New Edition - If It Isn't Love Lyrics

I don't love her
I tried to tell myself
But you can see it in my eyes
So don't deny
I can't fool no one else
The truth is in the tears I cry cause...

If it isn't love
Why do I feel this way?
Why does she stay on my mind?
If it isn't love
Why does it hurt so bad,
Make me feel so sad inside?
If it isn't love

I told her I'd never fall in love,
But now I know better

How does it feel?
I can't describe this feelin'
That came when I saw her last night
She got to me
I'll let you know the reason
I saw her with another guy so...

If it isn't love
Why do I feel this way?
Why does she stay on my mind?
If it isn't love
Why does it hurt so bad,
Make me feel so sad inside?
If it isn't love

Maybe she'll take me back
Hey, girl, he's begging
I made a big mistake
Won't you forgive him, girl?
Now I can feel it
He's never felt before
I really love her
You love her? What?

It took my heart
To shatter in a thousand pieces
Before I'd ever drop my pride
Losing love, worrying about my image
Really helped me realize that...

If it isn't love
Why do I feel this way?
Why does she stay on my mind?
If it isn't love
Why does it hurt so bad,
Make me feel so sad inside?
If it isn't love

If it isn't love [3x]
I can't describe this feeling that I feel for her!

If it isn't love
Why do I feel this way?
Why does she stay on my mind?
If it isn't love
Why does it hurt so bad,
Make me feel so sad inside?
If it isn't love

If it isn't love

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New Edition If It Isn't Love Comments
  1. Starlise Jun.from.17

    I prefer this kind of music bc back then guys didn’t call girls bitches and hoes every second like now.

  2. Melanated Akebulanqueen

    When music made sense!

  3. Zaire Weeks

    Click the like button if u here 2020


    is that Ralph Tresvant ?

  5. ShizL On TV

    Still loving this music in 2020

  6. glenhugh73

    Holy shit. There's Bobby Brown.

  7. Sophia Lucianna

    Here it is 2020, and I'm still proudly bopping to this.😎I do not know if my post will do ANY good, but who all wants New Edition to headline the Super Bowl Halftime show next year???? That would be EVERYTHING!!!! Just imagine... Ralph, Ricky, Ronnie, Mike, Bobby, and Johnny all together performing their greatest hits.... (New Edition, BBD, Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill) I love them so much!☺☺☺ It would most definitely be a show to see!

  8. Cherish Armoni

    My friends just did this for our Black History Program and it was so cute bc they we trying so hard and just😩

  9. Counter Top

    "If it Isn't Love", then what is it?

  10. Bonifacio Family

    Jamie fox lol

  11. Mars Vee

    Thumbs up if you consider Uncle Brook the 7th member of New Edition

  12. Mars Vee

    Hit the like button if started the song in 2020 and now listening from 1988 s

  13. Sherly V Thomas

    Live on when Music had soul , body , spirit , and meaning the story unfolding from the ❤️ heart of human beings. When boys singing what they meant should lead a generation . This can teach Men and Women to give significance to what they genuinely meant.

  14. Symone Scott

    90s baby wish I was raised in the 80s though music was bumping

  15. M. L.

    82 million views🔥

  16. Derpyderps OOF

    I had no idea bel biv devoe was new edition until I went to universal Mardi gras

  17. Jessica Myers

    I've had this song stuck in my head for the last week.

  18. TheLAKERSareGodsTeam

    I'm 60 years old, back in my day we would have lynched these moolys and never looked back. Thumbs up if you're watching in 2020.

  19. Headie Doll

    Fresh to death!

  20. Kiss Chanel

    Jamie Foxx looking ass lmao.

  21. Love Nisha

    Is that Jamie Foxx wow lol It is j lol

  22. Teresa Chappell

    That guy looks like Jamie Fox

  23. Jae Vinson

    Is that jamie foxx tlking in thus video???

  24. Wendell Cotham

    for real rain candy lmao

  25. Alex Andria

    Is that Jamie Foxx?

  26. Kostas Kavvadias

    i that jamie fox on the back ?

  27. Binnybuzz B

    Nairobi kenya 14/02/2020 still lovin this classick GOD bless yah aalll

  28. Ima Snack

    This oldies is so good

  29. 4KCobee YT

    Is that Jamie foxx

  30. Rebecca Harper

    Still listening to this in 2020

  31. sTmArcus _YT

    ok i see u

  32. Shy Abney

    Listening in 2020????

  33. Byzzi Media

    They made music that you didn't want to end..

  34. Jen B

    My FAVORITE NE song. Always loved Slick but after talking to Ralph, he's got my heart! Love these guys!!

  35. Shanay Bailey

    This music today is garbage it's really no comparison too this music point blank period we had some good music never be another 90's era again ever again never these children don't know good music if it slapped them upside the head really it's ashame I feel sorry 4 them I do my era was the ish anyone agree with me??🥰🤩😍❤❤👠👡🥿

  36. Jazmine Jones

    Ok first of all this cant be the same new edition

  37. BLUE SKY

    Okay...I'm speechless...

  38. Smizzeyb Smizzeyb

    Don’t forget Legends fact

  39. Sp Wallace

    Like if good music last forever 👑👍


    love New Edition

  41. R_A_Johnny

    The brooms brought me here

  42. brake chamber

    Tribe of Israel

  43. Craig Cabudol

    There are instances where the woman doesn't believe a guy that does express his feelings. I'm not saying it happens as often as asshole guys but it happens.

  44. Kassandra Ortiz

    Im just here cus of the broom challenge.


    Kassandra Ortiz lmao same

  45. Criptic Eclipse

    Was that Jamie fox

  46. Dook Hendrix

    Bruh - Thas Jamie foxx

  47. Kenmah Clay

    I may be only 13 but this my song😂👌🏾🔥

  48. Gabrielle Scott

    My favorite song yay!

  49. Genesis Rodriguez

    My teacher introduced me this group and I’m 14 and I’m so glad I found them at a young age I love their music

  50. Batmanblood

    Is that Jaime fox😂😂😂😂😂

  51. Brian Monroe

    Crazy that’s not Jamie fox

  52. TheDreReichDude

    When I first heard Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill in the late 80s/early 90s, I didn't know that they were all in a band before being solo. This is probably my favorite song by them as a group, although "Supernatural" from the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack is pretty good too.

  53. TheDreReichDude

    Aww yeah, I love the beat in this one!

  54. Brown Sugar

    2020 we on it

  55. Siana Snow

    I love the alpha Male

  56. dania

    *0:44* now this is a story all about how...

  57. derek452

    Who's here after a Bobby Brown marathon?

  58. ember michelle

    Ralph know he had a voice on him.


    THE HI FIVE RUN TO the stage at the end ... CLASSIC!! Forever ♾


    Who never stopped jamming to this pre movie YouTube anything...NE WAS ALL OF IT!! Seriously!! And still got it too!!🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾RRBRM and of course JG TOO!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  61. Catelyn Barrett

    If it's love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  62. james payne

    Love it

  63. Destinee Britton

    Wtf is sea hawks any way who here in 2020 cause they want this kind of music today

  64. Arthur Farquharson Jr

    I;m here is a great song & one of my songs I do at Karaoke with the dancing.

  65. shawntia ravenell

    Yes! Still listening to this music these young generation doesn't know anything about.

  66. Toriano Webb

    One of the dopest videos of all time. By one of the dopest groups of all time.

  67. OrochiShiki

    I truthfully want this version with the breakdown in the end but I can't find it!

  68. DrainedEyes

    Is the bridge in this song a sort of reference/tribute to Jackson 5's The Love you Save?

    Toriano Webb

    Yes it is

  69. Macho954

    Take me back to this time please.

  70. Red-Rook

    Were they ALL drug addicts? 😯

    Dan Richardson

    Really? So glad the worst things that happen in are life dont defintine us. I remember them as great artists.

    Dan Richardson

    Only a real drug addict would ask that question.

  71. Jonathan Taylor


  72. Gabe Drennon

    I think we all had a family member that got drunk and tried to recreate this dance at the cookout.

  73. luis sanchez

    They sound like michael.

  74. David Pena

    Is that Jaime Fox..HaHa?

  75. Margret Waterhouse

    Love these old school

  76. iUltimateGamer33

    One of the only bands that has all of it's original members still alive

  77. Moqa Equinom

    Memories! #NE ❤ #2020

  78. Bear !

    lol buddy look like jamie foxx though


    Dont get me wrong N.E. is my crew! But what kind of pants my boy Ralph has on?

  80. Havey jarvis

    is it crazy that i'm 13 and I know the moves

  81. Niecy57


  82. Ropa Magwera

    Is there still love in 2020?

  83. Dorothy McDaniel


  84. Marzan Worldwide

    I was 22 when this came out in 1988...
    Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis at a time when they where everywhere, producing Janets Control and many more. This is NE best album....

  85. Pauline Lane Threads Of Faithe

    Miss this kind of music .This is when music had more soul an meaning than music now a days .

  86. BREEZO

    Still bumping in 2020

  87. I just want music Bruh

    They hit the mop b4 it was the mop🤣

  88. Shanta Dukes

    Brooke Payne deserve some kind of award, he was one hell of a manager and choreographer and had so much love for these young men and still do today.

  89. Netty BeatMaker

    When you close your eyes you might hear Micheal Jackson singing 😱😱

  90. Mark Anthony Martin

    Nothing like Old School:

  91. Mark Haze

    How did we go from New Edition, Hi-Five, Guy, Jodeci, and even Soul For Real (a personal fav), to "boy bands" like Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, One Direction, and that K-Pop band?

  92. Quen Tanisha

    2020 till ♾

  93. fullbody

    I resonate with this song soo much

  94. Maximus Jimenez


    me and the boys: IF IT ISNT LOVE

  95. Ursula newson


  96. Davis

    @ hip hop head. #seahawksdance #lockett & co