New Boyz - Spot Right There Lyrics

[Teairra Mari]
Boy you know you hit my spot right there (right there)

[Chorus - Teairra Mari]
Just call me whenever you want and boy I'll come
Cuz can't nobody do it like you
Cuz your number one
You know your hitting my spot right there
Right there
Baby right there
Oh boy you hitting my spot right there
Right there
(Ooo ooo)
Right there

She said it's funny how these young boys killin her
And they aint got that long stroke so I reggie millin us
She put it in my face I'ma eat that
Hungry made me cuss so many times
She need that gas money
Girl I think you sad tell me
All up in it
Got a tight grip so I never fall up in it
Michael myers killin the kitty
I think I kinda like her
And her body blazin I got her
Wetter than a fire fighter
Aint no off switch for me
It's like a tattoo
Girl Ima beast and I have more (boo)
I'm energetic n amazin
When I'm in there she be shakin
It's like makin love to haiti
And she all up in my head like an mp3
Then I hit it hit it hit it like an mpc
Based on that plot she give me two thumbs down
Before she test it
But the climax is that


I felt that 100 lil mama like to get
She like it when I hit that g spot come and kick it
I put it down and spin her body like the ones and twos
We goin hard knockin boots like it's 92
Lookin in her eyes hands strollin up against her thighs
Thinkin bout becky cuz the radio just played by
Now my song is on and she get on orgasm mode
Takin over the stage and speak into my mic n boom
Baby gettin wet like I just fell in a river
This skinny nigga hungry your body is for dinner
And then I go d-d-d-deep... to sleep
And you don't here nothin but that private water leak
Sounds good don't it yea you messin with some freaks
That you down n you see that your a legend from the beasts
Got a jungle in my room take a journey through my sheets
Got you feelin so good climaxin to the beats


All my La girls put your hands up
And all my ATL girls put your hands up
And if you rock it like that I can do it like that
I can do it like that
See all my strap time girls put your hands up
And all my new york girls put your hands up
And if you like it like that I can do it like that
If you like it like that I can do it like that
And all my ladies say oohhh
Said all my ladies say oohhhh
And all my ladies say

I like it
Let me hit at your spot right there

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New Boyz Spot Right There Comments
  1. Mimii X

    I love this song😍😚

  2. Derisa

    i dunno y this song aint a number 1? its so dope

  3. Shatariah

    this was one of their best songs. They should of been a hit. I love teairra, and I think it wasn't a hit because of jay z. he has a lot of power, and im sure doesn't want to see her prosper. Which is why her music nevers goals anywhere because everythings controlled what we hear on the radio and see..ugh

  4. Huy Nguyen

    Fucking love songs with female hooks.

  5. IAm_J'Von

    Damn I Wonder how Many More Songs From The New Boyz I'm Missing Out On.. I'll Be Doing A Song With Them In The Future..


    IAm_J'Von Bro, Why did you capitalize the first letter of every word?

  6. Nasia Dobbs

    Legacy is ssexy

  7. Josh Cartagena

    Awesome man

  8. Lovely Zenny

    This video ought to have more views than that.

  9. Deniqua Miller

    This song is still the shit

  10. Ranul Thiranagama

    Funny....thing song is all about a chick's climax...first song, i heard about female ejaculation.....haha h ahahaah

  11. mzhotter

    dis my shit

  12. Aumai Wills

    26 people didn't get their spots hit.

  13. Maimai Wills

    My FAVORITE song!!!!

  14. dashay harmon

    Legacy omg fine

  15. 15ILoverap

    love this song Teairra Mari is soo pretty. Ben J is hotter than fire, and Legacy, OMG fine as fuck

  16. Dalila Monroe

    Teairra mari <33

  17. Kevin B

    booked that playcloths gshock ahaa too dope

  18. Rodeisha Wilson

    legacy has some good punch lines.

  19. Lana Martinez and the Diamonds

    omg i'll do anything to meet them, they so freaking sexy. <3

  20. abcxyz490

    whens the video coming?

  21. abcxyz490

    @Nickalea368 thats why we love him!

  22. twiatmind54

    damn i didnt know she could sing this the girl from lottery ticket lls i thought all she was good for was laying on her back and acting like a snobby bitch... jk but seriously she can sang and i mean sang!!!

  23. twiatmind54

    @swagger1756 the "black one" is ben j the "light skinned" is legacy you sound so racist right now so stfu you cant just be saying shit like that especially now days unless you are black but it still wrong...!!!!!!

  24. terraney shawne'

    @RyanSparklez she is a singer and she played in Lottery Ticket

  25. terraney shawne'


  26. Nikki P

    Legacy is soooo Dirty (;

  27. Naes London

    @swagger1756 Ben J - Black skin
    Legacy - Light skin

  28. ryyxo

    Who's Teairra Mari?

  29. fisherwomen1515

    How come I never heard of her, this song is good :) I have to find at least a good song per week that I never heard of before xD

  30. Rebeca Gonzalez

    sexiest guys on earthhhh <3

  31. Rebeca Gonzalez

    why is this not on the album ! good song (:

  32. Keyarra Edwards

    love this track!

  33. jessica demorcy

    luv it great song
    143 new boyz

  34. Faiz Syazani

    @01Chanel10 his not in the song?

  35. Goldenrod636

    I thought this was gonna be a single.

  36. Dom Dolla

    hey read dont laugh at this!just do it.start thinking of something you really want because this is astrounding. the person who sent this said their wish came true in 10 minutes so i was thinking what the hell. you have just been visited by dr.seusss cat in the hat he will grant one of your wish when the countdown is over 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 MAKE A WISH!send this to 10 other videos within the hour yo read this if you do your wish will come true!

  37. Cozy-ae

    22 touch tht spot other there

  38. Man ieK

    why isnt this in the album ?

  39. pamela montano

    @LEGACYLUVRR42 at the end of the video it says "Replay" Lmaao .

  40. Mariana Medina


  41. cinderllaheyheyhey

    ummmmmmmmm idk y butttt my lil cousin was watching this vid wit me and she said y does tht boy look so hot? (Legacy) i said ur wayyyy to young for him

  42. lovelyd

    I Miqht Not Like Dark Skin Dudes But Ben J Is 1 Sexy Person His Color .. I Would Make An Exception Just Cause He That Damn Fine . Legacy && BenJ Sexxxyyy !. Fuck Who Ever Think Other Wise .


    lovelyd lol

  43. ashleebae21

    shidd legacy look good, BUT BEN J?!?!?!?! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM :D he can hit it anytime ;)

  44. prettymissperfect

    @01Chanel10 no not tu me he aint my type

  45. Sharonda Tutson

    I'm from Chicago ! ! Yeah !

  46. Shania Presby

    love u new boyz

  47. kat l

    the only 2 boys who can pull of skinny jeans.

  48. kesha polo

    Pppl need to stopp all this debatingg theyy both finee DAMNN!

  49. J-Fresh Aruba

    Ben J Had the best vers in this song (Y)

  50. Char Ney

    I've been lookin for this forever !

  51. blazindis123

    Ben J n Legacy sexy

  52. kat l

    legacy and ben j are both sexy !

  53. Shay A

    All my Chi-town girls put your thumbs up! :) <3

  54. britneylovesmusik

    I like them both, but i show Legacy more attention because he is kinda cuter than Ben J , in my opinion I mean he is like soooo HOOT you dont even know ! l0lx (:

  55. blazindis123

    @usernamespelhell2013 yeah it's like dem da only cities and states ppl care bout gurls bein frm

  56. smatt

    @01Chanel10 YES, Yes he is

  57. Richard Layton

    this song is bangin!!!

  58. terraney shawne'

    @zacsnewlover idont get you

  59. Serena Berry

    This song is Dopeee! <3 ahaha but Ben J D:

  60. Dia Aries Beau

    @trickkk123 think act like benj invisted and it only legacy in the group like show benj alil love to

  61. Dia Aries Beau

    @trickkk123 hell yeah totall agree they act like ben invisble and it all legacy in the group

  62. terraney shawne'

    @mzjerkin14 no kuz its kinda old now

  63. terraney shawne'

    @zacsnewlover yea they give Legacy the shine but why, Ben J has ayee better flow than Legacy anywayz

  64. terraney shawne'

    Ben J soundD so SEXY !! New Boyz camee alongg way if u thinkK about it

  65. Dia Aries Beau

    @TheHoneybee1997 omgish i totall agreee w youu cuz every gurl be puttin the spot line of legacy hello benj look fine give benj alil attention too it always legacy but i do luv legacy i think hes sexii n also benj they both sexiiiiiiiiiiest

  66. medowiecc

    tearirra mari is fiine to

  67. DCashBX

    @Armandito11000 It's when you cum

  68. Nabihah Holcombe

    i dont get why ppl or girls are always sayin Legacy is sexy... ppl dont forget about Ben j hes fine too...yall just givin all the shine to Legacy but dont overlook Ben J cuz he be lookin bangin too.

  69. Raynell Corey


  70. Nabihah Holcombe

    damn Ben j ripped this and he so fine... damn i love looking at him

  71. hamza mansouri

    what he means by like seila at the beginning cuz i heard that alot & i need to know

  72. Shauna Nichelle

    @01Chanel10 lol :D

  73. cassandra arreola

    WOOOH!!! i LOVE this song
    they are so FINE!!!

  74. Dia Aries Beau

    daym sexiiii uv this song :)

  75. Candice Waston


  76. Candice Waston

    dey both cute do i cant choose or pick LOL

  77. Sandee Marlouis

    dey need 2 make a video 4 dis song

  78. Kate Bieber

    thumbs up if you love Legacy <3

  79. Tanesha

    loving the song! hoping to see a video made for it! def a hit!

  80. Liane Nordelus

    Mann iDgAFuk! Tuh wut chall Think I think Ben J IZ yUmmieR!

  81. lexilexlexis

    I luv this song, but the part that goes "just call me whenever you want, and boy, I'll come" kinda sounds like "There comes a day. When I'll be the one." from "It's Gonna be Me" by N*Sync

  82. Ajulu Aballa

    why cant they say "making love to Haiti?"

  83. Ajulu Aballa

    THIS MY NEEW RINGTOONE!!!!!!!!!! Ahahaha teairra Mari and the newboyz kiinda my fav artists

  84. MoJohansson

    they both hot

  85. Dezy Babii

    ben j is so damn sexy

  86. lil ec


  87. Rubea Sunflower

    omg BenJ is so fine

  88. Rubea Sunflower

    omg ben J is sooo sexy

  89. yolanda van gemert

    love itt xxxx

  90. terraney shawne'

    ithinkK Ben J Hhas a betta Flow then Legacy though

  91. Thibault Velghe

    thumbs up if you think that New Boyz have the best lyric video's


    -_- yall girls like legacy cuz he light skin.what ever happen to lovin the chocolate brotha

  93. Tara Allyse

    Yess Yesssss! I'm feelin thisss! Loveee it && loveeeee NEW BOYZ!

  94. Cache Bell

    owemgeee im sooo n loveee wiff dissss sonqqq....... new boyyzzz steppn up dey sexiiee game thoess lol.!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. King Rash 23

    legacy is der beste .. !!! :) mein bro

  96. Paigelovexo

    @IRCrixx BenJ Has A Child ! :s

  97. IRCrixx

    Their 19. Ben J already has a daughter. K, now Fuck off hater.

  98. UniqueFreshOriginal

    How old are the new boys?
    What these kids know about sex?
    Keep dreaming boys...

  99. coolz7488

    chk my song Chill With You!!!!!!!!