New Edition - Competition Lyrics

I keep dreaming that one day the whole world
Will be together, will be together as one,
And there's nothing I can do, but pray that
It comes true, and keep on searchin' for
That miracle, that some say will never be

Competition, is the world summarized in
Just one word, and you know what I mean,
Friends competing with friends
Will it ever end
I'm losing all of my patience,
I need a way out, and soon

Time and again we are fighting one another,
Hurting our sisters and hurting our brothers,
It's a shame, why do we play these games,
But they'll come a time when we all will be together,
Living as one in harmony forever,
You and I, we will light the sky (aaaaaaahhhhh)

If we're ever gonna be as one,
We'd better make some changes and fast,
And this time make it last

Cause if we all just take the time,
I'm sure that we will find, all of us
Shed blood of the same kind
And that's the bottom line so

[Chorus 3x]

Together as one
Together (harmony)
Together (harmony)

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New Edition Competition Comments
  1. ktlewis42

    I mean when you think about it Michael Jackson General Lee would sell you know 50 60 70 million copies now mind you I'm talking about after Thriller before Thriller I mean he always had a good career he did well but Thriller was the first time he hit like really huge and just like anybody that's watching a porno movie and it starts getting good what's the first thing you want to do for the first thing you generally want to do is you want to rewind it to where it starts getting good and so as a result of Thriller it allowed his earlier music sales in 02 so more as well because of course people are saying well Thriller is all this what did he make before I want to hear that too. but what I will say is that I do believe he was used to kind of disarm people because I mean Michael was very was non-violent he was preaching you know love and fellow man and hello in all that bullshit but like I said I really think it was a ploy I think that they wanted to do a lot of stupid shit and they didn't want people to revolt so let's put this guy out there who talks about love and peace see you at the point now it doesn't really matter because now it's down to a fine science I mean they don't have any concerns about anything now because you have enough people you have enough how can I put this V technology is at the point where anything is killed before it ever gets started before anything has a chance to become large it's taken down before it gets to that point because what it would ultimately take to do anything of any substantial value or whatever you'd have to get a lot of people together I mean remember a few months back there was supposed to be this paying with Area 51 where people were supposed to go up there and storm the gates that was a bunch of people trying to coordinate something they put that shit on TV they brought attention to it I mean they disassemble ated it before it ever be anything there you go

  2. Moddie Seven

    I finally Found this Gem!!! Oh my Goodness!!( Shenanah moment) Thank you, Thank you. I couldnt remember the title. So beautiful!! Oh the memories on the beach late night when this album and song was getting airplay!!

  3. lovell brooks

    Harmony Enrichment! 🔥

  4. Branson 83

    Always used to skip this track when I was a kid.. now that I'm grown, it might be one of the realest tracks on the album lyric-wise. Damn near makes me shed a tear smh

  5. Teresa Bohack

    Cried the first time I heard this song so powerful!!😥💯💕

    Kyahna Gibbs

    Same 🙌🙌😢

  6. Brent Dozier

    What if our goals were about helping each other instead of competing with each other, what would this world be like?✌

  7. Mar Pettwades

    If we just Try$!!!

  8. ingrid osiro

    Timeless music....

  9. Roman Robinson

    This whole CD was fire from beginning to end.

  10. Jerome Fell

    This is about bobby they were very upset that they had to make that decision managers and labels were all is there are and it just singing from the heart wishing that he was with them

  11. Ladonna Foster-Hayes

    Another one of my favorites. Take a bow New Edition.

  12. lkrobinson 255

    I'm surprised Johnny and Ricky didn't sing

    Tony Biggs

    Ricky is the high pitch voice...jgill only one without vocals


    It was recorded in 1987 when johnny wasnt in the group

  13. lkrobinson 255

    I love when Ralph said "sing it Ron" at 0:51

  14. Oliver Hernandez

    Man new edition they were like better than the jacksons 5

    lkrobinson 255

    Nah idk now they were influence by J5 but they maybe surpassed them by more ablums as a group and solo careers

  15. Jerome Fell

    This so g was about bobby Ralph had miss bobby like crazy that was Ronnie and rick and ralph singing

    Dbone 2real

    Mike sung the first verse

  16. Mike Wilson

    So beautiful and rich. A masterpiece.

  17. D Jennings

    they need to blast this song outside the GOOGLE YOU TUBE BUILDING and tell them in the song STOP YOUR FUCKIN RECOMMENDATIONS. NOBODY, no one is fuckin playing games with ya'll. Like I am grown and don't need them in youtube who never done a REAL SINGLE THING FOR ME to tell me what to do or not do. They are annoying with their unnecessary recommendations and more than 99% of the time are mean extremely mean wicked about it anyway !

  18. Lawrence Hill


  19. Alex Rodriguez

    I remember seeing Ronnie Devoe in Northridge mall in California. He was with his girlfriend and she was wearing a black with red sleeves letterman jacket and on the back it was a broken heart and in the middle it said "N.E. Heartbreak" his autograph too..Christmas 89..thanks 4 da upload..peace

  20. brokeneye27

    Ralph is the most underrated talent in R&B history


    brokeneye27 Not to true fans but definitely in the big picture and so many others. Shame

  21. sameolhim

    Today was my first time hearing this. I loved it so much I played it twice. NICE TUNE!

  22. Brittany Jones

    I remember having to sing this in elementary school in the choir. Wow

  23. gtstangman96

    If Mike and Ron is singing 1st lines in 1st and 2nd verse, who's singing the falsetto....."If we're ever gonna be as one, we gotta make some changes and fast "... Ricky??

    Var Brook

    Not being smart but Ricky is the only one in the group who could really sing Falsetto. Had the most versatile voice in the group


    Var Brook Amen. I be tryna tell people lol. Ricky is underrated. Very versatile vocally.


    @Var Brook Johnny has a falsetto and even Ralph but Ricky used it better and most

  24. QueensMind Amandla

    Middle school or as we say Junior high school graduation song deep lyrics 💖💯✊✊✊

    Lorenzo Sloan

    QueensMind Amandla Middle school for me

  25. Tyrone Preston

    my shit 2017 till the end. when u can catch the meaning it might b 2 late but I'm still here.. NE 4 LIFE

  26. Jessica Williams

    Mike and Ronnie better sing!! lol

  27. jovonda boyd

    the childhood memories

    Keith Rachal

    Love this

  28. April Reid

    love this song I almost forgot about it my sister played this album so much how could I forget

  29. Quinton Edwards


    Pearl Toka

    Quinton Edwards aha I kinda think the same way but to me , Ralph Tresvant is Eddie Kendricks bcos they both have that high voice , Bobby Brown is David Ruffin bcos they both was the bad boys in the group , Johnny Gill is Dennis Edwards bcos they both have that gospel sound voice , Ricky Bell is Paul Williams bcos they both sing in most of the songs as one of the leads , Mike Bivins (and a little bit of Ron) is like Melvin Franklin bcos they always have something to say or sing in most of they're songs , and Ronnie Devoe is like Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin bcos they always have to sing background #BeMoreSpecificLikeMe 😉💯

    1091 ENT

    Quinton Edwards Ralph Tresvant's cousin was one of my mentors and I used this comparison and he and Ralph agreed. Except I compared Ralph to Eddie, Bobby to David, Ricky to Paul (because they're both underrated), Mike to Melvin (the spoken parts), Ronnie to Otis (they were the glue that kept everything together), and Johnny to Dennis (they have big church voices)

    Deandre Ray

    Quinton Edwards how the hell was ronnie Paul Ronnie had the most sense in the group

    Lorenzo Sloan

    Quinton Edwards U KNOW YOUR MUSIC

  30. Dramahawk Promotions


  31. Bren

    Ralph had a MJ fit at the end lol

  32. Flavius Brutus

    So disappointed this isn't on spotify...


    Flavius Brutus luckily it's on now

  33. MrBlactye

    Another classic by NE.

  34. Alpha

    Is this song about Bobby?

    bryan bailey

    it is about bobby

    Dramahawk Promotions

    @bryan bailey yup

    Jay Cold

    Alpha wait is this because Bobby was getting noticed or because people were trying to put NE & Bobby against each other

    lkrobinson 255

    At the end of the day they still New Edition

    Jerome Fell

    Alpha yessss

  35. Lorenzo Sloan

    Why Do We Play These Games?

  36. Sabrina White

    Hometown heroes

  37. Dawn Diva

    Is that Mike singing the first line?


    Dawn Diva That was big Ron devoe

    Dawn Diva

    No, Ronnie sings the line "competition is the world summarized in just 1 word"


    Dawn Diva yeah it was mike had to rewind it lol

    Eddie KANE

    Dawn Diva Actually that's Ronnie Devoe

    Dbone 2real

    Dawn diva that's Mike first with Ralph.then Ronnie with Ralph and then Ricky with Ralph

  38. Danny Jackson

    so many memories from this song.those where the days need more of this

  39. na bell

    loooove this song and album❤❤❤❤

  40. Beats1976

    im really starting to get spooked out when this song can bring me to tears when shit on the radio cant even come happened to real r&b music??? its a travesty how we went from this to what we have people should be pissed...all people should be pissed smmfh...and smh again just in case!


    Beats1976 the industry killed real r n b. This music is now "adult contemporary," r&b is now hip hop/r&b and pop singers have adopted elements of real r&b

  41. Cyrious

    This was the under rated cut on the album I loved this song!!


    yep and Ronnie went off

    Lisa Winstead


    Michael Mercado



    Beats1976 Ronnie sung lead?


    @gtstangman96 yes the 1st verse if i can remember

  42. Ian Grant

    I remember singing this for my grade school. Like all the kids in my class including myself, had to sing this together for the other kids at our school. lol so many memories

  43. TheRenard10

    My favorite! I want to own this again!

  44. Khibraggs

    S/o to the ONE person that gave this song a thumbs DOWN. It's not your fault. You don't know any better. Poor thing.

    Taliah White

    Khibraggs chhhhvchvchchhhhhhhcchh\


    Khibraggs 11 more idiots don't know any better either

  45. Jordan Zacarias

    Ah! Just sit back, relax and enjoy this great music.

  46. Tenia Green

    This took me back!!

  47. Trent Garland

    Deep song


    yep...and the meaning still holds true in 2016..God bless you brother beard

  48. SavedSMVElove

    Aye....this was my jam! Yes! Thank you for uploading this, homie.