New Politics - Stuck On You Lyrics

Put a spell on me
Walk away from me
It's called irony
Got me hypnotized
I am paralyzed
I lost my sanity

What did I do?
What did I do?
To get my mind stuck on you
What did I do?
What did I do?
To get my mind stuck on you
What did I do?

... What did I do?

Sing a song for me
Love you endlessly
But I got a spell on me
And I feel lost and confused
I am crying out your name
But your touch ain't relieving it's pain

What did I do?
What did I do?
To get my mind stuck on you
What did I do?
What did I do?
To get my mind stuck on you
What did I do?

... What did I do?

You are my lover, are my friend
It don't matter what you think
You are my one and only desire
It's gonna stay like that till the end
Walk away from me it's called irony

What did I do?
What did I do?
To get my mind stuck on you
What did I do?
What did I do?
To get my mind stuck on you
What did I do?

Hey, what did I do?
What did I do?
What did I do?

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New Politics Stuck On You Comments
  1. Danny


  2. ศุภวรรณ แสงภักดิ์

    I felt that

  3. Marclin Gun

    God save you if you are here form Google best 10 songs for *INFP*

  4. Ade Panca

    May 2019

  5. Sonia Lokwenc


  6. Dystent Trash

    actually here because of quote love unquote

    ellie hartinger

    yup, me too

    such a good fic

  7. Manal Kidwai

    A THROAM trailer brought me here but I stayed for new politics

  8. kimeiga

    still listening

  9. romain da costa

    INFP power Guys !

  10. Davion Bradford

    I hate how much I relate to this song


    Davion Bradford I’m sorry for what evers happening :( I hope you can get through it and find something/someone even better

  11. Chung Peter

    WHEN I hear this SONG, THE gray city wakING UP...!

  12. Captain Chumbuwumba

    thumbs up.if you're asking yourself what did you do?

  13. Awais Ali

    Started talking to her, sends me the best songs like this that I never could've discovered. I wonder if they meant anything or she just wanted to share these song. Guess, I will never know.


    did you ever find out?

  14. Autumn Varner

    This song reminds me of how i feel about my bf

  15. William Zhong

    in *FUCKING* love with this band!!...

  16. Kalma Joebhaar

    I love this song too much

  17. lisa li

    I have listened to this song so much in the past day it's almost ridiculous


    mi rolla preferida !

  19. 77899

    lowkey this video is the greatest

  20. Huy Pham

    been a year and dunno y I again end up clicking on this song

  21. William Zhong

    The most underrated band ever

  22. strawchubb

    obsessed with this song.

  23. Corey LaRose

    Lol the lyric's in the discription are wrong but I love this done so much

  24. Valentina Sánchez P

    This song is beautiful :')

  25. Cleo Faye Susa


    ramona flowers

    Cleo Faye Susa So? Why do i have to see comments like this under EVERY FUCKING ROCK SONG?? Just enjoy it

  26. Jesselyn Oyao


  27. Bruno Guerra

    i cry everytime

  28. Monica Rodriguez

    badass. love ett

  29. Thelilac 97

    This is my favourite song.seriously!!!!!!I just miss my hometown.& all the silly things I did.

  30. Katelin M

    such a perfect song

  31. waya121

    "What it da doo?" lol...


    Its "What did I do" hahaha

    Lily Russell

    get it right you bully

  32. ThatOneGirlDrummer

    Sigh. This song is too accurate..

  33. Toaster Mage

    This song is wonderful

    Thank you Denmark

    Thank you so much

    For this *miracle*

  34. rampanthurricanes

    what city is this?

    Sofia Nohemi

    @rampanthurricanes new york i guess

    Tyler Rockers

    They're Danish, so it's probably a place in Europe

    Tyler Rockers

    It's Copenhagen

    Jennifer Alfaro

    +Tia Rockers but they moved to New York so it could be New York too

  35. samantha burzynski

    This song gets me so emotional. 

  36. maggie mercado

    Thumbs up if you brought yourself here! Lol

  37. trusiamidnight56

    This song makes me think of all of my OTP's..

  38. Aija 102


    Kerrie Holroyd

    If you mean because breadsticks are delicious and so is Luke, then why yes he is a breadstick!

    Aija 102

    ye totally

  39. nikola zackova

    no one care who brought you here

  40. xalohabeautiful

    thumbs up if neither luke hemmings or fall out boy brought you here!

    Niizhoodewii Denomie

    tbh it was mcr

    Emma _

    Being Danish brought me here tbh😂

    Anxiety Sponge

    It was an ad for me

    Sleepy Idiot

    Luke tweeted about it?? I heard this song on the radio once a few years ago, then I saw NP live, so that brought me here. (:

    almooneh lmao

    a fanfiction brought me here

  41. Matthew Brown

    I relate to this, and I wish I didn't.

    Awais Ali

    I wish I could.

    Lily Russell

    I'm with you here, bro.

  42. Amanda Martins

    I just saw them in concert last night and all I have to say is wow. it was absolutely amazing I love them so much! but now I have no voice and my ears are slightly ringing but hey it was 100% worth it! love these guys!!

  43. Abril Marin

    I love this song so much

  44. Rachel Vance

    Love this band! Even better in concert❤️

  45. E. C.

    5sos and luke hemmings are great but it's my music taste that brought me here ahaha why do i feel proud lol

  46. ScruffyLookingNerfherder

    I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it. Søren is amazing!

    Yiğit Satar

    ScruffyLookingNerfherder soren is the drummer xd

  47. Emma Hoffman

    Seeing them in concert in November! Can't wait!!!!

  48. Marvie Derp

    Luke brought me here

  49. emily tran


  50. Stavroula Hemmings

    Thank You Luke Hemmings! *.*

  51. Thiago Matheus Inhuma R. da Silva

     que musica  boa

  52. LizS

    i think i just fell in love... i love this song

  53. mark's lion whiskers

    i'm really glad i saw luke tweet this lyrics... damn this song is amazing i'm thinking of covering it. 

  54. Danifer

    Here because of Luke Hemmings
    Such a good song btw

  55. scholarsonly

    Luke Hemmings brought me here! Love ya babe! ×D

  56. Anna Macau

    Luke brought me here 

  57. Noelle Hutton

    Luke hemmings 💕

  58. Leah Buttery

    Luke Hemmings brought me to this song he just tweeted "what did I do,to get my mind stuck on you" so I searched it and it's this song and I really like it !!!:) I also love fall out boys too

    Josh C

    +Leah5sos Hemmings did you just say "Fall Out Boy*s*"

  59. Katherine Mossian

    This song is so sweet

  60. Marie

    Thought this was a cover by Failure & got excited. lol

  61. Valerie Tan

    I think I can die in his voice...

  62. Star292038

    You guys rocked in Sun God UCSD 2014!! 

  63. alex marquez


  64. alex marquez

    The best

  65. Sierra Hamm

    I love this song and this band can't wait for July 9th!

  66. FallenPsȳchosis

    makes me think of the girl I like. 

  67. Satan

    i have to thank fall out boy for showing me my new favourite band :D


    I'm gonna see them too! I'm August since they are opening for Paramore & FOB.

    ¿Anthony Davidツ?

    Satan fuck you

  68. Niamh Milne

    Just saw these lads supporting for fall out boy yesterday in Glasgow, and I think I've found a new favourite band!

  69. MrMuunster

    This is ma jam!

  70. Nimbusstar187

    Søren :3

  71. Cailyn Devereaux

    why am I crying

  72. Marco Castro

    Lost for words

  73. Khy J

    this reminds me of kiss me by sixpence none the richer

  74. Leah Propst

    Using this song for my highschool dance

  75. Shereena Marshall

    Beautiful crying RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
    &%#[email protected]

  76. Jacquelyn C.

    I'm coming to your concert this Saturday 🙈💕 can't wait!!

  77. Ariane Uy

    wow why did i only find out about this band till now?? ♡♡♡ so beau-ti-ful!! 

  78. Davion Bradford

    Just love every word in this song and describes how I'm feeling perfectly

  79. krystal bruecks

    yeah, i just wanna know how you guys arent as popular as you should be? you are absolutely perfect!

  80. Cezalyn GV

    I just fell in love with this song.

  81. Syndicate.

    Absolutely obsessed, thank you 8track for showing me this amazing band!

    Muffin Catflowers

    OMG yessss😍😍😍

    dianita huertas

    i used to use 8tracks a lot.. was my fav app .. but the it got just available for the USA :(

  82. 김재희


  83. Graham Dickerson

    aint that the truth

  84. DustiexD

    I wish I could favorite this song twice.

  85. Metood

    Denmark should be proud

  86. Chelsea Anne

    What did I do to get my mind stuck on New Politics seriously

  87. circafuse

    Crappy part is being stuck on someone you don't want to be stuck on.

  88. Amu

    perfection! <3

  89. JordanDoesParkour

    Denmark has a lot of sick bands, they create lots of things and have a few huge companies (Canon{camera}, New Politics, Fellulah[singer], Lego[toy], and lastly Jaegerkorpset[MilitarySpecialForcesUnit})

  90. Lincoln Heath

    Shouldn't be listening to this, currently going through the same thing.

  91. i really like tacos

    my ex boyfriend sang this song to me, ughh the memories. BUT, i love this song<3

  92. Scott McGibbon

    These droids have found the formula for leaving a contribution to music. Clean, strong lead vocals accented with brilliant backgrounds and driven with thundering drums. We haven't seen the last of Denmark.

  93. Syah Rizal

    awhh love ittttttttttttt

  94. Zany

    I love this song and the whole album...perfect.

  95. Jessica Yamada

    best song ever

  96. jiggleninja

    How does this not have 1 million views?!?! So underrated!

  97. jiggleninja


  98. Emily Crabtree

    Love it!!