New Edition - Boys To Men Lyrics

Growing up can be a pain
You're not an man until you come of age
We've given up our teenage years
In the effort to pursue our career
Who assumes responsibility
Of having to support our families
Who's protecting us from harm
Is there anyone around
That we can trust

So we search for answers to our questions
Looking for a answer
No answers but we're taught a lesson everytime
Through mistakes we've learned to gather wisdom
Cause lifes responsibility falls in our hand oh

Keep on learning
Keep on growing
'cause wisdom helps us understand
We're maturing
Without knowing
These are the things that change boys to men

Oh the goals we set may exceed reality
Cause failurealways is a possibility
Who can tell us that we're wrong
It's up to us to figure out
What life is all about

So we search for answers to questions
Looking for the answers
No answers but we're taught a lesson everytime
Through mistakes we've learned to gather wisdom
'cause wisdom helps us see our responsibility.

I know it is hard sometimes growing up can be a pain
Know what I mean know what I mean
Is all you have to do is
All you have to do is hold on hold on hold on no no no no no baby

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New Edition Boys To Men Comments
  1. harold harris

    Who here in 2020? Real music never gets old!!!!!😢

  2. Stokley Ferguson Sr

    Growing up to a man and being there for my children and doing all I can do for them.Thanks mom for teaching me Beautiful may u rest in peace.

  3. Being Grateful


  4. Death Row

    I am here for this song 2020! Johnny Gill is just a bad boy! Love NE but Johnny bring that powerful voice! Ralph T. backed him nicely! This song brings problems...2020!!!!

  5. Dameatis Brown

    See growing up can bee a pain can be a pain.... can beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... best part

  6. Keith

    Man man I love 💕 this song so much when it play I have to close my eyes..the music 🎵 the harmony wow 😯 the real deal the best group of all time I love this song

  7. Nick DeMuro

    Ralph was real good but Johnny G kills this one !!!!

  8. Vibe With Sweet Tee

    Love y'all to life.

  9. Utha Smith

    All time hit still 2020

  10. Jetaun Strong


  11. turn5990


  12. Solomon Zulu

    boyz to men named themselves after this song

  13. Samuel Barnett Jr.

    I think money can't buy you love should have been number one!

  14. Gerald Warren

    One of my NE favorites! Still love this in 2020😚

  15. Kevaun Mitchell

    This song should of been their first #1 song but it never got that much attention.

  16. M Thomas

    Although Can You Stand The Rain will always be their definitive song, Ive always considered this my favorite NE song.The lyrics, production, vocal performance and overall spirit as it relates to this group and young men everywhere puts this song in another category.

    One of the great songs of all time

  17. Craig Carter

    2020 i still tear up on this track

  18. Woose Malone


  19. Roc Lee

    In an interview, Johnny Gill said that he didn't like this song originally. And tbh I find that hard to believe. But then again you never know.

  20. Channel Loggins

    New Edition-Boy to men🤞🏾🤞🏾❤️

  21. Carrie Webb

    This will never get old.. Growing up in Pgh Pa. going to high school.. oh the memories!!

  22. Life with Pretty girl Kyah

    If you still listening in 2020

  23. Baby Kc

    I’m only 17 wit my daughter but I grew up listening to classics with my parents ... it’s crazy to think I’m rlly abt to be an "adult". I miss when I was younger, shits crazy how fast time flies....... 😢

  24. Betty Graves

    I can listen to this. Song a. Millions times. Lpl

  25. Betty Graves

    They. Nailed this Song

  26. Del Pasc

    forerver New 2 dition ol skool

  27. Lisa Honaker

    Johnny was singing his ass off

  28. FedeRhodes

    This era of músic late 80s early 90s was the shit I was only 9 but LOVEd everything Bobby Brown, NE Janet Al b cool

  29. Ss Ss

    To my Sons Lil E and DJ and Z my Daughter Wisdom helps us understand Boyz to Men and Girls to Women

  30. Jahmil Johnson

    Man...those special moments in time that were captured in your heart and mind to only be relived through the nostalgia of music! That's were the tears come from for me. Part of my Heart will live in the 90's forever!🥺🥺🥺🥺

  31. Chad Holmes

    I was a huge NE fan growing up, studied all the dance moves on Soul Train, Solid Gold, etc.. LOL! I remember first hearing about Johnny Gill possibly joining the group and I did not think he would be a good fit, fast forward to "HeartBreak" and I hear this song which was the last track on the album and I was like WOW.. the rest is history, Well done JG!

  32. Anthony Morgan

    The jam

  33. Eric Groves

    Ah a man here

  34. G Lee Inc Industries

    Awesome playlist. Just saved it. Thanks

  35. Kool Byy

    They hardest track ever...

  36. Andy KA

    That pitched up cowbell sound is everything😍

  37. Brian Hines

    I still love this song at 41 years of age!!!


    They should of released this ...dumb move not to

  39. Carolyn Smith

    Still one of my favorite songs

  40. The Best


  41. Teneda Thomas

    Best song next to candy girl

  42. Tangy Eats

    I love this song, but it breaks me

  43. Orlando Luxury Auto Spa

    Who’s still vibing on this in 2020

  44. Ss Ss

    Yes indeed

  45. Robert Thompson

    I'll admit, I've been a bit of a underachiever Most my life... I promise the most high, my family an myself.... ILL DO BETTER 2020-.....

  46. Royal Essence

    2020 🔥🔥🔥💕💯


    👑NEW EDITION.... 🐐 STATUS!!!!....

  48. Live Life

    “Whose protecting us from harm?” Black man I will forever keep you LIFTED in prayer💛🙏🏾💫

    Dan Richardson

    If u like this
    Google black men united ...u will know.

  49. lewis darden

    This music.

  50. Desha Carpenter

    Who's listening to this in 2020 🙋🏻

  51. TigerBonez2020

    Johnny Gill was the perfect choice for the lead vocals on the this track, his deep voice is like a mature, experienced man giving a message to young males and Ralph Tresvant and the boys are like younger men whose voices are the final element which reaches out to the hearts of young boys. They just nailed the vocal arrangement.

  52. chronicle realm


  53. Dre Taylor

    "we're maturing without knowing" I felt that 🧒🏿🤵🏿

  54. Brian Hines

    By naming their group Boyz II Men, Nathan, Shawn, Michael, and Wanya were paying homage to New Edition. They later became legends on their own. Now that 2020 is here society needs more music like this to inspire people.

  55. Mike Haze

    Who else brought this song into 2020?

  56. Ogmamared 2

    I love this song one of favs on this album . I remember my mother had the tape and I wound fast forward the whole tape just to get to this song and she also had the concert on tape lol

  57. Linnie Caradine sr

    2020 it's still a hit tha truth has spoken

  58. lashawn237

    This song reminds me of my younger brother. I love him so much, he’s definitely my blessing and my best friend. No matter what life throws his way, I’ll be there.

  59. Pete McCorvey

    What's funny is that Johnny Gill hated this song...

  60. Tj Anthony

    I'm about to turn 20 in 2 months

  61. Lee Lee Will Do

    1 3 20
    To The 2.6k That Thumbs Down You're UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE
    Who Here Listening N 2020

  62. Savon Atkins

    First to say who here in 2020 I need a award

  63. Terrance Graham

    I'm just here to see who's still listening in 2020👀👀

  64. MsPiesun Dee

    2020 we here...

  65. Danziel Taylor

    So true we or tough a lesson wisdom help understand & they should never kick Bobby out of the group

  66. Ja D

    R&B G.O.A.T.S of my generation!!!

  67. Furiousstylez75 The Barber

    December 30th, 2019...brings back so many memories of a time when love was pure and optimistic...

  68. Tamika Adams

    This song I love so much they lkilled it

  69. Clayton Long

    Our black men Anthem

    Dan Richardson

    I agree but. Also black men united. We will know Google and tell me your opinion?


    Awesome Song

  71. Tiffany Brazier

    I know it gets hard sometimes🙏💜💜 Wisdom helps you understand. Hang in there Black men💜 I love yall

  72. Quentin Beans

    For us to figure out what life is all about 😂 Dam

  73. Quentin Beans

    This song bring tears to my eyes

  74. Kiki Mateo

    Love this music !

  75. Walter Granger Jr

    We're maturing, without knowing......

  76. marcus butler

    This song changed my life as a teenager. I was really going through when this song came out and after listening to it, it put me on the right path to be the success that I am today.

  77. Samantha Jones

    My song Dec 2019 samjones

  78. Clark Wright

    Old School music....


    Men this brotha J.G sounds exactly like Alexander O'Neal I swear no copy here...

  80. LaT How

    I cant help crying everytime i hear this song. OMG. After my mom died when I was 18, I drove around contemplating suicide for hours with this song on repeat. So here I am almost 50 and I still cry everytime I hear it. The whole CD I can play from beginning to end cause it was so pivotal during my transitioning.

  81. Kashunda Conyers

    Love this song!

  82. Vanessa Shadwick

    And to think Johnny didn't even like the song so he said if he has to sing that he was going to sing the hell out of it . And so he did . When hit the high then the low then the high again I almost passed out. Like he was singing right into My soul. Bravo.

  83. Keisha Seabrain

    I love this song

  84. Keith Mcclenney

    Man wen he say I know it gets hard sometimes 😢😢😢😢😢

  85. kimmy Smith

    This song brings me to tears! I have a 16 yr old son and it feels like just yesterday I was breast feeding him, now he is studying to drive😭 I'm so sad that my baby is growing up (he is my only child) I'm happy for him but I'm also scared for him because he is gonna be a black man in this cruel world.

  86. TETE D.

    2019 who jamming

  87. vcpcorp

    This is where platinum selling group 'Boys to Men' got their name. It's not a hard connection. Michael Bivens discovered them and signed them.

  88. Lanise Razor

    Life responsibilities lies in our hands..
    Great song for young men

  89. J. E.

    anyone here in 3022?

  90. King_Corleone41

    Wisdom helps us understand 💯...#2019

  91. Delrado Scott

    Johnny Gill was the extra ingredient they needed they were doing good before Johnny , not taking , anything from him , but they all had to mateur

  92. Teresa Abbott

    Just close your eyes and meditate on the lyrics ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  93. Shahara Eatmon

    I love this song i play it over and over again who's with me in 2019?

  94. Charles Rhodes

    Nappy got mentioned ✌

  95. Jaime Adams


  96. Sylvia Hardy

    Growing up can be a pain wisdom will help you understand all you have to do is hold on when it gets hard

  97. Clemon Clark

    I felt this track

  98. carltonjohnsonesl

    God damn Johnny!