New Edition - Tighten It Up Lyrics

I know sometimes I seem a little crazy
I'm not too crazy in love
See I'm not a trick
I can take it or leave it
You can be about it
Cause I can do without it

For some reason
You take your life for granted
Like it's a game
And you always win
The things you say
And the things you do
You act like it won't come to an end
But you need to realize

[Chorus 2x:]
Easily you can be left alone
Tighten it up
You better
Before you find yourself by yourself

Some people say that I'm
Nothing but a player
I don't play when it comes to my heart
Don't be so cool
When you know everything is cool
You can be about it
Cause I can do without it

You know I let you slide once
Let you slide twice
The third time babydoll
It won't be so nice
You looking hot though
But you can't play ron devoe
The laid back mack
With mad flow so here we go
I got a hottie with a mad body
Don't you know in the 5-0-0
On the way to the crib-o
So how you live
I had to ask my man biv
Uh huh it's looking kind of positive


Is this the part
You take my heart
And wipe your feet on

[Until fade]

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New Edition Tighten It Up Comments
  1. Jus Jeana

    Am I the only one in 2020...New Edition for life😘

  2. Annmarie Bess

    Still listening in January 2020

  3. BeYOUtiful_Indie

    Who is still blasting this in 2020?? ❤️😎 I’m only 30, but I was raised on New Edition growing up, and love them!! ❤️ #NE4Life

  4. Ty Macklin

    boomin 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Iris E

    I love the Loose Ends “Slow Down” sample.

  6. James Pharris

    Dedicated to Team DP.

  7. LGKids

    Outside recess duty brought me here! Peace!

  8. Eric Williams


  9. Tiffany Drakeford

    That rap part was smooth

  10. Patrick Poindexter

    Love there music alot

  11. Deahra Shelton

    Hey Hey Hey Hey

  12. CMelo 2000

    I mean I only heard Ronnie and mike in the song but they won't singing

  13. You Bou

    2019 already on it!!

  14. Terell Nelson

    This was my hit

  15. Nicole Crymes

    This album is 🔥 on Tb come back on adversity 🎤🔥🎶

  16. Willie Horace

    Still rocking this album. Yes I said album.

    Brutha Dnubian

    No skool like ole skool ✊✊

  17. Vegas Mitchell

    UNDERRATED Album of 96'!!!

    yahya omar

    Vegas Mitchell my best ever album

    Nicole Crymes

    They can drop album today on Tb🎤🎶

  18. xXx0tiiC DrEaMz

    #classic even still in 2018🎶

  19. Todd Mcclennon

    This whole album is bumping classic album


    So good

  21. KrL City

    2018? Whose still on it!

    Brutha Dnubian

    Me!!!!!! 22yrs and counting.

    Jeff Robinson

    2019 grooving at work got the Album at home!!!

    Brad Monroe

    the shit

    Fredrick Hines

    2019...WHO LISTENING

  22. Jay Greg

    1996 yeah

    Brutha Dnubian

    That was a bomb ass year for R&B. Maxwell,Kenny Lattimore,Eric Bene't,Jesse Powell,Bilal,D'Angelo,Genuwine Damn the 90s were LIT. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Butler Boy78

    Females need to take heed to this song....... Before you find yourself by yourself....real shit! Classic New Edition.

  24. StubbornMook

    2:07 is tht Ricky or Bobby?

    Steven Adams

    i think that's Ricky


    Steven Adams your right

    Todd Mcclennon

    StubbornMook it was Ricky and den bobby

    Brutha Dnubian

    @Todd Mcclennon Bobby was adlibing in the background.

    Johnnie Colbert

    That's the fucking jam


    Love NE. The Home Again Album was dope! This is when my bae Bobby vocals was still great. He came in sooo smooth and sultry at the beginning of the song. The cigarettes and drugs decreased his ability to sing as before. Love BB past and present.

  26. Incredible Love

    🎼🎤is this the part you break my 💔& wipe your feet off🎼 oh mr bell your voice on this😘

  27. MKULTRA 1186

    Easily you can be left alone..

    Steven Adams

    M to the muthaphuckin K

    MKULTRA 1186

    Good morning Steven Adams :)

  28. Lakeem Lawson

    love this cut since I was like 5 I'm 25 taday I member 25 yrs back ma dad had a cocaine white BMW I couldn't wait to ride in it just to hear dey cd... I'm young but I was hooked for real dis ma shit

    Brutha Dnubian

    That's a nice memory babyboi. The 90s were bomb.

    Iris E

    You should listen to the song they sampled. It’s a great track too. Loose Ends - Slow Down.

  29. Sonia Felita

    My guys 💜 #Legends #Classic #NE4L #Ralphtho

  30. Elmatatan6890

    who sings in the beginning ricky and bobby?

    Betty Millz

    Elmatatan6890 Bobby then Ricky on the pre chorus and on the chorus

  31. Janelle Wolfe

    Thinking of those memories again

  32. 0d1tu1 Mb3l3

    a seriously underrated tune/track !!!

    Sylvia Seymore

    Odi Mbeledogu yy

    Sylvia Seymore

    Odi Mbeledogu I understand b

  33. Janelle Wolfe

    Love this song ever since I was little and I would hang out with my dad when we to places

  34. Green eyed Monster

    So many memories of long road trips and my mother bumpin this CD from beginning to end!!

  35. Sean Houlker

    Loose Ends sampled Slow down

    Steven Adams

    I hear it!

    0d1tu1 Mb3l3

    "Is this the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on !!!"

    Brutha Dnubian

    @0d1tu1 Mb3l3 1986!!!!!!

  36. whatsthematta parramatta

    i still got this album...i remember when they got back together was so happy, lol good ol days

  37. Rodrick Ray

    memories my pops would bump this in the car and in the house!!

  38. Janelle Wolfe

    Me the memories

  39. Janelle Wolfe

    This gives the memories

  40. EXQD2

    hell yeah, great tune

    Ardisha Alford

    EXQD2 I love me some algee smith Woody McCain and Keith powers and Luke James

  41. ljsosc

    I love this song