New Edition - Crucial Lyrics

Heart, beating strong
I was serious my love was furious
For you, only you, oh babe
Darling I don't know why
Can't leave you alone
You thrill me to the bone
You're the one
Obsession oh babe

Don't you know it was a crucial lovin'
Crucial lovin'

Chills, over me
Different from the rest
I won't settle for less
Hello, won't take no oh babe

From now on you and I
Stood the test of time
Still you're on my mind
Always, night and day oh babe

Don't you know it was a crucial lovin'
Crucial lovin'

I have more than told you
Girl I've got to show you
Feelings over load extreme

For the very first time
Girl you are my last time
You have taken over me

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New Edition Crucial Comments
  1. Latrina Abraham


  2. Day Nyte

    You got to see the live version with Rob Base. They killed it!!! You can find it on YouTube!!!

  3. MsPhatBooty1

    Still sounds good!

  4. jmua04

    Do you have any idea what you've done tonight Les? What this means to your future in this house and on this planet?

  5. Kurt Adams


  6. Kurt Adams

    Classic NE

  7. Kurt Adams

    Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis are GENIUS

  8. Eric Jones

    License To Drive is great comedy film in 31 yrs making of 1988

  9. rick c c

    its crucial we vote and not smote Trump this time yall come on lets use our heads now word up

  10. Ty270

    This was the greatest New Edition album of all time!



  11. Megan Luminais

    License to drive 😋

  12. Travis Augustine

    License to drive miss the 80s

    Megan Luminais

    Me to love that movie

  13. CJMacN1990

    Crucial loving

  14. Boyd Daniels


  15. Brendan Betts

    My fav movie Lisence to drive rip corey haim gone too soon

    Megan Luminais

    My favorite movie to

  16. Reginald Johnson

    Cant believe they skipped the skit after the tract...dum dunt dunt dooo dooo doo

  17. Na-skizzy The Don

    Damm my scene off license to drive! Good memories


    Na-skizzy The Don yea...I was jus watching that the other day too...classic movie and scene...Archie’s!!! Lol

    Megan Luminais

    I know I love license to drive awesome movie

    Ryan Outlaw

    Hell yeah

  18. Jerra Maurice

    License To Drive. I bet they were the only black group on that soundtrack


    Pebbles Mercedes boy was in the movie but unfortunately they didn't put it in the soundtrack along with Nia Peeples Trouble otherwise it would've been the best soundtrack ever..oh yeah I forgot Billy Oceans get outta my dreams in it too

    William Ocean

    I don't know how you knew but I was racking my brain trying to figure out what movie this song was in thank you!!!

    Megan Luminais

    Every time I hear this I think of license to drive

    Mocha's CafeDeParis

    Yes this, song reminds me so much of that scene at Archie's😂