New Edition - Can You Stand The Rain Lyrics

On a perfect day,
I know that I can count on you.
When that's not possible,
Tell me, can you weather the storm?

'Cause I need somebody who will stand by me.
Through the good times and bad times,
She will always, always be right there.

Sunny days.
Everybody loves them.
Tell me, baby, can you stand the rain?
Storms will come.
This we know for sure.
(this we know for sure.)
Can you stand the rain?

Yeah, yeah.
Love unconditional I'm not asking just of you.
And, girl, to make it last
I'll do whatever needs to be done.

But I need somebody who will stand by me.
When it's tough she won't run.
She will always be right there for me.

Sunny days.
Everybody loves them.
Tell me, baby, can you stand the rain.
Storms will come.
I know I know all the days won't be perfect,
(this we know for sure.)
But tell me can you stand it?
Can you stand the rain?

Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain?

No pressure.
No pressure from me, baby.
(this we know for sure).
'Cause I want you and I need you, and I love you, girl.
Tell me, baby, can you stand the rain?

Will you be there for me?

Come on, baby, let's go get wet.

Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain?
Will you be there, girl?
Can you stand the rain?
Storms will come for sure.
Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain?

Can you stand the rain?
This we know for sure.
Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain?
This we know for sure.
Can you stand the rain?

Can you stand the rain?
This we know for sure.
Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain?

Yeah. It's hard, but I'll know I'll be right there. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Can you stand the rain?

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New Edition Can You Stand The Rain Comments
  1. Kela Glenn

    can sand the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shy Brother Speaks

    Thus song makes me cool but you will be right there

  3. Lungisile Mokwena

    Still listening in December 2019.

  4. Amayah Edwards

    This is really my song

  5. Shemeka Powell

    This is it boys and girls

  6. Shakita Forbes

    True love music ❤❤

  7. Lynette Stewart

    It's December 26th and I'm watching the New Edition Story, and I came here to here this iconic song.

  8. Henry muthama

    Am I the only one who will listen to this in the afterlife

  9. Schakera Riley

    Monique Chaney this the year you will be my wife 2k20 sorry for all the bullshit 💗😘10 years n counting

  10. SheLoves Gio

    Cannn youuu standdd theee rainnnnnn

  11. tina may


  12. Zi King

    Going into 2020 with this song 🥳🥳🥳

  13. A'lexus Younger

    ANYONE LISTING TILL 2020? i am

  14. Ceniiya Washington

    Im only 13 and love this song JOHNNY💙💙💙💙💓

  15. Teresa R Perez

    I am a big Ralph Tresvant fan however I love the balance of Johnny Gill deep soprano Ralph's voice I am still not sure what Ronnie Ricky and Mike were doing

  16. Andjeleane Michelle

    Who’s listening in 2020??, I am 😁

  17. Victor Cavallo

    December 26th 2019... the year almost ends, and I still can't stand the rain.

  18. Joseph Ngauss yayi


  19. KEVIN Lee

    The group in the movie sounded almost as good as New Edition and that is hard to do.

  20. Davonna Harris

    Jan 2020 ?

  21. Gwynnth LABANE

    Masterpiece ❤️

  22. Bolaji Yusuf

    New edition wow nice song sunny day listening from Nigeria

  23. Dyesha Alberty

    Can't #NOBODY do it better than US! #FACTS #TRUTH #ASPECIALPEOPLE

  24. Frise Sekoury

    Just good for my soul.

  25. Valerie Boynton

    🎄☃️🎅🤶🎁💎HAPPY XMAS
    2 O 2 O📀💿-

  26. Adrell Williams

    I am here

  27. Shooky Shooky

    Best man holiday brought me here 😩

  28. Amoir Ogbara

    Merry Christmas😂to this bop💯

  29. D Mitchell

    my fav song of ALL TIME

  30. Merryl Lisa

    Dec 25th 2019 i'll be dancing to this tonight😍😍😇

  31. _Therealkei _

    Listening on Christmas

  32. Andrew Chege

    Remenaise, notstagic, awesome R&B...🙌🙌🙌

  33. tatiana :")

    Who’s listening on Christmas Day

  34. Patricia Mcgill

    Since 7th grade next year I turn 50 !! ❤ N E

  35. Tarrell Phillips

    Misters magix

  36. Vincent Agavale

    Dec 25th, Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺

  37. A Bugatti

    Classic ❣️

  38. Joas PL

    Please God bring me back to 80s and 90s.
    80s and 90s were the best time ever.
    I was born in 84

  39. Nicole Martinez

    To the 36k who disliked this.... There is something wrong with you!!

  40. Darius Clark


  41. Johnesha Holly

    The question is who gonna be still listening in 2020 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  42. GumPop ghost

    You tube: hmmm, yes let just put this in the recommend list 10 years after it was uploaded

    Me: heh, these guys.


    Somebody sounds like Michael Jackson

  44. 360_juice

    2019 Christmas anyone 🤟🏽

  45. Shaz

    did Boyz II men cover this song or did they come up with it first?

  46. Corabeth Whalen

    new edition or boys to men

  47. Tre Wash

    Who listing in Dec right before new year

  48. davidhornak

    Im from Czech republic, but this was my song my wedding song number 1, we still like it with my wife. All the time I play it, we dance. I would like to sing this way.

  49. boss chick

    Beautiful song

  50. Amanda Msomi

    Wedding song this ❤️

  51. Salau Olumide

    Woooow I love this track so much by new edition, it tells me/teaches me never to rely on women.

  52. titty429

    Watching the best man holiday and they just did this scene. Classic r&b

  53. Patriq Duma

    The closest thing to a time machine is music & perfume......

  54. MyFav77

    This song will never get old.. True Classic! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  55. Inez Banks

    Happy Holidays 🎁🎉🎊

  56. Inez Banks

    Still listening 2019. Better then ever. We need Zayn Malik to seriously take over to carry the torch, R&B is sufferings without the high notes. And let’s give him a chance without all the bullshit, their room for everybody.

  57. rob andone

    Why the fuck would anyone down vote this? I guess hearing real music from real men is foreign to some of these kids today.

  58. briere torrence

    Who listening in December 19

  59. bombflo1

    2020 who holding it down!!!

  60. Betti Bettina


  61. Walter Kama

    If you listen to this you in your 30s or up and, u know your music!!

  62. Classiqueremyhair

    I feel so sad for this generation. Good music definitely ended in the 90s

  63. Being positive is the key to success.

    Who's listening to this a few days before Christmas and beyond.

  64. ChiTown

    This could get a serial killer in his feelings

  65. Harpskoe Harper

    Give your women some love and pop a bottle of wine open and tell her how much you are blessed to have her

  66. Nay Fuller

    This song reminds me that... 🗣 I WAS BORN IN THE WRONG GENERATION!!!

  67. Keanna Taylor

    Definitely taking this song into 2020 💖💖 classic

  68. David Kayondo

    Gives me goosebumps every time time I listen... just classic

  69. SS Moore

    The post on my brith day 2009

  70. Alyna Michelle Forgus The Hedgehog


  71. michael norwood

    What did the headline of that newspaper 📰say?

  72. Keenan Henderson

    Good question to ask black women these days

    ken r

    Women of African DNA have experienced the most injustice on the planet If any group is worthy of a break it's definitely them

  73. Shandi Sunflower

    Did y'all hear bout the woman left fer dead, twenty ago. She became a 🌟

  74. Jaden Brown

    Am trying to figure out y someone would hate a song like this,that person needs someone love in there life....still rocking this in 2019 and beyond


    Jaden Brown me too lol

  75. Omphile Bayibayi

    This song has no expiry date
    No cap

  76. ben hays

    Beautiful music is cant trap it in a category, you can only enjoy it!Thank you to all the artists of all time!

  77. Mark D.

    I love new e. But who brought you boys to men ABC. And many more

  78. Mark D.

    B v d are the Kings of r n b with or with out new edition

  79. Xxl Mqfus

    This song is heat

  80. Nikki Little

    Mr. Telephone Man with Bobby Brown or Can You Stand The Rain with Johnny Gill?.....

  81. Bestie Grand

    Ralph Tresvant voice....damn he killed the high notes

  82. Ann Hall

    My favorite song as a teenager, and that was the song my boyfriend wrote to me now he’s my husband since 1997 to present my soul mate forever.

  83. Rosie Banks

    They Keshun Banks tommy

  84. Banana Nana Fo Nana

    For people who ask who’s listening in 2019 there is only currently 5 days left until 2020

    Cole Brundrett

    Banana Nana Fo Nana ur math was wrong but whatever

    Banana Nana Fo Nana

    Oh I know man I was just joking there wasn’t actually 5 days left

    Banana Nana Fo Nana

    I was just trynna see how many people would notice

  85. Duan West

    I remember this song junior high days. The best had so much fun back then. The 80, s .

  86. Enita Chipoyi

    Back then when music was real
    Like if you are an 80s kid

  87. igfromthe323

    What happened to Nayhoo?

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    This song brings so many loving memories I cry whenever I hear it 💔

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    Gonna listen to this forever and ever and ever. I love me some New Edition..... especially RALPH TRESVANT!!! always gonna be my baby daddy lol.

  90. Mona D


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    I still listen to this song 20019 i will I still listen to this song 20019 and 20/20/ and 200/21

  92. Stephaine Hawthorne

    New edition my brithers 80s for ever and always

  93. Yolanda Green

    Jus don’t make music like this anymore...lov this song💓💓💓💓

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    3:43 is me with 2019 when I’m done with my New Years resolutions

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    R.i.p to my Baltimore City family and family members and I miss you Annette so much pain when thugz cry gr74ve 🍊 Crip gang

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    A lot of Babies came in 88,89 90 91 and 92

    Tshepiso Odirile

    Am one of those babies

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    You go boy awesome y'all got talents and it come from God beautiful

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    These guys are mesmerizing to this African brother right here.

  99. Bakita Orayo

    Closing the year with this amazing song! Dec 2019 🎶