. Sethyboy0

    My girlfriend said she was surprised I liked this song when she found it the worst song on the original album. Went through and listened to the original as well as all the other covers and this cover is not only the best of them but better than the original song.

    Most of the others are kinda weird :S

  58. Amethyst_Amefist

    So awesome

  59. Isa's Happy Hour

    The beginning was really rough but almost everything after that was fucking great.

  60. HorrorChick 1001

    Best cover

  61. Bailey H

    I cant find the nyd cover on iTunes🙁

  62. lithium b


  63. Mya Kilby

    I don't like the talking in the intro but I think the cover itself was actually pretty good, I mean sure it's not the original but I think it's decent.

  64. Antonin Kubitschek

    Oh, how i love that song. How often I've listened to it....

  65. PunkSkater Pizza

    Guys You F#$king Rocked It

  66. brayden scott

    Love this

  67. wi11ow 11


  68. lil_stupid_shirt

    so clean

  69. Kabz

    underrated cover of anything let alone mcr.

  70. Erni Motionless

    Hell 😈⚫🐐🔥

  71. Sole Bueno

    this cover is epic wow

  72. Elias Apollo

    Wow, she's got a powerful voice

  73. Alexander Venegas

    No es por qué la banda sea una de mis favoritas pero este cover es uno de lo poco que tiene de rescatable de este álbum

  74. theofficialwatermelon

    This is a good cover

  75. May Sanchez

    Aaaaaaaaah legendary band, MCR 4EVER ❤

  76. Marie Revisado

    i love this cover so much!

  77. Tomás Arizaga

    Frank se debe haber cebado mal ahre


    Tomás Arizaga atr



  78. Leia Armer

    Yeah this is defentaly the best cover, Ash suits this song so well

  79. Lemonaiden

    Honestly making it a metalcore song was fucking genius.

  80. Maxx O

    Okay. Reluctant respect. 👆


    Listening to this is making me cry

  82. Cam Danger


  83. ᄆᄆᄆ

    Not bad. Hmm.

  84. Bobby Mulkern III


  85. Kabz

    how do they do everything so fucking well. like their cover of gangsta was 100x better than the original and so is this (not dissing mcr, they were incredible). its just crazy how good they are

  86. FreakingJames

    Emotionless vocals
    The main melody is good, but it needs more guitars and a piano
    Feels a lot empty without a piano
    They surprisingly didn't cut the screams in the last minutes. I'm quite impressed, never actually heard a female vocalist doing screams like that

  87. Gaia

    WHY I AM CRYING RN ?!!!!!!


    Este cover junto a Cáncer de TOP son lo mejor del album

  89. fel_ again

    Well done Ashley! You did amazing in this cover!

    Esmeralda Glandon

    I agree

  90. sabrina

    oh my god her screams are awesome
    this is such a good cover, they did the original proud.

  91. Seshtinies child

    So much better than twenty one pilots cover. Why aren't we all talking about this one. I loved this cover when it came out and I still love it

  92. Ash PATD MCR

    i just think it's beautiful that a bunch of bands took their time to make this album

  93. INeedANewName

    They're not like chevers, they're worse than chevers. Wtf

  94. Hannah_5634

    sleep and this is how I disappear are the best songs from the whole tribute album

  95. Dawson

    This is the only cover off the tributes album I actually like. The difference between the original version and this version of the song (in my opinion) is that the original was more based on sadness, while I get more of an angry vibe from this version. I like it