New Edition - Superlady Lyrics

When I'm alone with you
You know just what I wanna doooooo girrrl
To hold you in my arms
Lovin' you all over baby
Yeah yeah yeah

No pressure from me baby
No need to get excited
Because tonight was made for two lovers
And you were invited


Keep me runnin'

Keep me runnin'

Heaven must've sent you girl
To be with me for always
Sharin' all our fantasies ooooooh

Tell me that you'll always be around
Show me you care
I'll always be there


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New Edition Superlady Comments
  1. Alex Haynes

    The CD bonus track!

  2. Alma Sasser

    RT and Ricky sound so good

  3. Melanin D'Terrius

    23 years old remember this from my early teen didn't know who sung until a couple of months ago.